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M Todd Gallowglas (mgallowglas) | 155 comments Mod
So, you have a book or two or several dozen, and like most small-press and Indie writers I know, you're looking for any way you can find to get the word out. Well, the Genre Underground may be a good fit for you, on the other hand, it might not. We're not like a lot of other writer/author cross promotion groups. We understand that our work isn't for everyone, and we're more interested in hooking readers up with stuff they will enjoy reading than we are with putting our personal books in front of anyone with a pulse.

Because we're looking to fit the right book with the right reader, we need to be fairly familiar with each other's works. That way we can make truly informed recommendations to the Underground Genre reader community.

Lastly, unlike most of the other cross-promotion groups out there, we're not going to charge anything for membership or participation in Genre Underground events, please come prepared to truly help promote and support your fellow writers. Promote unto others as you would have them promote unto you.

With our mission statement and goals in mind, if you're still interested, we'd love to have you on board. Let us know something about yourself and what you write.

Please keep your introductions and info to this thread until someone from the Genre Underground has reached out to you to bring you on board officially. We're not really that elitist; we just want to make sure all out writers share a similar philosophy that coincides with our mission Statement.

message 2: by Saul (new)

Saul Tanpepper (Undeadwriter) | 5 comments Well, I guess I'll go first ;o)

I'm Saul, and I'm a hopeless addict of both speculative fiction (which I publish under this name) and of kidlit and realistic fiction (which I write but haven't yet published under another name). Saul's emphasis is horror and suspense with a little paranormal and scifi thrown in to keep things interesting.

My current project is an 8-book series titled GAMELAND, a high-tech biothriller set in abandoned Long Island and featuring a recurring cast of young adults, coders and game hackers, who attempt to break into the series' eponymous reality gaming arcade. Once in, they realize the folly of their adventure and must fight both the living and the undead in order to escape. The series is published monthly through December 2012.

GAMELAND Episodes 1-8 (S. W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND) by Saul Tanpepper

message 3: by M Todd (new)

M Todd Gallowglas (mgallowglas) | 155 comments Mod
Congrats on the new novel Chris! Exciting time to be a writer, isn't it?

message 4: by Armand (new)

Armand Rosamilia (ArmandRosamilia) | 4 comments My name is Armand Rosamilia, and I am addicted to writing horror and zombie books.

(everybody in the group: Hi Armand)

It started as a child reading Dean Koontz books and the addiction spread from there. Some say writing about zombies is a disease, but to me it is a way of life. I'm glad to find a group that will not condemn me for my insatiable passion for reading and writing, and won't judge me like those 'others' do out there on the street. I am willing to follow all of the Step Plans, anything to help me get better...

(everybody claps)

Armand Rosamilia (tongue in cheek, of course)

Dying Days
Dying Days 2

message 5: by Lita (new)

Lita Burke (litaburke) Hi everyone...

Thanks for asking me here. I have read, and written, fantasy since I was ten years old. Have just released my debut fantasy novel, Tredan's Bane.

I've learned a lot about indie publishing since I threw my hat into the ring last December. I'd say patience, and being true to my stories, are the most important.

Glad to be here.


message 6: by Tony (new)

Tony Riches (tonyriches) | 3 comments Hi I am Tony Riches, best known for my non-fiction books but really want to break through with novels. My first seemed to fall between genres - until a review compared it to Game of Thrones last week. I hadn't read or seen GoT until after it was written but it is an interesting angle.

Very open to advice from those in the know - and happy to provide free review copies.

You are welcome to guest post on my blog about anything to do with writing and I also have a highly literate twitter following, so let me know if you want anything promoted.

message 7: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Fotheringham (LorraineLoriFotheringham) | 2 comments Hi i'm Lori Fotheringham, I'm an author with Blackleaf and I have a fiction/fantasy thriller book out in a few weeks, "The Teacher". My book will be available on all ebook readers/ from my website, blackleaf publishers, amazon, and other major book sellers. i'll keep peeps posted or u can check out the list of retailers on my face book (author Lori Fotheringham) Look for the mad cheshire cat profile pic.

