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Piper or Annabeth

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Ethan Who likes who better?

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I like Annnabeth a million times better?

Annie Annabeth.. sorry to those Piper lovers out there.. but I am Athena's daughter all the way ♥

Mhelgzbritannia Annabeth. Very wise!

Alexandra Annabeth

Narayanan Puthillam Annabeth.

Bianca Annabeth no duh...

Leah Annabeth. She is an amazing fighter, and she always has a plan to win.

Kyle Wow, fairly unanimous thus far, but I am going to have to go with Piper. She is more attractive

Silverhuntress question

Clara Annabeth! She doesn't have any fake memories about Percy. Plus, she is a better fighter and is willing to risk her life for Percy.

Uma Annabeth

Selena Kyle wrote: "Wow, fairly unanimous thus far, but I am going to have to go with Piper. She is more attractive"

Dude just because she is a daugghter of aphrodite??? I prefer Annabeth

Bianca The first guy to comment picks the daughter of Aphrodite..typical. Personally in my mind Annabeth was prettier. Especially by the way Percy talked about her..

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Zino I prefer Annabeth, since she's been in the story more than Piper and she's always been one of my favourites

Ethan k so thirteen annabeths and one piper! i personally agree with kyle

Bianca The second guy to comment ALSO picks the daughter of Aphrodite... Are we seeing a pattern here people?!?

Ethan hey eleven girls pick the daughter of athena, seeing a pattern!

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Kyle Thank you Ethan! I was starting to feel lonely

Hassanv It is an unfair comparison. we have read five books with anna and only one with piper.

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Juliet Annabeth. I just think she's a much stronger character. Piper annoys me.

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Astoria Annabeth. I really like her character, and the way her relationship with Percy developed. Anabeth is smart and strong and pretty and she breaks the whole blonde stereotype thing. If I didn't pick her my friend Ellen would kill me.

Piper is okay, but when it comes to her relationship with Jason It feels off to me. Too soon and expected.

I would however pick Thalia over both of them A huntress kicks asses.

Free-spirit *Thalia * Annabeth , piper is not bad though

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