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message 1: by Chris (last edited May 25, 2012 03:17AM) (new)

Chris I'm a guy, and I like a good romance subplot to go along with a great fantasy story. But for the life of me, I can't seem to find hardly anything written from a male POV, or by a male author.

Here are the books I've already enjoyed:

1. Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
2. Kingkiller Chronicle - Patrick Rothfuss
3. Alex Verus - Benedict Jacka
4. Courts of the Feyre - Mike Shevdon
5. Eddie Lacrosse - Alex Bledsoe
6. Ravirn - Kelly McCullough
7. Curse Workers - Holly Black
8. The Curse of Chalion - Lois McMaster Bujold
9. Iron Druid Chronicles - Kevin Hearne

Can anyone here recommend a few Fantasy+Romance books with a male protagonist that I could read? I just have 2 stipulations, if you don't mind:

1. Please, don't suggest books with a guy's bare chest on the cover. I just can't take a book seriously if the main selling point is manboobs.
2. Nothing with rape. I don't want to read about rape. I don't want a trilogy that ends with the protagonist's love interest getting kidnapped and raped by the villain.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

I'm new to this website, but if anyone shares my sentiments, feel free to friend me and we can compare reading lists.

message 2: by Hanne (last edited May 25, 2012 03:12AM) (new)

Hanne | 38 comments I would try the Kate Daniels series (Ilona Andrews). Co-written by a husband and wife so I think the hero is very well rounded. Amazing story line, lots of action and some romance too without overpowering the story line.

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1) by Ilona Andrews

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris Hanne wrote: "I would try the Kate Daniels series (Ilona Andrews). Co-written by a husband and wife so I think the hero is very well rounded. Amazing story line, lots of action and some romance too without overp..."

Thanks for the suggestion. For the record though, I'm looking for books with a male protagonist.

message 4: by Hanne (new)

Hanne | 38 comments Oh sorry, I read your post too fast. Well, who knows, if you try it maybe you'll like it anyways :)

message 5: by PepperP0t (new)

PepperP0t  | 45 comments did you try Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter; Chronicles of Nick or the League Series? most of the series have non-descript covers.(immortals & sci-fi)

Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed - vamps similiar to Black Dagger Brotherhood

For Romantic Suspense there's Troubleshooters by Suzanne Brockmann or Seal Team 12 by Marliss Melton or Black Ops Inc by Cindy Gerard

I hope some of these help

message 6: by Kel (Bookworm) (new)

Kel (Bookworm) (FaerieLover) | 37 comments Sweet Blood Of Mine, written by a man and the story is a male POV. It's YA but really funny and there is some romance.

message 7: by [deleted user] (last edited May 25, 2012 05:52AM) (new)

@Chris - I'm a guy as well, and the four of us on this site are definitely under-represented! (Just kidding, there could be five of us!) At any rate, it seems the PNR/UF field is at this time dominated by women. Now, I don't know how much romance you are talking about (veiled references or torrid sex scenes - I like either one) but have you tried the "Barsoom" series by Edgar Rice Burroughs? Sure, he started them back in 1917, but they are excellent reads, they are fantasy, they are romance (without torrid sex) and they satisfy the reader. Now days people call them the "John Carter of Mars" series, but they are "Barsoom." Give them a shot if you haven't already. I read them 40+ years ago as a young boy, and have read them several times since (just a couple of months ago after the movie came out was the latest time), along with the "Tarzan" series. Re-reading the books are as refreshing as reading them for the 1st time.

message 8: by Gavin (new)

Gavin | 20 comments Chris as far as PNR/UF go you could try:

Covet ( this includes the "torrid sex" as Duane put it ).
Monster Hunter International ( I have not had a chance to read this yet, but it does seem to be drawing a lot of comparisons with The Dresden Files ).
Interview With the Vampire( might even be better to start with book two in this series ).

For epic fantasy's in the style of Curse of Chalion you should definitely check out some of Guy Gavriel Kay's books like Tigana or A Song for Arbonne, or some of David Gemmell's books like Lord of the Silver Bow or Knights of Dark Renown.

message 9: by BiblioJen (new)

BiblioJen Chris, have you tried the Ghostwalkers series by Christine Feehan? The first one is Shadow Game. They are definitely ... torrid ... but the series focuses on a group of special-ops soldiers who have undergone psychic experimental testing. The protagonist viewpoint switches back and forth between male and female. In fact, you could easily start with Conspiracy Game and Deadly Game, which are the stories of twin brothers Jack and Ken Norton. Both are members of a Ghostwalker team. You will pick up enough of the back-story as you go, and these are my two favorite books in the series. The author is from a big family, and has a big family of her own, and it shows. She writes GREAT sibling relationships, and these two guys have each others backs. And when you are two of the best snipers in the world? Well, it's wicked good coverage! :-)

Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) (mybookboyfriend) | 155 comments It seems like I responded to this. Maybe it was another group. I feel like deja vu.

message 13: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jenlopez1283) | 55 comments I love Nightlife (Cal Leandros, #1) by Rob Thurman!

message 14: by Chris (last edited May 25, 2012 01:54PM) (new)

Chris Duane wrote: "@Chris - I'm a guy as well, and the four of us on this site are definitely under-represented! (Just kidding, there could be five of us!) At any rate, it seems the PNR/UF field is at this time domin..."