When Josie is set up for murder and imprisoned in a nightmarish, psychiatric hospital. Josie and her best friend Lucy must battle against daemons as they fight for freedom. Lucy tries desperately to prove her innocence before it is too late and as angels show them who they really are, and something else, a family secret.
Seen through the eyes of the Lucy, and an angel Jack sent to save them. Jack and his angel brothers and sisters, watch over them from afar since they were born. Lucy tries desperately to save her friend in this heart-wrenching journey. Can they save Josie? How will their destiny, a well-hidden secret change their whole life? Can they make it in time and find out what it is before all humanity is lost?

message 8: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Fotheringham (LorraineLoriFotheringham) | 2 comments I live in Dunfermline/ Fife/ Scotland, i an artist/writer/ singer. I love all these things, i love all my friends and family, without them my head would probably explode! I can be quite quiet when i'm getting to know people but once u know me look out, u'll be stuck with a best friend for life, i'm funny, (so my friends tell me, i call it nervous chatter), stubborn, which i'm trying hard not to be, lovable, caring, weird chick,but all in all generally a good soul. Keep in touch ya all. xx

message 9: by Will (new)

Will Jones (willmacmillanjones) | 16 comments Hi Guys,

I'm a comic fantasy writer, talking about the adventures of a dwarf rhythm and blues band. My first two books are out already both in Kindle and paperback. My (indie) publishing house has signed me to produce a series of Eight in total. The third is in copy editing for a 30 October release, and the fourth MSS has to be delivered to them at that time...

The series runs as The Banned Underground, so this group title was a brilliant fit!

message 10: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Marvello (drmarvello) | 11 comments I write what used to be called swords and sorcery and now seems to be morphing into fantasy adventure. I've published the first book of a trilogy called the Vaetra Chronicles.

My strongest influences are David Eddings, Fritz Leiber, and Jim Butcher. Others have compared my work to Robert Jordan.

I try to avoid making my work "epic." The cast of characters is relatively small, the points of view are limited and personal, and the stakes are never "reluctant hero faces impossible task of saving the entire universe from unspeakable evil." I prefer to read character-driven stories, and that's what I try to write as well.

message 11: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Rene | 2 comments Hi Everyone:

I'm a YA Paranormal/Fantasy writer through a small press (Rogue Phoenix Press). My books are: Shadow Dancer, Shadow Warrior, and my latest book just released on June 20, 2012, titled: A Howl in the Night. I have one more book in the que to come out in October titled: Shadows End, which is the third installment to my Shadow Dancer Series. My books are available in both ebook and print formats.

My favorite genre to read currently is horror. Give me horror with a touch of romance and I am in heaven. If you have any good recommendations that fit those perameters, send them over! I am always looking for a good read.


message 12: by A.F. (last edited Jun 27, 2012 07:25AM) (new)

A.F. (scribe77) I write dark fantasy and horror, have penned several short story collections and a vampire novella. I like to kill off my characters, but I have been known to bring them back from the dead now and again.
I also write poetry and I've written a couple of non-fiction books about action movies. My most recent books are Ruined City, Killers and Demons, and Once Upon a Dark and Eerie...

Plus, I'm always happy to help out a fellow indie author with an interview, guest post or a book spotlight over at my blogs.

message 13: by Amanda (last edited Jun 27, 2012 12:27PM) (new)

Amanda (gaialover3) I write horror, scifi, urban fantasy, and pnr.

My newest book (released this month!) is Waiting For Daybreak, and its blog tour is starting July 13th. It's post-apocalyptic scifi. Plus zombies and mental illness.

My book blog only accepts indie review copies. Although I am currently closed to requests until I catch up, I'm hoping to be open again in September.

message 14: by Alex (new)

Alex Cavanaugh (AlexJCavanaugh) | 1 comments I'm a science fiction writer with two books, CassaStar and CassaFire, both of which are Amazon Best Sellers. (US and UK) I am currently working on the third, CassaStorm. My publisher is Dancing Lemur Press.
I blog under my own name and am known online as the Ninja Captain. I also founded the Insecure Writer's Support Group and feature authors on my blog.

message 15: by Renee (new)

Renee Pawlish (reneepawlish) I write in multiple genres.
Nephilim Genesis of Evil (the first in the Nephilim trilogy) is supernatural mystery/horror, has been on Amazon's bestseller lists and continues to sell well.
I also write the Reed Ferguson mystery series, the Noah Winter adventure series for YA, and I've got a short story collection and a non-fiction book about a haunted house investigation in Kansas available.
I'm open for interviews on my blog and I'd love to be featured on other blogs as well :)

message 16: by Velda (new)

