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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1395 comments Mod
There are things in this world that can't be explained.

Some call it science, some call it religion, attribute it to a glorious God living in the sky. Others call it chance, a mere probability we are here, that nature acts the way it does, that things happen the way they do.

We know it's us.

They call us fairies. Ghosts. Monsters. Sprites. We call ourselves the Alternians, as we are an alternate species to the one that calls itself humanity. Everything is because of us. We made it all, we keep it all.

We are eternal, but not immortal. If left alone, we can thrive forever.

The problem is, we aren't thriving.

We are at war. With each other.

For the past hundreds of years, we have turned against one another, and the humans have turned with us. They have never realised it, but it is our fault. As we battle, their world dies. As our contention increases, theirs rises with it.

We want to stop, but our hate has consumed us. We've adapted to it. We no longer try to stop it. We are corrupted. We live to war.

There is just one rule that all Alternians follow, regardless of their side.

Don't. Get. Caught.

If the humans were to ever find out, they would become involved in our war, ending this planet with their nuclear hate.

So we live, each side battling for nothing.

We live to war.


Okay, so I just thought of that. Off the top of my head. It's pretty awesome. It's already been turned into an idea for a novel. Bam. Copyrighted. Roleplay it anyway. (:

So for this roleplay, there are two major opposing sides. Fire and ice. Of course. The others are kind of whatever, but as you can imagine, certain things go with certain things. Water would be with ice, magma with fire, so on.

The reason the two are the main opposing sources are because they're a large part of the world. Hot and cold. The far reaches of the world and its very core.

Your characters shall be whatever they want to be, so long as it's a part of nature. They can be tethered to a specific animal or plant or element or whatever they want. No one is unique, but no one is the same. No two fire Alternians will be the same, but there will never just be one fire Alternian. There can be entire races to a scarce few.

Because technology has progressed, there can be machinery or pollution sprites, but they're hated by the rest, considered lower down. These ones are relatively new to the world.

I would like it known that mother/father stuff doesn't apply. There are mother figures or father figures, but nothing is biological. No one cares how a sprite is made, so I won't go into that. I will say this, however: There are no halves. You know how people make a half angel half demon character, so they're all torn and conflicted inside? Yeah, that doesn't happen here. Fire and water make steam. They blend. So will your characters. They can be a combination of two things, but those two things are always blended into an entirely new thing.

Each sprite looks like their element. They are easily distinguished from humans. They all have one defining characteristic: Wings. Feathery, webbed, doesn't matter. Huge, tiny, also doesn't matter. But they are there. If you lose your wings, you lose all memory(Permanently) and any kind of magic you might possess. You become almost human, but die slowly, like a snake without its fangs.

I know I said not to mess with the humans, but that would be boring, so make some humans if you want, too.

I think I got it all. Any questions?

Also, I'll post in a bit the common characteristics of some of the more popular races. Hopefully it will help you.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1395 comments Mod
Ice: They're prim. Proper. They believe in honour, and glory, and following every little law down to a tee. They live in extravagant ice palaces in the poles. Some live in high mountains for part of the year. They are often pale haired and skinned and eyed, with tinges of blue.

Fire: They're unpredictable. Wild. Cruel. Unforgiving. Picture the Mayans. They worshipped the Fires. Fires come from the Equator area and love living anywhere warm, particularly inside volcanoes. They all have brown or black eyes, red to black hair, and varying skin tones.

Water: They're fun. People like Waters. They don't really care about anything, particularly the Salts. They're laid back, usually. Make fun of their 'frozen' counterparts. They look like whatever they want, really. Some spawned the legends of mermaids. Freshwaters are more reserved and more rare.

Earth: They're mean. They don't care what goes on around them. They're more concerned with doing their job right. They think others are irresponsible by not focusing wholly on keeping the world right. But they, too, have a hand in the war. Everything about them is usually brown, and they like to live just beneath the surface.

Air: Oh, the Airs. They're so rare the rest of the Alternians would think they were extinct, except the air keeps blowing, so they must not be. Not that anyone minds. Airs are so cryptic, so out of focus, no one wants to be around them. They speak only in riddles. It's impossible for them not to. They all have blonde to white hair and curiously clear/silver eyes. They're almost like monks and live high in the mountains.

Let me know if you want me to and I'll add more. Also, don't forget that this is just a guideline. No way do your characters have to be like this. This is the pure generalised form. It's likely your characters will be more specific forms of these things. (:

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Nate imma Fire Breathing Dragon.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1395 comments Mod
You be a fire breathing dragon!

message 5: by Nate (new)

Nate Rawwrrr *Fire spews*

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1395 comments Mod
Hey, whoa, I'm allergic to fire!

message 7: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie  Silverbane  (Nightlightknight) This looks like fun, hang on, I'm gonna need non-work time to give it a proper read, but I definitely will:)

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Richard (DDayTheCannibal) | 3073 comments Mod
I've a question... if two mix right... they turn to something else... but... do their personalities coem from their parents? Like Earth and Water mixed I'm guessing into mud. What would he be like? Like Earth and mean? Or like water and happy?

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1395 comments Mod
They would be like mud and whatever mud is like. I don't share personalities with my parents, though I have attributes from both. They'd be the same.

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Richard (DDayTheCannibal) | 3073 comments Mod
I see....

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