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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
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Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

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Tana (wanderingalice) | 75 comments Mod
The book was excellent & the film was awesome. Yes, the film deviated greatly from the book, but what film based on a book hasn't? The screenplay was written by Seth Grahame-Smith, though, so he knew what he needed to do to tell his story smoothly in the film version. The movie would have been extremely long had it followed the book exactly. The book, of course, was better. I would like to discuss the book & film for July's discussion. Good idea? Join me?

Tana (wanderingalice) | 75 comments Mod
Brilliant. Seth Grahme-Green wove fiction & history together seemlessly & convincingly. He also tackled tough questions, such as the existence of God, doubt, but also faith & it gets people through tough times. He made his characters human--Abe wrestled w/God, questioning his goodness, yet believing in his divinity, the same way we all do at times. Abe sought answers as I do myself, which made the book even more interesting & easier to relate to life. What do yiu think about the spiritual, if you will, aspect of the book?

Tana (wanderingalice) | 75 comments Mod
I meant Seth-Grahame Smith....oops!

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