Velda (veldabrotherton) | 3 comments A super collection of writers/readers. I tiptoe silently into the dark corner to listen in and see where I stand in this impressive crew. Have read and loved horror since I could read, but my first attempt took several years of working on when not writing dare I say the word? Historical Romance? At any rate, A Savage Grace sits with an Indie publisher. So perhaps I can attend these meetings for a spell. A paranormal, Wolf Song, is out from SynergEbooks too, so I'm trying my hand at writing what I love to read.

message 17: by Rowena (new)

Rowena Daniells | 1 comments Hi Guys,

I'm Rowena, from sunny Australia. I joined because I've read spec fic all my life and been a fan for over 35 years. I bravely 'came out' and admitted my addiction back long before it was cool.

Back then, if you read this genre you were weird. So I really liked the title: Genre-underground. The only other genre that is more despised is romance. And, funnily enough, it's one of the few genres where you could make a living as a mid-list author. With indie publishing things are different now.

That's the next thing. I'm not indie published, although I am with a relatively small publisher. Solaris in the UK. To my amazement, my first trilogy with them, King Rolen's Kin, sold well enough for them to call it a best seller.

Ducks head. Not sure if I'm still welcome...

message 18: by M Todd (new)

M Todd Gallowglas (mgallowglas) | 155 comments Mod
Greetings all! I'm very excited to see all this interest in our little group. Hopefully as we continue our conversations, we'll keep some of you around.

I totally understand that our particular goals and ways of doing things aren't going to be for everyone. Can't wait to get to know more of you and see about bringing those of you who are like-minded into our little revolution.

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Kate Krake (KateKrake) Hi all,
I'm Kate. Please to be among you all. I write a lot of different things, but my fiction always comes back to the speculative genres. Yep, I love that term too.
My short stories are usually about fairly normal people experiencing fairly extraordinary things, usually without any kind of explanation.
Writers, readers everywhere... it's sometimes difficult to know who's really around and interested, or who's just clicked your Twitter follow to be polite! Hoping this group will help make some real and valuable connections.

message 20: by Robert (new)

Robert Eaton (heroalwayswins) | 19 comments Welcome all! So excited to see so much interest so quickly! A lot of good vibes already; my TBR list is going to bust a seam in the very near future...

message 21: by M Todd (new)

M Todd Gallowglas (mgallowglas) | 155 comments Mod
For those writers interested in truly stepping up to be a part of the Genre Underground authors, we're opening up our "Winds of Change" launch event...sort of...

Head on over to the Winds of Change event thread to find out how to get involved.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

message 22: by Nels (new)

Nels (nelswadycki) | 7 comments Hey everyone, Nels here. I will consume pretty much anything science fiction (though I'm a painfully slow reader). I've written and self/indie published a novel called The Valkyrie Project (started with Amazon's KDP, soon expanding to all markets).

I'm also experimenting with short stories since I've picked up a few podcasts that read those to me.

message 23: by Melissa (new)

Melissa McPhail (melissagmcphail) | 10 comments Hi everyone, I'm Melissa. Thank you so much for inviting me to this amazing new group.

I write epic fantasy. I try to be true to the genre without falling prey to its many tropes. My series explores the grey areas between good and evil with a philosophical, humanistic approach, rather than pitting ultimates against one another - a bit of Ayn Rand meets The Wheel of Time. In my series, you may not always know who the bad guys are - which is a lot like life, I think.

I feel compelled to say that I've been reading fantasy for twenty-five years, and it's never been more exciting than it is now, with so many authors finding a voice and the freedom to tell their stories in whatever manner they choose. Instead of Vive la Resistance, I'm hoping this trend will morph into Vive la Renaissance.

Thanks for having me.

message 24: by Tony (new)

Tony Riches (tonyriches) | 3 comments Hi Melissa just been over at your blog - great post on 'mysterious character syndrome' I know exactly what you mean it's great when they take on a life of their own!

message 25: by Richard (new)

Richard (Ogresan) | 5 comments Hi. I'm Richard, I write fantasy mostly, at both short story and novel length and a lot of it on mythological themes. In addition to my Indie stuff, my second print novel and fourth short story collection should both be out next year. I've been a finalist for both the World Fantasy Award and the Mythopoeic Award, for which I can only say "It is an honor just to be nominated."

