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The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Fire and Thorns, #1)
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Lexie Robinson Austin (LRobinson) | 83 comments This was a really great read. I've been stuck in a reading rut lately and this was just the thing I needed to pull me out. I loved the fantasy aspects of this novel, and it reminded me a lot of the early Robin McKinely works like The Hero and the Crown or The Blue Sword.

What did I love? I loved that Elisa the main character was religious, yet it never felt like I was being preached to. I loved that she did a complete 180 transformation throughout the book. I loved the other characters, and especially loved that there was not a love triangle (maybe a small one- but not really). I loved that there were no vampires and no post-apocalyptic utopias. I loved that it had an old world Spain feel to it that was intriguing and different, but didn’t over run the plot. I also loved all of Elisa’s descriptions of food. Holy cow, did this book make me want to eat!

What did I not like? Well, I can’t really say because it’s a major spoiler. Let’s just leave it at I wish the ending had been a little different. However, it’s the first book in a trilogy so I maintain hope that the situation could be remedied somehow.

Overall, a good read I’ll be recommending to the readers at the Library!

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