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Nicole (NikkiSticks) | 397 comments Mod
Many requests to start discussing @ScottWesterfeld's Leviathan early, so let's do it! Clanker or Darwinist, what was your favorite?

Attn: If you haven't finished this book yet: SPOILERS!

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Nicole (NikkiSticks) | 397 comments Mod
What character did you connect with most?

Autumn (Autumnbuck) | 6 comments I def connected most with the Lady Boffin :D I think I might be a Clanker, because I felt kinda sorry for the Darwinist creatures, maybe because I know what happens when you try to breed animals for certain characteristics, things can just turn out...weird.

I really really enjoyed the actions scenes, and the story, but was annoyed by the wunderkind aspect of the kids. The girl hated guys a LOT, maybe because I'm tired of the whole "girls can't do things guys can do and it's just not fair" thing. And I also didn't like how the guy was kinda a tool a lot of times.

Do the kids grow up more later in the series?

Jenny Elizabeth (MissJElizabeth) | 3 comments I really love Volker and his interactions with Alek. Trust/ distrust. Scorn/Devotion. Lots of mixed emotions and room for intrigue. I also love Deryn's storyline and her mad bravery and her hilarious slang. Onto Behemoth for me :)

Laura (pixiestyx) | 13 comments Autumn, I feel like the kids do grow & mature even though all three books take place within a time span of a few months. They continue to maintain some naivete in their thoughts & plans since the timing is so short, but they both seem to recognize that they have to grow up quickly with the war coming.

While I did eventually grow to like Alek throughout the 2nd & 3rd books, Deryn was my favorite throughout for the same reasons as Jenny. Initially I wasn't even sure if I would finish the book - when I saw that first illustration of Alek in book 1 & his attitude in those first few paragraphs, I immediately thought of Game of Thrones' Prince Joffrey! Thank goodness Alek turned out to be a much better prince!

Autumn (Autumnbuck) | 6 comments Yeah, I both liked and disliked the kids. I liked her enthusiasm and his sense of honor, but i felt like they were just sketches of characters. The other thing i wasnt pleased with was that some conflicts were set up and just fell flat, like the tension among the midshipmen about who was going to be kicked off the ship, all that build up with the climax of the conflicted the mentioned in passing. I will say I was gripping my nook during the leviathan crash.

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Nicole (NikkiSticks) | 397 comments Mod
I loved the Lady Boffin as well, and I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who felt a bit bad for the Darwinist creatures. I don't know what it was, but it kind of made me sad. I like the machines of the Clankers, and I think I was fantasizing about driving them. ;)

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