Nice to be here.

message 26: by Mercedes (new)

Mercedes (mudmule99) | 10 comments Hi everyone! I'm LuAnn, pen name is Mercedes Ludill. I write horror. I'm currently working on my second horror novel. I love werewolves and my novels will always have werewolves in them.

Vengeance of the Werewolf

message 27: by Melissa (new)

Melissa McPhail (melissagmcphail) | 10 comments Tony wrote: "Hi Melissa just been over at your blog - great post on 'mysterious character syndrome' I know exactly what you mean it's great when they take on a life of their own!"

Hi Tony, Thank you so much for checking out my blog. It's really a pleasure when characters come to life - most of the time. There is the downside of their no longer wanting to do what we've planned for them. ;)

message 28: by D.W. (new)

D.W. Hawkins (Dwhawkins) | 6 comments Hello everyone, my name is D.W. Hawkins and I'm honored to have been invited to join this group. I'm the author of the Epic Fantasy The Sentient Fire, which is the first in my series, The Seven Signs. I'm working on projects in other genres including Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, SciFi, and Alternate History, though none of those projects are ready for publishing just yet.

The Sentient Fire was released back in November of 2011, and its sequel will hopefully be out January of 2013. I'll also be releasing the first of my Urban Fantasy projects around that time, The Ballad of the Outrider.

I'm still relatively new to the entire scene, and I'm looking forward to being a part of the group.

message 29: by Craig (new)

Craig Allen | 1 comments Hello everyone, it's great to be here. My name is Craig Allen and I write most things speculative fiction (or plan to, anyway). I have one fantasy novel out, Beyond the Sky, and I have more on the way. Looking forward to meeting new authors.

message 30: by Gerald (new)

Gerald Black (sentientsword) | 5 comments Hello. My name is Gerald L. Black and I write heroic fantasy. My first novel was published last June, Vol. 1 of Chronicles of the Sentient Sword titled Pantania the Guild Mistress. Vol. 2 is ready for publication any day. I like to have interesting characters who actually have a purpose or goal as well as unexpected endings.

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Graeme Smith (Graeme_Smith) | 6 comments So who am I?
Well. I guess I could try to be deep and folosifical, and go for something like 'I've no idea. I'm still trying to find out.' But I'm much too shallow to be deep, and I'm still trying to work out if 'folosifical' is actually a word :-). So I won't. Apart from the fact that I guess I already did :-P.
I was born at a very early age. My mother can still be found wandering round hitting things, muttering 'why me?' under her breath a lot :-). I spent too much time being young and trying to be older, and now spend too much time (probably rather less by the time I'm done :-P) being old and trying to be younger.
Oh. Yes. And I write :-).
I'd like to say I write Comic Fantasy. But I've also said you can't actually write Comic Fantasy. Because it only makes it as Comedy if the reader laughs while, um, reading it. And that hasn't happened when you're writing it :-). So let's say I write Fantasy I hope is funny. Sometimes even on purpose :-).
My first mass-market novel (A Comedy of Terrors) was released in June 2012 by MuseitUp Publishing. A non-related novel dealing assault and clobber-y to Greek myth ('Road like a River') is coming out in January 2013. I have a novella going through final self-edits before sending out to look for a contract, and the sequel to 'A Comedy of Terrors' ('A Not-Summer Night's Scream') is in progress.
So this is me. Graeme Smith. Short, fat, bald and ugly (I'm lucky. My wife has lousy taste in men :-P). Once I worked on a psychiatric ward. Now I write about people who believe in things like magic and dragons, and who live where the crazy folk are the ones who don't.

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Jared Gullage | 2 comments Hello,

I am Jared Gullage. I am a writer of primarily fantasy. I have dabbled a time or two in the sci-fi area, and some in the modern horror, but mostly I stick to fantasy (mainly because I have a control freak for a pet demon, which I keep somewhere in the backyard of my brain). I like to be able to run my own mindgarden.

