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This month is all about introducing feminism at the intersections. Each of these pieces of work featured this month teach us about identities and the importance of intersectionality in feminist thought.

I've come up with four basic questions to get the discussion going. Feel free to jump in with your own questions and commentary if these don't work for you.

1. How do each of these authors define intersectionality?

2. What is the purpose of intersectionality as presented in each piece? What does intersectionality do for feminist thought? Why is it important, according to each author? Are there any significant differences between their presentations?

3. Crenshaw and Alexander-Floyd write about intersectionality a few decades apart. How do these pieces work in conjunction with each other? How does Alexander-Floyd continue or add to the ideas about intersectionality set out by Crenshaw?

4. How does intersectionality play into your understanding of feminism? Are any of these pieces more helpful than the others for you? Why?

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