I took my nephew and niece to the John Carter movie. I could tell that there was a lot of really creative source material from the original book(s). The movie, though, was really poorly done.

I'm sure the book is much better though, so I'll give it a read! Usually I avoid books that were written before the 70's just because, if you go back far enough, the social disconnect between author and reader (me) becomes apparent. But the movie had some very creative ideas, so I'll try out the book for sure.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm going to grab a lot of the books mentioned in this thread (Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christopher Moore, and Sniegoski). Apologies for not responding to everyone, but I had to give precedence to a fellow brother-in-arms.

Thanks again!

message 15: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 98 comments Maybe LA Banks Crimson Moon seriesmight fit the bill for you. I don't think any guys are on the cover, cannot remember for sure. It has a strong male co-lead character to go along with the strong female co-lead character. Wolfs, vampires, fae, military, military science, mythology, humor, action, romance/sex.

Christopher Farnsworth's Nathaniel Cade series. There is no naked or near naked guy on the covers. I'm not sure if it'll fit youur romance portion of your request. The main character is a guy. vampires, government, secret service, mystery, historical aspect.

Lynsay Sands - Argeneau series. The majority of the books is about a male that meets a female mate. It does have the romance aspects. vampires, mystery, humor, romance/sex, family dynamics.

Hope something in this post helps, Happy Reading.

Poussinette (Sophie) (Poussinette) | 7 comments Hi ! I'm a woman but I also prefer romance to be secondary to the plot.
So ... as Hanne said, the Kate Daniels series is very good, two of my male friends who tried it loved it.

You might like Seanan McGuire's "October Daye" Series, the heroine is part Fae, fun if you like Celtic mythology. Written by a woman, the heroine is a woman, but it's relatively gender-neutral, and there is very little romance, and when there is it doesn't fall out of the blue. Good re-use of traditional myths. Rosemary and Rue. Doesn't fit your criteria, I know but I like it sooo much, couldn't resist.

The "Marla Mason" series, by T.A. Pratt is written by a man, the heroine tough and ruthless, the secondary characters well fleshed, the magic original. Bit of an OVNI in the field though. You tend to either love it or hate it. Blood Engines

And finally the "Connor Grey" series, by Marc Del Franco, is also written by a man, the main protagonist is a druid whose powers have been damaged in battle. Plenty of Fae and human political strife, quite fun. Some of the books are better than others if I remember rightly the second one was a bit weak. "Final battles" in each book tend to be esoteric and boring (to me), but it's only a few pages to endure. Unshapely Things

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

I would agree with Sophie on the Kate Daniels (Excellent) and October Daye (again excellent - though Rosemary and Rue starts the series off slowly) I haven't read the others, so no comment on them, but I would like to check them out. While both of these are predominantly heroines, there is enough going on to make it secondary to the story.

LA Banks, I find her writing style, especially the dialog, to be less than boring. I managed to finish one of her books, the rest started and put aside. I would like to say I plan to go back to them, but I don't.

Just my two cents.

message 18: by Dale (new)

Dale Ibitz (goodreadscomdale_ibitz) | 42 comments I like this thread, cuz even though I'm a gal, I really like male POV. Now I have a list!

A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (avidreader68) I was going to suggest the Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan, too. Really liked those.

message 20: by Susana (last edited May 28, 2012 01:35PM) (new)

Susana (Susana32) | 153 comments I can think of a few books that have alternate points of view, between the male and female leading characters: Shadow Kin (The Half-Light City, #1) by M.J. Scottand the "Edge" series by Ilona Andrews.
Would also recommend Seanan Mcguire "October Daye" although told in Toby's voice, this one couldn't be designated as "girlish".

message 21: by Hanne (new)

Hanne | 38 comments Second that. The Edge by Ilona Andrews is fun!

message 22: by Kathleen (last edited Jun 06, 2012 06:53PM) (new)

Kathleen (Kmpuzzled) Most of the (few) books with male leads are very light on the romance.
Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros books (even though Rob is actually a woman ;) ).
Harry Connolly's Ray Lilly books
Mike Carey's Felix Castor books are a little different but interesting
Wm. Mark Simmons' Christopher Csejthe books (from mid-90s)
John Levitt's "Man and His Dog" series
Maybe Simon Green's "Nightside" books. (more alternate world)
I also highly recommend Lois McMasters Bujold's Miles Vorkosian books (author of "Curse of Chalion"), but they're sci-fi/space opera rather than urban fantasy.
Jim Butcher's "Fury" books are good fantasy and have a little more romance than most of the above.

message 23: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (UrbanFae) | 114 comments fangaddict wrote: "I would like to suggest J.R. Ward's black dagger brotherhood series."

