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Grab a bite to eat before your flight leaves!

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Aerie ordered and found an open seat to sit down at.

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Lily sighed, she followed her stomach's calling and entered the cafe and ordered herself a hot coco.. she was so not excited for the plane ride.. but seeing her grand mother's face was all the motivation she needed. She took her order and sat down on a stool beside some girl, sipping her drink slowly.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Aerie glanced sideways at the girl who took a seat beside her.

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She glanced back at the same time and smiled politely at her and stared ahead, not saying anything. She took her phone out and texted her dad , saying she was in the airport.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) She returned a similar smile. Out of boredome, she ask the girl, "So where are you going?"

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"Visiting my grand mother." she smiled, a little surprised she spoke to her, she seemed so reserved and to herself. "And yourself?" she asked poilitely.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Alaska," she responded. And, because of her good mood, she added, "To visit a friend."

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She nodded "Yeah, my nana lives there too.. despite her old age." she grinned and turned around and extended her hand. "I'm Lily."

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) She shook her hand. "Aerie," she introduced herself with a smile.

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She smiled and then brought her handback to her coco cup. "alaska is pretty far from here.." she sighed softly.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Yes. It's even further from London. But I'm traveling to see the people I love so it's worth it." She took a small sip.

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"I would figure but.. it's a good thing.. what you are doing." she smiled a little. "Well.. it was very nice meeting you, Aerie.."

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Yes, you too." She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

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She smiled a little and nodded "So.. have your airplane rides been going smoothly/' s

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Thankfulky they have. Especially since I've been traveling alone. I wouldn't want anything to go wrong."

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"Yeah, smae here.. " she smiled a little and took a bigger gulp of her drink.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) She finished off her coffee. "Are you from around here?"

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she smiled a little "Nope... i'm from Canada.. " she told her witha small wave of her hand

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) She nodded. "I've been to Canada before, but very breifly. I still want to see the Niagra Falls."

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"they're beautiful." she smiled as she remembered them.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "I've seen lots of pictures but I bet that's nothing compared to seeing them in person. I know someone who went there and they said the falls were absolutely massive."

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"They are.." she nodded and smiled. "And it's beautiful.. did you know that one year.. the Niagara Falls completely froze up because it was so cold?"

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "No I didn't. That's amazing! All that water really froze?" Her eyes were wide with amazment.

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She smiled and nodded "i know!! I couldn't belive it myself!! I think it was sometime in 1997 or something.." she shrugged and then looked at the time "I gotta get going to the terminal.." she mumbled.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "It was nice meeting you Lily." She bobbed her head up and down and flashed a bright smile.

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She had a beautiful smile. "You as well, Aerie.. hope we can be seated with eachother on the plane... it would be nice to be able to chat some other time.." she smiled and left. 'Goodbye."

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) She nodded in agreement. After a couple days of lonely travel, it would be nice to have some company. "Bye."

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam lead Alvina into the cafe and went over to the counter. He ordered a mocha and a bagel and told her to get whatever drink she wanted. He slapped down a bill that would coverthe cost for everything, took his coffee and walked over to one of the small tables.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam smiled at her. "Too late," he said, sitting down at the table. "Really, it's my treat," he insisted. He wasn't exactly short on funds and he wasn't the kind of person who spent a lot of money on himself.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) "You're welcome," Adam said. She looked a little upset and he wondered if there was a reason she didn't like people doing things for her. "Are you not a coffee drinker?" he asked, looking her tea.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam took a sip of his coffee. "Definitely," he replied. "I probably drink it too much actually," he said with a shrug. "You don't want to see me without my coffee."

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam shrugged. "I don't know, I doubt it though. It hasn't stopped me from growing and I've been drinking it for years," he said.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam smiled. "No, I'm not," he said. He took another sip of his mocha and checked his watch. "I think we have another hour and a half," he told her.

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) Chet walked into the cafe and sat down at the nearest empty table. He got out his laptop and began to surf the internet.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam wasn't sure how much he wanted to share about himself. He usually avoided personal conversations. He was relieved when all she asked was his age. "I'm eighteen," he replied. "How old are you?"

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) ((Haha, they're going to have to talk about their pasts eventually))

Adam nodded, grateful that she had added that. "Okay, sounds fair," he agreed. "You said you live in Alaska, so are you coming back from a vacation?" he asked.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) ((So is he :P))

Adam nodded, he understood the whole moving away from family thing. He smiled at her next question. "My full name? Adam Rivers. No middle name. What about you?"

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam actually laughed at that question. As long as the questions stayed this shallow, he'd be fine. "Um, blue, I guess," he told her. His favorite color wasn't something he thought about often. "Favorite food?"

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam smirked. "Well, technically, hot tea is a drink, not a food, but I suppose I can make an exception," he said. "I'm one of the few British people who doesn't like hot tea. I much prefer coffee," he said, taking another sip of his.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam noticed the change in topic, but decided the question wasn't that deep. It wouldn't make any sense to refuse to answer. "No siblings. I'm an only child," he said. "Do you have siblings?" he asked.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam was about to ask another question when he realized she had used the past tense. "Wait, what do you mean by had?" he asked, wondering whether she would answer or not.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) "I'm sorry," Adam said, feeling bad for asking about it. She obviously didn't want to say anything else about the subject and he didn't blame her, though he was little curious as to why she hadn't just skipped it. He couldn't think of another question at the moment. "Go ahead and ask me something," he offered.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam felt like the questions were rather unbalanced. She'd revealed something that she probably didn't share with many people, yet the closest he'd gotten to personal was the fact that he was an only child. He knew he should probably say no, but there was one question that he had been dying to ask. Adam hesitated a little, but his curiousity got the best of him in the end. "Okay, I do have a question, feel free to completely ignore me, but what are the scars on your arms from?" he asked cautiously.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam raised his eyebrows. "Wow, that's definitely not what I was expecting to hear," he said. He couldn't even imagine how painful that must have been.

((On his upper arm. He's wearing a t-shirt so it's visible. His mom's name was Rebecca btw))

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam hadn't been expecting that question and tensed immediately. He had a strong urge to turn so that she couldn't see the tattoo, but he knew that was ridiculous. He ran a hand through his hair, trying to compose himself. It had been years ago, he should be able to talk about it by now. "It says 'Rebecca.' It was my mum's name. She died in a car crash when I was twelve," he said, fiddling with the lid on his coffee cup and not looking at her.

((I think I said twelve, I'll have to check...))

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) "It's fine," Adam said. He figured if he was going to tell anyone, it might as well be her; she was easy to talk to. He relaxed a little. "And yeah, we were pretty close. I was in the car as well, but I wasn't hurt very badly," he said. One of the hardest parts about his mother's death was knowing that he could have died just as easily, but it was her instead.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) His mother's death was only the first half of the story though. She may know what it felt like to lose someone you love, but he doubted she knew what it was like to constantly be physically and verbally abused by the one person he had left. Adam gave a distracted nod. He could feel a headache coming on and wanted to stop it before it got too bad. "I'll be right back," he said, going back to the counter to get some water.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) Adam returned with a bottle of water. He sat down and unscrewed the top. He saw Alvina's confused expression and gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry about that. Coffee doesn't exactly help with headaches," he said, drinking some of his water.

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Adena Wright (AdenaW) ((Yeah, that's totally fine :) ))

Adam couldn't count the number of times he'd been asked if he was okay. By doctors, social workers, court officials, but Alvina was the first person who seemed like she actually cared, even though they'd known each other for less than a day. "Yes, well, no, but it's not your fault, trust me," he assured her.

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