In any event, I have published one novel professionally through eTreasures Publishing, but have published two other novellas through Amazon/Kindle as well. I try to write what I call immersion fantasy, where I try to have the readers live out the adventure of my characters through their unique perspectives or viewpoints. I have a rich and developing world called Trithofar in which several different types of people attempt to coexist with one another.

In my world, I write both for young adults and adults. I would like to say (and maybe someday i can say this with a little more assurance) that I write stories in a way similar to Pixar, in that they involve people going through difficult times, attempting to answer difficult questions, and through universal experiences. I would like to say that my stories explore deeply felt pains and joys. While I can always improve, I feel that my first three attempts at publication are successful at these ends, but of course I want to get better at writing always and go even deeper.

My first novel, Drinna, deals with a race of creatures called Kunjels. It is a young adult novel about going through rites of passage successfully. Her rite of passage is to learn to control her rage, which is a blessing/curse of her people. She finds herself in a situation where she must go through this rite of passage alone, and in a place where doing so could be fatal to either her or someone she finds to help her.

My second novel The Dust Finders, is about a man who is elevated to the rank of elder among his nomadic, desert-dwelling tribe, but he is not necessarily the best or the brightest. Further, he suffers from the guilt of his son's hand getting bitten off by one of the monsters the tribe wrangles for food, clothing, and money. As the tribe gets deeper into the desert, they encounter something strange: a woman who doesn't seem to know who she is or where she is from. When they try to return her to her tribe, she seems to grow crazier. Then, they notice the smell.... If you don't want spoilers, don't read the reviews of this book, unfortunately.

The Afterknight is the story of a grave-robber who comes to sell his wares to a mob boss who collects. The grave robber feels compelled to tell the story of how he came to have his ill-gotten gains and so reveals what exactly the mob boss is buying.

My two self-pubs are not for the young, necessarily, though I think a young adult audience could enjoy them nonetheless. Anyway, i would love a review or questions or whatever. I love to discuss my fiction whenever possible.

message 33: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Mellor (Samarcand) | 17 comments Hi! My name is Stephen Mellor and I write genre stuff. I've got one book out at the moment - The Long Sleep - which is a Science Fiction detective crime thriller with politics and gender stuff thrown in. It's doing pretty well, but like everyone else here, I'd like it to do better.
The Long Sleep is about what happens when Our Hero - Kem Logan - is hired by Liza Carr, a member of the ruling Executive Committee to investigate the circumstances around the destruction of the New Argo, the first ever colony ship to reach another planet. As a far-reaching plot is uncovered, it has major and irreversible effects on both Kem and Lize.
I've got a second book completed and it's with a 'real' publisher at the moment - I submitted it before I discovered the Indie scene. If and when it gets rejected - again - I suspect that I'm going to go the Indie route with this one as well. It's called 'Down Among the Yla' and is a fairly straight high fantasy novel. It's the story of the daughter of the human envoy to the court of the Yla. Following an assassination attempt on the Yla king, all the humans are expelled from 'Ylahyem', apart from the girl. When a second assassination attempt on the Yla king is successful, the Yla Princess becomes queen. And then things start to go seriously pear-shaped.
My third novel, which I am hoping to have ready to publish by Christmas 2012 is called Ghostkin and is a contemporary supernatural thriller set in my hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne: in a world where ghosts, vampires, zombies and just about everything else you can imagine actually exists, a war between two crime gangs - one human and one vampiric - is going to cause serious problems for Eric Cantrell, a small-time criminal and ghostkin (a human with a ghost father).
I'm also planning on getting a book of short stories out there soon.

I'd like to say that I think this group is a brilliant idea, even if it is going to compel me to spend more money! (All the books so far sound like they are completely up my street.)

What I would love is for more reviews, constructive criticism and questions from everyone and anyone. If you've got any wisdom to impart, please do and as I become more experienced in the whole indie publishing game, I'll try and pass on what I find out as well.

message 34: by Carl (new)

Carl Alves (carlalves) | 8 comments My name is Carl Alves. I'm a fantasy and horror author. My debut novel Two For Eternity came out last year from Weaving Dreams Publishing. It's an historical fantasy novel. My novel Blood Street is due out in November by True Grit Publishing. I like to describe it as The Sopranos meets True Blood set in the streets of Philadelphia.

