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Tabitha (Tabby18) She walks into the store and smiles at the candy that she'll buy.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
(Brb dinner)
Erin walked in and looked at the games

Tabitha (Tabby18) Lola sees someone come in and she smiles slightly.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
Erin looked at the more violent video games they had. Most of the time saying things like
"Stupid, played it, boring."

Tabitha (Tabby18) Lola walks over to Erin and says"hi"

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
"Hello." Erin smiled back

Tabitha (Tabby18) "My name is Lola and you are"she smiled back

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
"Erin." She picked up another game

Tabitha (Tabby18) Lola nods and eats some bubble gum she bought.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
Erin looked at the game and smiled. She walked up to the cashier and payed for the game.

Tabitha (Tabby18) Lola watched Erin play the game and she smiled.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
"So what are you doning here..candy?" she asked

Tabitha (Tabby18) Lola grins"I was buying some candy.Want some,Erin?"

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
"Sure why not." She smiled

Tabitha (Tabby18) Lola hands her the bag of candy.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
Erin took some out and put it in her mouth

Tabitha (Tabby18) "good uh?",Lola made a bubble.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod

Tabitha (Tabby18) "so tell me,Erin how old are you?"

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
"14. You?"

Tabitha (Tabby18) "18",Lola smiled and sighed camily.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
Erin nodded

Tabitha (Tabby18) Lola was geting bored"Hey Erin would you like to hang with me at my home?"

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
"Sure..your dad's Shadow right?"

Tabitha (Tabby18) "yea",Lola smiled then walked to the door.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
Erin followed "I think my dad knows him..."

Tabitha (Tabby18) "you mean my dad?"she asked now walking to her home with Erin.

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
"Yeah. My dad's Darkness."

Tabitha (Tabby18) "Mines Shadow"

MollyLuvsHorror | 177 comments Mod
Erin nodded "Yeah I think my dad knows him."

Tabitha (Tabby18) Lola nods again and puts her hands on her sword.She makes a portal and they step through.

(to Lola's room)

SpartanTurtle | 80 comments Diablo walked intot he store looking at the games

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Jennifer stood outside the store. Hands on her stuff only.

TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 70 comments Guile has his guitar and amp "come on lets go in" he opens the door and leads her inside

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

She followed in.

TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 70 comments the first thing he did was look around for something

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Jennifer started to look at the games.

TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 70 comments "lesse here....amplification.....and if done correctly it should work!"

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

"What on earth are you doing?"

TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 70 comments "you'll see in a few!" he says turning knobs on his amp "juuust about"

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Jennifer watched in silence.

TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 70 comments "uhhh huh damnit! need one last thing" he says falling back sitting a scratching his head

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"What is it?"

TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 70 comments "hmmm i need a little switch thing so i can put it here and flip it to finish what im doing"

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Jennifer drew one on and placed her hand on it. When she moved it there was a fully functional switch. "There ya go."

TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 70 comments "thank you!" he says fitting the switch in the slot and flips it "should work now lets see" he strums hard on his guitar and nothing happens "wait for it!"

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

She waited

TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 70 comments "i guess it didn't work..."

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

Jennifer looked at the amp and picked up a cord. "Here's the problem, this needs to go here and this here." She rearanged the cord with another.

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