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the f**king sleaze!

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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Madison! Arrgh! i hate her, she is such an effing bitch. When i finished reading la candy i just thought, "who could live with themselves after that?!". I'm not saying what happened coz that would spoil it, you should find out yourself.

Bethany Brown LOL! true that. i agree. Madison is totally a fame hog!

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica I see you found another word for her. I wonder how many words could describe her?

Bethany Brown LOL i don't even know. jealous skank, mean witch, either one :P hahahaa

Aurora Eh, I find Madison hilarious, and find myself rooting for her. Guess that's what happens when the main character of your book is a total self-insert and a Mary-Sue. No one likes her.

Aurora Lol Kaylee, yes, same boy with different names. And she is a bit less clichéd...but she is the stereotypical mean girl. :(

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