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Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments Megan suggested and I start a topic and we talk about starting up the movie group watch again. I noticed in reading through the back posts everyone seemed to enjoy it. So does anyone wanna suggest some theme's for a movie watch that follow that. I think any suggestions should be discussed among that group that is interested in being a part of this.


Karen I'm down for any theme :)

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments What was the official theme last time? I can't find it? I was thinking what about Love & Romance Through the Ages? That way we could watch movies from various periods and a few moderns ones if we decide to as well. What do you guys think, maybe?

Soph | 1411 comments sounds good. also as a side topic, like the different stories of romance we see in the Austens... if you get me? (i didn't work that very well) ??

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments do you mean like different relationships like for example with P&P it would like a love/hate sort of where they start out not liking each other and end up in love?(I have a good one for that already in mind).

Soph | 1411 comments yes i mean like that, like Darcy and Lizzie's story is very different to say... Catherine and Tilney in Northanger abbey. :)

message 7: by Megan, Moderator & Ardent Janeite (new)

Megan | 626 comments Mod
FYI - Last time around we did the following historical films:

Movie Discussion Schedule
7/1 Bright Star
7/9 Elizabeth: The Golden Age
7/16 Cheri (2009)
7/23 Vanity Fair (2005)
7/30 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
8/6 Marie Antoinette (2006)
8/13 A Knight's Tale
8/20 Gosford Park
8/27 Man in the Iron Mask (1998)
9/3 Little Dorritt (2009)

Louise Sparrow (LouiseX) | 117 comments Sounds interesting, I wasn't around for the last one but I'll join in when I can :)

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments Can someone do a sum up of the types romantic relationships in each novel, for those who haven't finished all of them yet? So everyone can make suggestions?

Soph | 1411 comments Um I'll start
Bingley and Jane and Edward and Elinor I think love at first sight. And almost Catherine and Tilney, but he said himself he didn't fall in love with her straight away. So they are not quite

Darcy and Lizzie - hate to love.

Wentworth and Anne - Love lost and found again

Knightley and Emma and Fanny and Bertram are both friendship growing to more but Emma not realising till the end, and Bertram not realising for ages!

Colonel Brandon and Marianne - um... How to describe that one. Well not love at first on Mariannes side. And for Brandon, shows the importance of patience!

message 11: by Rachel, The Honorable Miss Moderator (new)

Rachel (RandHrShipper1) | 514 comments Mod
LOVE the idea of starting the film discussions again!

The "Love Through the Ages" theme works for me!

I think a good breakdown of time periods would be:

Edwardian (or WWI)
(and maybe Fifties?)

These are just general and I think I have them in the correct chronological order off the top of my head. I can think of a lot of examples for each time frame, if you all would like a list of them.

Also, perhaps allow more than a week for discussion of each?

Just my thoughts!

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments I also think we should do a few modern films but limit them. I was thinking a perfect one for the Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy relationship would be - Leap Year.

I don't know who it would be good for maybe - Bingley/Jane and Edward/Elinor but what about Tristan and Isolde?

Does anyone else have any ideas to pitch in off the top of their head?

Soph | 1411 comments Leap year is perfect!!!!!! :D and a great film!!

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments yeah I thought it would be a good one.

message 15: by Rachel, The Honorable Miss Moderator (new)

Rachel (RandHrShipper1) | 514 comments Mod
Leap Year is an excellent choice for one of the modern ones we watch. Another would be When in Rome.

Tristan and Isolde fits in the medieval time period and is a wonderful film!

message 16: by Megan, Moderator & Ardent Janeite (new)

Megan | 626 comments Mod
Excellent ideas Rachel!!

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments Yes, When in Rome, sounds like a good one to me, Rachel.

Leah Madsen (PrincessLeia) | 87 comments How about Kate and Leopald?

Soph | 1411 comments Good idea. Great film to!

Louise Sparrow (LouiseX) | 117 comments The Philadelphia Story for Wentworth and Anne?

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments So far we have

Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy -
Leap Year
When in Rome (?) (I haven't seen it is this where this one goes)

Bingley/Jane and Edward/Elinor -
Tristan and Isolde

Anne and Wentworth -
The Philadelphia Story (? Opinions, I haven't seen it)

And Leah suggested Kate and Leopald but I'm not sure where that would fit in as I haven't seen it but a few minutes a long time ago.


message 22: by Rachel, The Honorable Miss Moderator (new)

Rachel (RandHrShipper1) | 514 comments Mod
I'm not sure we should do the "assigning Austen couples to the films" thing. They won't all fit very well except in the most basic plot points. For example, Tristan and Isolde ends sadly and none of these couples do. And neither When in Rome nor Kate and Leopold really applies to any of the couples either--they both involve a touch of fantasy in their plots. I think we're better off just putting together a list of period romances to watch without adding the other idea on top of it. Again, they don't all fit very well, and sometimes they fit more than one. The Philadelphia Story does feature a couple who break up and then get back together, but they also bicker constantly throughout the film. (And you HAVE to see this film, Pamela, even if we don't watch it--it's PERFECT!) Doing both just seems problematic.

Hope no one is offended by this, just my opinion!

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments As far as I understood we weren't looking to completely do a full redo of the stories of the couples but more the theme of the romance, like in Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's case it is a love/hate relationship and that is the types of movies we are going for with them, etc.

Pamela (AtomicEmpress) | 58 comments Hey everybody I just wanted to say I'm back I was hospitalized for about 6 days and got home yesterday. Finally back in my comfy bed. So what are we thinking with the movies any more suggestions or ideas?

Soph | 1411 comments On my word are you ok? How are you feeling?
I can't satisfy your enquiries as I have hardly been on here lately as I have had work experience this week :)

Louise Sparrow (LouiseX) | 117 comments Oh wow, welcome back! I hope you're feeling better.

There haven't been any decisions in your absence.

message 27: by Rachel, The Honorable Miss Moderator (new)

Rachel (RandHrShipper1) | 514 comments Mod
Pamela wrote: "Hey everybody I just wanted to say I'm back I was hospitalized for about 6 days and got home yesterday. Finally back in my comfy bed. So what are we thinking with the movies any more suggestions or..."

Oh, wow, Pamela--hope you feel better!

We have been lax while you were away--these may have to be Fall 2012 movie discussions at this rate!

Leah Madsen (PrincessLeia) | 87 comments Kate and Leopald, sabrina, Roman Holiday, Funny Face, An Affair to remember, the shop around the corner, you got mail.

Karen oo ooo oo you've got mail!

Soph | 1411 comments Such a great film!! And got P&P links. With the whole book thing etc :)

Steph I just watched Becoming Jane and thought it was great - that is a good one to discuss

Soph | 1411 comments Was it sad?

Leah Madsen (PrincessLeia) | 87 comments What movies are we going to watch then? We should pick them out before summer is over.

Steph Soph - it had its sad moments as any good story should but it wasn't too bad. More of a realization as to how love was looked on differently then and how with that different decisions were made. Yes I did feel for Jane very much but understood how things had to be as well. You must see it!

Soph | 1411 comments I am planning on trying it!!!! Good movies aren't all happy jolly laughing fun!!

Shelley | 31 comments Pamela, hope you feel better!

Is there anything more helpful to recovering from an illness than reading?

If so, I haven't found it. So I wish you a good book!

Shelley, http://dustbowlpoetry.wordpress.com

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