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Return for the Silver Horde!

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Darren Will we ever see a return of the Silver Horde? I know that their last mission would be pretty hard to top but I think it can be done.

The horde are now in the realm of the gods, so what to do? I'd love to see the horde battle their way through the underworld, taking on mythological creatures and gods. What about Cohen actually becoming a god of barbarians?

Bring back the Horde!!!!

Bonnie Watson I agree. To see a battle in the underworld would be totally awesome!

Meran LOL. I just finished this book, and yes, I could so see this happening... And with no need for a wheelchair anymore, either.

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Unfortunately, I think the point of "The Last Hero" is that, well, the Horde have done everything, so there's nothing left for them to do. And if the Horde were immortal, there would be no danger in their battles and thus no amazement that they're still alive, which was the driving force for their other stories.

Darren They wouldn't be immortal in the underworld. They'd be as likely to die as any of the mythological monsters they would encounter.

Rosalind What we really need to see from Terry Pratchett is another Susan Sto Helit story.

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