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Cassandra Davis | 5 comments Greetings. I found your group after joining in the #GUchat over on Twitter.

I have one published work, "Dremiks" which came out in March of 2012. It is a classic space-opera full of aliens, human drama, and my own special flavor of irascible redheaded pilot. I'm currently working on the sequel, with two additional books, in the same universe, in the early planning stages.

I also have a fantasy novel in the works, full of immortal beings, angels, and demons.

When I'm not stabbing out words on a keyboard, I'm a full time mom to two young boys and wife to a game producer.

I look forward to getting to know everyone better. I'm off now to check out your reading lists, because I always need another book on my Kindle!

message 36: by Saul (last edited Aug 07, 2012 07:54PM) (new)

Saul Tanpepper (Undeadwriter) | 5 comments Hi everyone. Great to meet you. Cassandra, doesn't matter how fast or furiously you write, as long as you keep doing it. Looking forward to bumping into you here in the GR halls.

message 37: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Kellen (ChristopherKellen) | 48 comments Mod
Cassandra wrote: "Greetings. I found your group after joining in the #GUchat over on Twitter.

I have one published work, "Dremiks" which came out in March of 2012. It is a classic space-opera..."

Hi Cassandra! You had me at "space opera". I'll be checking out your book in the near future! =)

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Kenneth Goldman (Goldman) | 9 comments I'm Ken Goldman, I've been writing horror fiction (with some fantasy, sci-fi, and even humor thrown into the mix) since 1993, and I've had over 650 stories appear in the independent press in both hard copy, Kindle, and online publications. I've won a lot of contests (yes, for cash!) and I've received seven honorable mentions in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror before Ellen Datlow closed that publication and focused exclusively on horror. I've written two books, a compilation of short stories, YOU HAD ME AT ARRGH!! (Sam's Dot Publishers), and a novella, DESIREE (Damnation Books), and both are still available to purchase if you search online. Currently I'm putting the finishing touches on a novel ...OF A FEATHER (so far over 87,000 words, and it looks to close in on 100,000...You hear that, publishers??) I would love feedback from readers so feel free to hit me with your best shot.

message 39: by Saul (new)

Saul Tanpepper (Undeadwriter) | 5 comments Welcome, Ken. Let's see, a horror with some fantasy, sci-fi and humor. Sounds like my kind of writing exactly! I think I found my GU buddy :o)

message 40: by Len (new)

Len (LenBerry) | 4 comments I took way too long to do this.

Len Berry here. I like to call myself a biopunk writer, but that won't get me any shelf space at a bookstore. I write science fiction, often, but not always, in a modern setting. I dabble in fantasy, but I never try to follow the path of Tolkien and his followers, simply because I think there are more places waiting to be discovered.

Currently, I have two works available, with a third on the way. My ebook is Vitamin F, a dystopian novel about genetic controls. I have a short story in the steampunk anthology Dreams of Steam II, as well as a follow-up story scheduled for the next Dreams of Steam volume.

I take a lot of cues from anime, comic books, video games, and general pop culture. Why? Because those things appeal to me and to a lot of other people as well. Why should anime and video games get to have all the fun? I say it's time we took excitement and imagination back for the book world. Who's with me?

message 41: by Shawn (new)

Shawn Grimsley | 3 comments Hello, my name is Shawn Grimsley.

My reading interests are fairly diverse. I like reading most types of science fiction. I lean more towards social science fiction and dystopian fiction. I don’t mind hard SF, but probably would opt to read a non-fiction book on the same subject of exploration.

I published my first novel, Prometheus Comes, at the end of June. I'm working on the sequel and expect that the series will be a trilogy. It's probably best defined as Space Opera with a large dose of social science fiction. It's received a couple positive reviews so far (one from a reader, and another from a book blogger).

Aside from working on the sequel to Prometheus Comes, I'm currently shopping around a science fiction short story about the "singularity." It's a near future piece. I have a couple other short fiction concepts percolating in my mind.

I also have started a free quarterly e-magazine of speculative fiction featuring short fiction and poetry. I have contributing writers from the US, England, the Netherlands, and Ireland. The first issue will be available on September 1, 2012.

message 42: by M Todd (new)

M Todd Gallowglas (mgallowglas) | 155 comments Mod
Welcome, J.A.

message 43: by Wesley (new)

Wesley Chu (wesleychu) | 5 comments Hello,

Name's Wesley Chu. I had the pleasure of meeting Todd at Worldcon. Sup man!

