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The Long Earth (The Long Earth, #1)
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The Long Earth

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P.W. James I just finished this book and I was left really disappointed at the end. I know you were going to read it, Raven, so I wanted to share my thoughts about it. It will be interesting to compare what you think when you're done with it.

Tamsien West (TamsienWest) | 3 comments Mod
I just picked up my copy today and read it for an hour on the train. 78 pages in and I am really enjoying the world that Pratchett and Baxter have created. However I am a bit aprehensive about the direction the plot is taking, as I have had such high expectations. We shall see how I feel at the end.

P.W. James These were my thoughts exactly at about this point.

P.W. James What did you think of the book?

I just read Terry Goodkind's "The First Confessor". Not good at all.

Tamsien West (TamsienWest) | 3 comments Mod
I keep wondering why no one comments on my review then I remember that the Goodreads app crashed just as i finished typing it and then I was too disheartened to write it again. Basically my thoughts are this: I loved the 'world' and the incredible setting. I love the concept of the Long Earth and the setting up that takes place in the first 70 pages or so. But I don't love where it heads after that. The pace drops away, the unusual characters (for the most part) fade into the background, leaving the rather dull protagonist to be dragged from scene to scene. There were moments of brilliance, but not enough to redeem the preaching tone the book assumes in the final third. Thoughts?

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