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there i her masters castle

Tiana Dalichov Donovan looks around in pain, suddenly feeling the cuts in his arms hurt a lot worse than they had just minutes ago. "The atmosphere in here really sucks," he whispers to her. "Just by breathing I feel like I'm gonna die."

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"yea you get used to it"she smiles "now don't talk to me you stupid child"her fans goring in

Tiana Dalichov He simply watches her in amazement, slightly frightened of her. He tugs against the rope for good measure and tries to run, knowing full well that she'll stop him.

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she turns around her eyes red "stop it you dumb wast of my time"she hisses

Tiana Dalichov He smirks at her. "No can do, sweetheart," he retorts, his eyes flashing gold for a split second. "If you want me to stop, you're gonna have to make me." He tugs on the ropes again and runs away from her, ignoring the air as it slowly poisons his lungs.

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she quickly steps in front of him with amazing speed "thats not going happen my boss wants to meet you"she takes him to her boss but is face is covered "my master i brought you a treat you lazy good for nothing evil mastermind"
he laughs "its good to see you to my pretty little worker"

Tiana Dalichov Donovan grunts under the force of Isabella's hand as she forces him down to his knees, and he looks up into the shadowy face before him. He doesn't say anything, but glares at the man before him, his eyes flashing gold for at least five seconds.

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she looks at him "your not my boss he always calls me his pet so who are you "she hisses
he stutters "i...i..i am boss"
she smirks "no your not"
he laughs "your so smart I'm his son"

Tiana Dalichov Donovan witnesses this little exchange but remains quiet, waiting for the perfect time to voice his presence and cause all hell to break loose. He struggles against the ropes binding him, wincing as Isabella tugs back mercilessly, causing the rope to chafe his hands uncomfortably.

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she laughs "well thus just great well this Donavan
'he laughs "so he's a prisoner"
she smiles "yea'
he looks at him "well hello"

Tiana Dalichov Donovan looks up at him angrily, his eyes flashing a dangerous gold again, the color lasting for an entire minute before fading back to hazel. He doesn't speak, but instead spits blood from his mouth onto the ground.

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he looks down at him "no manners you don't say hello"

Tiana Dalichov Donovan chuckles angrily. "Why would I need to use manners when talking to an ugly caveman like you?" he asks with a smirk, spitting another mouthful of blood onto the stones beneath his knees.

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"oh trust me I'm not ugly"he laughs

Tiana Dalichov Donovan just laughs right back at him. "Yeah? Then why're ya hiding your face? If you're so damn pretty, why don't you let me see who you are?" He tugs against the ropes and tries to stand up, but Isabella pulls harder, causing him to fall back to his knees.

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She looks down at him And mouths the word stop
He laughs "fine you want to see my face"
Isabella looks as one of the most beautiful boys she has ever seen walks out of the darkness "oh my gods"

Tiana Dalichov Donovan looks straight into her eyes and mouths back, "Hell no," before he turns to look at the face of his enemy. He feels his breath leave his body at the sight of him, and he scoffs in annoyance. "Okay, so you're not that bad-looking," he admits with a smirk.

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Isabella looks at him mouth open and thinks he is so hot
He laughs and looks at Isabella "I'm happy you like what you see beautiful"he says to her

Tiana Dalichov Donovan fidgets angrily as he hears Isabella's thoughts. "Look dude," he says, growing increasingly irritated, "Nobody calls her beautiful but me, hot shot."

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((how about this guy? ))

Booknerd(Gof)) (Crazyforhungergamesgirl) | 4666 comments Mod
((no hes ugly))

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she looks at Donavan "shut up"
she looks at her bosses son "well i wasn't expecting this but oh well"
her boss looks at Donavan "who said you could talk"

Tiana Dalichov Donovan barks a sarcastic laugh. "I'm never told to do anything, pretty boy. If you want me to shut up, you're gonna have to make me." He looks at Isabella for a moment and smirks, then looks back to the other guy, his eyes flashing gold again. "Care to try again?" he asks daringly.

