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January Release

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VampireNovelFan Anybody else excited that we get it a little early? I know I am!

message 2: by Zee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zee me too!!!

Becka Yes! January is around the time I usually start my crazed withdrawal for this series. (You can only be patient for so long, right?) Late January through mid-February is brutal. Hopefully, I'll be able to skip that part of the experience and allow the anticipation be set on a healthier scale of obsession. Doubtful... but one can hope!

VampireNovelFan LOL! The only downside is that your craving may kick in a little earlier this time!

Becka VampireNovelFan wrote: "LOL! The only downside is that your craving may kick in a little earlier this time!"

Yeah... I've thought about that. I'm hoping that having Into The Woods and getting the second installment of the GN will help, but I'm already kind of losing it. :-/

Becka Being on Goodreads every day certainly doesn't help either...

VampireNovelFan I feel ya. I read tons of books, and none can fill the Hollows void!

Catriona Laurie Just finished Undead Pool - FANTASTIC!!!!

VampireNovelFan Catriona wrote: "Just finished Undead Pool - FANTASTIC!!!!"

Yep. It's my new favorite, lol. Though I feel like I say that every time since Pale Demon, lol.

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