Coming from a stuntman and acting background alongside the soul sucking day job at a bank, I also write for Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.

I have two novels coming out next year with Angry Robot Books, the first being The Lives of Tao (April 2013)

message 44: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Goldman (Goldman) | 9 comments Have a new book of short stories out from A/A Productions in Kindle and e-book (print format is coming soon), "Donny Doesn't Live Here Anymore" at It contains five of my stories, and I'll offer a free download to any author or HWA member who wants to review it. Thanks!

message 45: by Piotr (new)

Piotr | 1 comments Hi all, am just starting out really as a writer. Published my first story in a series set in the early to mid 22nd century, where my characters are predominantly part of a UN-controlled global FBI-like agency. It's speculative fiction bordering between spook and military themes.

message 46: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Scharhag Hey there,

I write in several genres. My main project right now is The Order of the Four Sons (O4S) series. Books I and II are available on Kindle, Nook and in paperback. The esteemed co-author and I are planning to have Book III out by spring. The Order is organization that dates back to ancient Egypt, whose operatives battle evil for the sake of mankind. There's a lot of supernatural and horror elements in the story, but also a lot of humor-- if you like Buffy, Harry Dresden, or True Blood, then you will like these books.

I am also the author of two children's fantasy tales, The Winter Prince and The Ice Dragon, and a YA sci-fi novel, Imperial-13.

Check out my blog for excerpts, as well as poems and short stories:

Thanks! Looking forward to checking out all your work as well.

message 47: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Goldman (Goldman) | 9 comments I'm Ken Goldman, and I'm a genre writer (horror mostly) with over 650 stories published in the indie press (magazines and anthologies) plus three books : YOU HAD ME AT ARRGH!! ( 6 short stories, Sam's Dot Publishers), DESIREE (a novel through Damnation Books), and DONNY DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (5 short stories through A/A Productions). I've got some awards and writing credits under my belt and I'm hoping to find a good publisher for my upcoming novel, ...OF A FEATHER. Anyone familiar with my work, I would love to hear from you, and if you're a reviewer so much the better! If you've got any advice about finding a good publisher and/or agent for my novel, I'm all ears!

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Harrison Davies (harrisondavies) | 3 comments Hi all,

I started out writing fantasy three years ago as a replacement for thrillers, and boy has it been a ride of non-stop creativity. My first book Destiny of the Wulf was published in January 2012, and I'm in the middle of writing book two of the quadrilogy.

After I've finished writing those, I will turn my focus to two prequels and a stand alone book featuring a lesser character from destiny.

All in all, I've planned for sixteen books and may finish writing them all by the time I'm 65.

My work is compared to Game of Thrones, I don't see it myself, although I've never read those books.

I tend not to read fantasy, shying away from them so as not to taint my own work, but I love thrillers.



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Gregory Close (gsclose) | 7 comments Hello everyone!

I've been lurking on the site since I received my invite a looooong time ago, but waiting to introduce myself as an "author" until my novel was actually done. Details, details... My name is Greg (Gregory S. Close for purposes of sounding like a "serious" writer). I write science fiction and fantasy. I have just completed my debut novel, an epic fantasy in the tradition of, but not quite completely derivative of, LOTR, SoIaF, etc. Just waiting on interior design, final trim size and binding/cover specs to announce a publication date.

Oh... and I have some free electronic ARCs available, if anyone is interested, please just ping me. Thanks!

Update - published in May 2013 :)
In Siege of Daylight (Compendium of Light, Dark & Shadow, #1) by Gregory S. Close

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Angela (SMWelles) | 22 comments Hi-

I'm gonna reintroduce myself since it's been so long and my first intro is now out-of-date.

First off, lemme inform you that I'm an unemployed author with two published books so far, and a third being released next month. Right now I'm basically a housewife to a friend letting me live with him while he works all week while just being friends (long story). I'm doing lots of reading and writing while not cooking, cleaning, and walking said friend's dog. So, if anyone is looking for critiques in such in fantasy, please let me know!

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