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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments After a while Lewis and his team hid in a small house. They looked out of the windows and had a good sight on some of the city TV's. They had a bad feeling something was going to happen soon.

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Calla slumped back in a corner, some peacekeepers came in and chained her hands behind her back, they dragged her out to what looked like a TV studio, there was a brightly lit stage with an empty tank in the middle, they carried her up a ladder that was propped up against the side of the tank and dropped her in, she hit the ground and the camera's all turned to her, she was on live TV.

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments Lewis stared at the TV with a gun in his hand. "Where are they broadcasting that from?!"

One of the troops pointed to a large building in the center of the Capitol and the squad rushed out of the building. They snuck in and went into the control room. Inside there was a large gun fight. "Focus that camera on me!" The camera's on Calla cut out and on the screen was Lewis. "I am the leader of the District Twelve rebellion! If I were you I'd surrender now before I come down there and put a bullet through each and every one of your skulls."

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Calla couldn't believe that at that moment they placed a glass top with a tube on the top of the tank. Suddenly water started to flow from the tube and began to fill up the tank, fast. Within a few seconds it was half way up her shins, a few more and it was up to her waist, she pounded on the glass and screamed. In less the an minute it was up to her chest.

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments Lewis shouted. "Stop it now! I will surrender to you if you let her go!"

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A loud voice boomed through speakers, "we don't want you to surrender, we have a bigger, more powerful army. We want you to suffer for ruining the perfect life that we had in the districts." The water engulfed Calla's head and she began to float, she broke the surface and looked up, she only had about 2 feet of air left.

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments "Well...." He laughed. "Your mistake." As he said that his squad of rebels opened fire on the peacekeepers trying to drown her. Lewis smashed a screen and fired a hole in the glass making the water pump out. "I can't say it was perfect myself. But.... Too late now I guess." Another few D12 Rebels jumped in from a balcony shooting down. "See I have reinforcements from every district. What do you have? A measly group of thugs?"

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments Lewis shot another hole through the glass. One side of the glass shattered outwards not harming her but the water burst out over everything. He ran down to her and grabbed her. "Are you okay?"

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Calla dropped to the ground as the water drained away, she took a few deep breaths.

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She nodded slowly, not trusting her voice.

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments He saw a girl getting getting pushed to the ground by peacekeepers. He raised his gun and shot at them killing them. "Come on" He picked up Calla and ran to the girl who he helped.

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"Bailey! Stop! I'm right here!" Ryder grabs her. He glares at the Peacekeeper. "Get off" He says "Or I WILL shoot." He pulls out his gun.

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((Callum/Becky please explain the situation, I don't get it....))

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Calla leaped out of Lewis's arms and grabbed his spare gun from his hip, she aimeed at the Peacekeeper who was standing over the boy and girl.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) ((Don't you mean Lewis? Not Callum.))

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments ((Basically Calla (Becky) Got kidnapped and Lewis (D12 Rebel leader) Came to save her))

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((Oops! I edited it))

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments Lewis spun around to see a boy holding a gun (Ryder) "Rebel or Capitol?"

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Calla stood slightly behind Lewis and looked at the boy (Ryder).

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments "Good. I was hoping we'd see a friendly face. We need to get out of here."

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Calla walked over to the girl, "We didn't mean it like that, we just don't know who we can trust." She hoped that her words would help to stop the crying, she didn't like seeing people cry.

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments Lewis looked around seeing the peacekeepers starting to surround them. "Wherever you go you might want to hurry. That reminds me. Where the hell are we going to go." He turns to see rebels still fighting

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"You ask me as if I might have a clue!"

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"I'm sorry honey. I thought you guys got out. I lit everything up, thinking you were gone." He looked up at the guy (Lewis). "Both, Capitol Rebel. I assume your a rebel?"

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((Okay thanks))

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments "Yea. District Twelve rebel leader. Down with the Capitol I reckon"

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments ((What?))

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) ((Ryder and Bailey are going back home?))

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(("Down with the Capitol I reckon"???? Sorrys, but im confused....))

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((So am I...Taxi(Callum)can you please explain))

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allycatblue *percy jackson is my husband | 1020 comments (I'm so confused)

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((G2g. I was planning on asking them to stay with us for a night. Continue as you see fit. You guys can RP Ryder, but try to keep it minimal? :) Be back on later.))

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allycatblue *percy jackson is my husband | 1020 comments (I'm so confused)

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Brock sat in the hall, bored.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Brock jumped up when he saw Bailey. "What happened?"

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "Sure." Brock rolled his eyes. "You're a bad liar."

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "So what happened?" Brock asked impatiently.

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allycatblue *percy jackson is my husband | 1020 comments Star slowly walked out of her room and saw bailey
She ran far away she ran untill she reached the port and watched the water she saw a knife for cutting rope and grabbed it. She lay it to her skin and cut. Not enough to kill herself but to feel the pain ( remember she is insane)
One cut for mom
Her sister
The peacekeeper
His family
And for the voices
When she was done she walked into the water and watched the water go red

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allycatblue *percy jackson is my husband | 1020 comments (sry guys I'm gonna kill star. Not right now though)
Star got out of the water and saw peacekeepers comming towards her
Star ran with Fear and terror she got to her house and was almost to bailey and Brock when a pain in her back went off and she feel to the ground
"please please please please stop"but she wasn't talking to the race keepers . The voices were shouting again
(gtg soon)

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "Wow." Brock looked at her. "You'll be okay."

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "You're my friend. I obviously care." Brock sat back down.

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Ryder sighed. So much. So fast. As soon as he saw that everyone was home, he went back outside. He looked for the guy from 12 again. News about what was going on in the districts was welcome. He lived for the rebellion.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "Yes." Brock sighed. "Where's Ryder?"

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Charissa Sophia de la Rosa (PurpleRose328) | 949 comments Rose came out of Star's room and saw Bailey. She ran down stairs and glomped Bailey. "Bailey!" she exclaimed and looked at her best friend. "Thank God you're alright!" Then she noticed the bruise on her eye. "What happened?" she asked as she drag Bailey to the kitchen to apply some ice on it.

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ThePsychopath∞ | 1078 comments Lewis looked around. He had no idea what had just happened. He turned to Calla. "Now what the hell do we do?" The rest of the D12 rebels came back to him and waited. "Cause havoc?"

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"Sounds good," Calla's eyes lit up at the idea of causing chaos.

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((Are you guys still in the Capitol?))

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