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Hidalgelis (Goooreadscombooklover) | 15 comments Hello my name is Hidalgelis I am a book reviewer I love to read and I always give my absolutely honest opinion about the book. I have a blog it is If you need any book for review please comment to tell me because I am looking for new books to review.

Thank You, Have a nice day (:

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 76 comments Hi Hida. I would love to have you review one of my books. Should I send you an email? Or would you prefer I make a formal request via a PM?

Hidalgelis (Goooreadscombooklover) | 15 comments send me an email at

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 76 comments Sent one yesterday. Did you get it?

Hidalgelis (Goooreadscombooklover) | 15 comments No I did not could you send it again please. Thank You ^^

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 76 comments Sure thing. Sending it right now.

Erica (ericarooq) | 1 comments Hello Hidalgelis. Would you be interested in beta-reading for me? You can check it out on and let me know if you would like to read the whole manuscript and I can email it to you. Thanks so much.

C.S. Yelle (csyelle) | 11 comments Good Morning Hidalgelis. I currently have two YA Epic Fantasy Novels out and would love for you to take a look at them.
Reclaiming Ter Chadain and Black Stones of Ter Chadain.
I am a Goodreads Author and both are on the Goodreads site.
I am willing to mail copies to you for your review if you would like or send electronic copies if that is easier.
Thanks for your consideration.
C.S. Yelle

Hidalgelis (Goooreadscombooklover) | 15 comments C.S. I would love to Check the books out but i would love for you to Mail it because i kind of get extremely bored when reading books electronically

C.S. Yelle (csyelle) | 11 comments Not a problem. Message me your address and I will mail them out. Would like both at once or would you like to read the first one and decide if you want to read the second?
Much Appreciated.

Hidalgelis (Goooreadscombooklover) | 15 comments I would want to read one and if I really like it imma decide to read the other one or the other way around whatever is easier for you okay Im going to mail adress :D

C.S. Yelle (csyelle) | 11 comments Thanks. Got it. Message sent.

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