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isabella looks at him and thinks oh my gods he's so hot
she smirks "so what are you going to do with him"
he looks at him "well we could kill him"

Tiana Dalichov Donovan smirks a little. "Okay, I know I can be kind of a douche, but don't talk about me like I'm not even here." He stands up, protesting against the ropes in Isabella's hands, and his eyes flame with anger. "You couldn't kill me if you tried."

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she laughs "no lets keep him hostage"

Tiana Dalichov "Oh. My. God." He anunciates each word angrily. "I said stop doing that." He whips around to face Isabella, the anger shining in his eyes. He tugs on the ropes hard enough to make her lose her footing and he smirks. "I don't make a good hostage," he explains warily. "But I'd definitely make a better minion than this little trollop over here," he adds, jerking his thumb toward Isabella.

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"wow really jerk"she smirks
he smiles and looks at isabella "i would never get rid of you don't worry"he takes her hand and kisses it

Tiana Dalichov Donovan gags loudly. "All right, then, what's it gonna be pretty boy?" he asks boldly, stepping into the guy's face. "What's it gonna be? Hostage? Dead? New suck-up minion?"

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he looks at him "i would say dead but its up to isabella"she smiles "ok i think hostage and cruel punishment "

Tiana Dalichov "Bummer," he chides. "And I was goin' for new suck-up minion." He pauses and looks between the two of them a few times. "Well, all right then. I guess that's the way it's gotta be." He smirks and his eyes flash gold again.

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she laughs and keeps thinking about her bosses son he so cute
"ok "she smiles and drags Donavan away

Tiana Dalichov Donovan scoffs in annoyance and drags his feet, pulling against Isabella adamantly. "Damn it, stop pulling so hard!" he yells angrily.

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she stops "oh my gods stop complaining "she blushes when she thinks about her bosses son

Tiana Dalichov "Ugh, for the love of all that's holy, please stop thinking about that prick," he says in annoyance. "Seriously, I'm ten times the guy he'll ever be. And what the hell kind of 'punishment' were you talking about back there? What exactly constitutes 'cruel' around this sh*t hole?"

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She frowns "stop reading my mind and yea I think he's hot are jelouse"she smirks "and when I say cruel I mean it"

Tiana Dalichov He smirks back at her. "I'm not jealous. Why would I be jealous of a push-over like him?" He tugs against the ropes again. "And you never answered my question. What are you gonna do to me?"

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"you'll see"she puts opens a cage door kisses him and shoves him the cage and locks the door

Tiana Dalichov Donovan falls onto the cold stone floor with a grunt, whipping his head back around to stare at her with dangerous eyes. "Oh will I?" he retorts, wincing as one of the cuts on his arms reopens, spilling fresh blood down onto the stone.

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She bend down by the cage "listen I'm sorry but you know that I have to do this"she blows him a kiss

Tiana Dalichov He nods at her. "I know," he replies sweetly. "I'm playing my part well, aren't I?" He winks at her and smirks. "Just keep doing what you're doing. I'll live through it, no matter what it is."

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She smirks "ok loverboy"

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"the plan has some problems now that its his son"she smiles when she says his son

Tiana Dalichov Donovan frowns a little, wiping the blood from his mouth. "We'll deal with it," he says confidently. "Just don't give them any reason not to trust you, okay? The last thing I need is for them to find out and kill us both." He looks up at her again, his eyes flashing gold for a couple seconds. "It's almost time for Daddy to come out to play," he says dangerously, winking at her.

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she gets mad "no do not bring your dad into this please"she sighs "you know that it would end up bad "

Tiana Dalichov He sighs, but smirks anyway. "No can do, princess. I'm gonna need him if you wanna get outta this."

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"no"she says "please for me just don't"

Tiana Dalichov He smiles a little. "I can't promise that, Izzy," he says softly. "You know I can't."

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