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Lauren | 247 comments Hi everyone!

It feels so good to be back on the Goodreads site and I am looking forward to jumping right back in with the team! Late 2011 through some major curveballs at me and in 2012 I am picking up the pieces. It has taken me a while but I have been missing you all!

So excited to be back I just wanted to say hello to everyone.


Tien (tiensblurb) | 2624 comments Mod
Lauren!! It's good to see you!!

Sorry to hear that life has been a bit rough for you BUT... am very happy to hear that it's better now :)

and am absolutely stoked that you're back with us.

Tara | 740 comments Welcome back!!

Susan | 1808 comments Welcome back!

readinghearts (Lyn M) (lsmeadows) | 1917 comments Mod
We've missed you Lauren! Glad your back and that things are looking up!

Luann (AZbookgal) | 988 comments Mod
Welcome back, Lauren!!

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