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message 1: by 11811 (Eleven) (new)

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1549 comments Does anyone listen to background music while they read? I can't do standard rock music with lyrics because it distracts me but I constantly listen to SOMA FM for creepy ambient background noise while reading horror - either Drone Zone or Doomed. Anyone have any other recommendations for ambient horror music?




message 2: by jennbunny (new)

jennbunny Byrkit | 2131 comments I on occasion listen to classical music, but mostly while I am reading MW2 or MW3 or whatever version is on in the background with my husband killing teenagers. I will have to check out those stations you listed.

message 3: by S.E. (new)

S.E. Lindberg (SELindberg) | 6 comments Noxarcana! Joe Vargo has been making horror-themed background music for dark fantasy fans: each is based on favorites: Necronomicon, Poe's work, Grimm's tales, etc. Each is masterfully done and could double as a soundtrack. Two Holiday albums are eerily awesome (try out "Winter's Eve").

Highly recommended. Samples are on Amazon too.
Link = http://noxarcana.com/

message 4: by 11811 (Eleven) (new)

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1549 comments Excellent. TY!!!

message 5: by Eric (new)

Eric (eterrell3) | 102 comments I'll second the recommendation for Nox Arcana! Midnight Syndicate is another in the same vein. The 13th Hour and Vampyre are a couple of favorites from them.

message 6: by S.E. (new)

S.E. Lindberg (SELindberg) | 6 comments Eric, nice leads . I will check those out. Thx.

Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* (ErinPaperbackstash) | 806 comments Very cool links, will check out, bookmark, and listen to. I love scores from darker themed films especially. I have a little collection of scores and soundtracks.

With reading I rarely listen to music while doing it - I detest reading when it comes to loud TV!!

As a funny note though, when I used to read at the lake with an ex we would bring the radio and I'd be playing music from my MP3 player on it, drinking, eating, and reading. It all went together very well and I loved it.

I think most readers will agree the rain when you're reading is awesome, especially thunderstorms. There's a neat website that has the sound of rain recorded I put on sometimes when I read --- http://www.rainymood.com/

message 8: by Mathieu (new)

Mathieu Chénard (Mathieu_Chenard) Some of the most creepy dark ambient I have heard includes some really cavernous sounds mixed with tribal drums. Sephiroth is the band, Cathedron is the album. Get into it.


message 9: by Ron (new)

Ron | 439 comments Just about any Apocalyptica that's not a cover and doesn't have vocals.

message 10: by Frank (new)

Frank (fearshop) The only band I can listen to when I read is Agalloch. Dark and beautiful music these guys make. Perfect for reading.

message 11: by Mathieu (new)

Mathieu Chénard (Mathieu_Chenard) Sephiroth is a bit like Lustmord I believe

message 12: by Chris (new)

Chris (agalloch) | 8 comments Frank wrote: "The only band I can listen to when I read is Agalloch. Dark and beautiful music these guys make. Perfect for reading."

Agalloch are so, so brilliant! Probably my favourite band ever!

Scott wrote: "I am always listening to music so yes!

For scary reading I recommend:

Robert Rich (especially "Bestiary" and "Stalker")
Subterranean Source
Tribes of Neurot
Steve Roach
Delerium (ea..."

Nice choices there! I really like 'The Place where the dark stars hang' album by Lustmord. I've heard good things about Alio Die, but yet to listen.

I listen to Dark Ambient if anything when i am reading.

Svartsinn ("Traces of Nothingness")
False Mirror ("Derelict World")
Desiderii Marginis ("Seven Sorrows")
Inade ("The crackling of the Anonymous")
R|A|A|N, Sleep Research Facility and Arecibo i enjoy too.

message 13: by Ron (new)

Ron | 439 comments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf2aIV... Okay, technically it's a cover.

Awake at Midnight (awakeatmidnight) I enjoy Coil and Current 93 for that really dark ambience. Coil's Hellraiser soundtrack (that was not used in the actual movie because the producers thought it TOO eerie) is a favorite.

message 16: by Ivo (new)

Ivo Stunga (Disfigurator) | 6 comments Yeah, I totally do it. Listening to my Dark Ambient/Ambient collection. Projects like Lustmord, Cities Last Broadcast, False Mirror, Arcana, Robert Rich, Brian Eno, Phelios, etc. And sometimes the music really compliments the action/mood.

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