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Immortal Age:

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Hannah (cloveshay) Name: Iris
Age: 20
Gender: female
Immortal Age: ?
Appearance: long dark brown hair, sea blue eyes, light skin tone, slim form, does not wear a top because her hair covers her front
Personality: despite what people think not all sirens are evil. Iris is actually quite sweet, and also: friendly, positive, loving, caring, independent, and brave
History: it's a mystery....
Other: she can surface and walk on legs

Hanna(I am a geek and I like it) (Iamageek) | 237 comments Name:Lila
Immortal Age:?
Appearance:Light Brown hair, Dark blue eyes,light skin tone, modest top
Personality:Fun loving and really cute
History/Family:She doesn't know if she has family
Other:Loves to play with Aqua

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She is so CUTE sounding!

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Name: Japhette "Japh" Reid
Age: 20
Immortal Age: She is a Siren that ages, a rare one.
Gender: Female
Appearance: description
Personality: She's like ash
History/Family: Her twin babies Zana and Zane and husband Reno.

ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) Name: Coralei Roman - Doesn't recall surname

Age: Sixteen [16; birthday - 14 February; death day - 14 February]

Immortal Age: Fifteen-hundred [1500]

Gender: Feminine [F]

Height: Five-foot-three [5'3"]
Eye Details: Hazel - Her eyes are large almond shaped, and the color of a warm light brown, framed by naturally long dark lashes that apparently ran in her family.
Hair Details: Coralei has very curly hair that cascades to the middle of her back to the point its classified as ringlets. Despite the curls, it rarely tangles, and it’s quite easy to manage, especially when it’s wet. Her hair is in between a light brown and a blonde. It's too dark to be considered a blonde, and too light for light brown. (((view spoiler)))
Dress Details: Coralei wears a long,, skirt which seems to be in some sort of Aztec style (the back is longer than the front). She wears a cream colored tank top, which makes people wonder if she's ever cold. Well she isn't. She also wears a blue, and creamed colored headdress with black dots, siilar to a fish's tail. Connected to the headress is a black veil that covers her face. Although she is able to remove the veil if she wishes. (((view spoiler)))

Peronality: She is very bold, ambitious and seems to live life in her own accord. Coralei is typically airy, confident, clear-headed, witty yet very compassionate. Her way of thinking, personal charm and intelligence is what distinguishes her from other women. Coralei lives independently, and likes doing things herself. She’s quick to ignite, slow to forgive, and dances to the beat of a different drummer. Secretly, she envies humans because they get to live normaly, and have many opportunities they take for granted. Coralie mainly sings her song when she is angry. That’s when she has little control over it.

History: Coralei was born to Illea and Evan Roman on Valentine's Day, which coincidentally also became the day of her death. She grew up with her older brother, Jason, and her two younger siblings, Annie and Daniel. Illea died of lung inflammation, which changed how the happy family lived. Evan was in a trance-like state, not bothering to pay attention to his children. Evan had his children by bringing Jason, Daniel, and Annie on a boat ride (Coralie was not present at that time). The boat crashed, and became lost at sea. There’s a very slim chance they are alive. Coralie was full of hatred, and shut herself away from the bleak world. Coralie died in a gruesome drowning homicide, and she does not know who the killer was. That is how she is what she is now--a siren. They call Coralie “The Weeping Maiden”.Who sings her song to find her family who are lost at sea. She lures people with her song to come into the ocean, because she believes there are her family. (((view spoiler)))
(view spoiler)

Family/Relationships: 1.) Illea [Mother; Deceased]
2.) Evan [Father; Missing]
3.) Jason [Older brother; Missing]
4.) Annie [Younger sister; Missing]
5.) Daniel [Younger brother/Annie's twin; Missing]


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O.O Your character profiles never cease to make me envy you.

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