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S.W. (swlothian) | 848 comments Mod
Sometimes I 'discover' a book or series that really catches my attention. When this happens I like to know what others think about it before I commit to read it. I know that I can read the reviews, but, sometimes a quick comment from someone can sway me one way or the other.

This thread is a place to show us your discovery, so that others can help with your decision as to whether to read it or not.

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S.W. (swlothian) | 848 comments Mod
Ok. So the thing that gave me the idea for this thread was that I 'discovered' a series yesterday that grabbed my interest (as I love MG action and adventure).

The books/series are THE JAGUAR STONES series.

Middleworld (Jaguar Stones, #1) by Jon Voelkel... The End of the World Club (Jaguar Stones, #2) by Jon Voelkel... The River of No Return (Jaguar Stones, #3) by Jon Voelkel
Book 1......Book 2......Book 3 (to be released)

The book 1 blurb sounds good, the only problem I've found (perhaps a show stopper) is that these aren't available to me here in Oz on Amazon.
Has anyone read these? Do you recommend them?

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