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its a bit too much!
Darrell Darrell Jun 22, 2012 11:17AM
I've read this book a couple months ago and stop at the part when chris raped cathy, why would V.C Andrews add that part in, its enough with the brother and sister falling in love with eachother but rape as well, don't get me wrong I love V.C andrews and her novel but this certain type of event is just wrong.V.C. Andrews

I have read this book many times. The first time , when I was 12. I loved this book then, and still do. Although, when i look back at things now, I realize I would not want my 12 year old daughter reading it. Incest is an ongoing theme in most of her books. I have often wondered why.....

I read these books ages ago so I guess it bears a rereading. I didn't remember the scene as rape. But when you think of it, a man and a woman of reproductive age in a confined space and the mental instability from the emotional abuse they'd gone through?-- not really far-fetched for Andrews to have written the scene in.

Interesting that her other series have had themes of incest (I've only read the books following Flowers in the Attic). Does anyone know if there were issues of incest or if it was a particular topic of interest/research to V.C. Andrews?

M 25x33
Darrell there midnight whispers if your interested
Jun 23, 2012 11:41AM
Antionette VC Andrews died after the Dollanganger series and someone had the bright idea to keep her central theme alive through a ghost writer. He was never abl ...more
Jul 09, 2013 09:40AM

when I read this book (which was only a few days ago) I remember thinking that it was going to haunt me.

It did haunt me in a way but not as much as I expected it to.

It was more like a WEIRD soap opera for me.

Iris (last edited Dec 09, 2013 10:39AM ) Dec 09, 2013 10:38AM   0 votes
I do not remember a rape scene, but I haven't read the book in years, and I was young so maybe I didn't understand it. But what I remember was a confusing, not very clear comforting scene. I remember her being confused at her feelings for Christopher and him explaining to her that what they were feeling wasn't wrong because they didn't cross any line, which they then proceeded to cross. She was confused but so was he. They were everything to each other so I guess I didn't see how that could be construed as rape, just like neither Cathy or Christopher saw it that way.

I a.comtually thought it added to the books. It showed how their relationship really started, and why... It's disturbing, but I love V.C. Andrews' writing. There's always a reason for her to put something in.

MS, I can see how you think that it might've been eexpsrience. Writing can be almost theraputic (spelling?).

I love novels by this author. She makes page turning novels that you can't put down. I read this many years ago and it's still my favorite book!

This book makes me sad....there situation was horrid...and it is a rough scene....I just reread the first 3 and I cried so much, but couldn't put them down....I will say I think book 2 is my fave....

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