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message 1: by Larry (new)

Larry This room a prison overcrowded
With room for half of one
Soul empty of purpose
Only fragment of humanity
The damned their voices a wailing din
Their substance consumed by substances consuming
Tainted fingers clawing at eyes filled with visions
Arising from hell
On leather wings cast breezes,
Overwhelming as they soar upwards
Laying low the self-afflicted,
Bourne on enticing desires
That ultimately conspires, against those desiring to escape pain of the real;
To befall seekers of promised land to be,
Lost in the shadows where shackled to euphoria,
Lies buzzing in their ears
Flies cover them,
Stationary-- the illusion of movement
By legion of black,
Never giving a moments peace,
Where always to be able
To take their pleasure,
The view a hollow promise
To behold wonders—
That rings Dante’s circles round,
Residing in towering edifice
Alien vistas given only
To those bold seekers of truth,
Must just have initiative
To grasp ancient ring,
Too impatient to await guide of exodus
Striking out on own path,
Balling how forsaken they are
Witnessing to Golden Bull,
Idolizing symbol of doubt,
Putting forth their need
Before Creation’s firmament
They fail to read
The fine print;
That they must,
Take their “little ease” --divine retribution,
Where sitting not or standing
But shifting ever
In that horrible innovation,
No rest ever granted –forever locked up
Sealing the deal
As their name is placed on the rolls
For those who gracelessly abandoning
The promises given them,
They are stricken from the annals
Of those that with humility,
Observing an upright life
Have their names recorded in, “The book of life.”

message 2: by Larry (new)

Larry I hope calls for work, means I will get input on how to better improve the form of this poem. I am somewhat happy with the symbolism, but their is always room for improvement especially in my case. Branching out from the haiku, but most if any, that have glanced at my work am hopeful will look at this style(by style I mean raw form I used still trying to hone style) and lend much needed suggestions or comments. Thankyou.

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