Yes, I would agree with that. I also would recommend

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #1) by Laini Taylor which is YA and has both male and female POVs. husband enjoys Sookie Stackhouse, lol. But those books are strictly written from a female POV.

message 24: by Amber (new)

Amber Polo (AmberPolo) Try Kevin Hearne's Hounded!

message 25: by PepperP0t (last edited Jul 24, 2012 05:13PM) (new)

PepperP0t  | 45 comments john corwin's Sweet Blood of Mine (Overworld Chronicles #1) by John Corwin is ya male pov or what about these Not An Angel by Dawn Chartier Betrayal's Shadow (The Guardians of Eden #1) by K.H. LeMoyne The Demon's Apprentice (Chance Fortunato Book 1) by Ben Reeder

also did you try jim butchers dresden files series or how about suzanne brockmann's troubleshooter series - very action oriented and not overly romantic and did you try jacquelyn franks nightwalkers series. or j.k. beck's the shadow keepers or rob thurman's cal leandros series

i hope some of these help. all except brockmann have paranormal elements

message 26: by D.A.—just reading ... (last edited Jul 24, 2012 06:26PM) (new)

D.A.—just reading ... The Dark Griffin in Fallen Moon series. Definitely male lead (hero or anti depending on your viewpoint). Gets more paranormal after he becomes undead in first book but stays heavy in fantasy elements as well.

If you like you nLois McMaster Bujold read her Miles Vork..however-you-spell-it books. Start with The Warrior's Apprentice and then follow goodreads order (goodreads 1 and 2 are from viewpoint of Miles' mother and are prequels to series and can be read anytime in series). Some are at publisher, Baen, website for free download. All hardcopies on bookshelves of brick and mortar stores. Some ebooks only available for purchase (drm free for all devices) at Baen website. . Definitely SF/fantasy vs. paranormal.

Robin Hobb Farseer sets starting with Assassin's Apprentice . Very much male POV and more original than description of start of book leads you to believe. The adventures take off to a wonderfully complex plot and worldbuilding. Reminds me of Ms. Bujold. More fantasy than paranormal but has some paranormal creatures. Next set starts with Fool's Errand series, then
Ship of Magic series, and the currently not finished The Dragon Keeper series.

Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy starting withFeed. First book swings between male and female POVs but rest pretty much all Sean's. Up for Hugo despite the future world having zombies. I had to get past the first chapter of teenage adrenaline junkie to like the characters then majorly hooked.

The Black Dagger male POV was uneven for me. Lots of yup, male thoughts/speak. Then would digress into girlier stuff (like getting wardrobes together for evening out, taking every opportunity it was just guys together to rave or angst about the gals in the series...) that jarred a bit for me. But I am a girl so could be wrong. I agree to the "smut" comments. One of the brother's past involves being tortured and raped but not really a dwelled on or detailed part of series other than as an explanation for his character's hang ups. Despite their toys, weaponry and some macho posturings their relationships with each other struck me more sisterhood than brotherhood outside of fight scenes.

An odd paranormal male POV with guy part of time trapped in female body
Immortal Coil.

A mix of male and female lead in Noble Dead series starting with Dhampir. At start of first book I had no idea where was headed (could have been paranormal or fantasy) but quickly ran into vampires and hooked. Keeps some of the best elements of both genres going.

And one I have not read The Last Werewolf.

Saw Ender's Game on your read shelf. Orson Scott Card's The Lost Gate a bit more urban fantasy-ish with a contemporary setting and re-emergence of Norse gods (ender now a movie with Harrison Ford due out November, lots of books in series including last week's release of tale of the first Formic War, Earth Unaware, for which author is doing exactly one more signing in Dayton).

message 28: by Purplepaperreader (last edited Aug 09, 2012 06:45PM) (new)

Purplepaperreader | 4 comments The Lies of Locke Lamora The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1) by Scott Lynch

staked Staked (Void City, #1) by J.F. Lewis (haven't actually read this one, just recommended to me)

George R.R. Martin - hard to get more epic, many different male POV's. Romance, um, I guess most characters seem too duplicitous to have a conventional romance, but still a great fantasy series A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) by George R.R. Martin

Rot and Ruin. This one is marketed as YA, but I thought it was very good and and although I no longer get asked for ID at the liquour store I enjoyed it just the same . Little romance, but you do get zombies = fair trade. Rot & Ruin (Benny Imura, #1) by Jonathan Maberry

The Arcadia Bell series is written from the POV of a woman BUT I found it to be a little different because the main characters actually have a MATURE relationship and avoid the whole angsty drama that is found in a lot of books in the paranormal genre. So not sure if you're looking for a male POV just to read something a little different or if it's the type of "voice" they usually portray. Kindling the Moon has some romance, but it's muted and works with the plot.
Kindling the Moon (Arcadia Bell, #1) by Jenn Bennett

Tinker - I read this years ago, and for the life of me I can't remember POV but it's a neat mix of sci-fi/fantasy/romance and it's a very creative mix of the genre and the romance isn't too tawdry Tinker by Wen Spencer

I also concur with the recommendations for Cal Leandros (Nightlife, Rob Thurman) and Mira Grant's Newsflesh series (Feed). If you like the fantasy/UF genre Ilona Andrews is worth the read regardless of POV, the world building is great

message 29: by Christal (new)

Christal (christal00) | 79 comments A lot of the male POV books don't have much romance. They tend to be more along the lines of the Dresden Files or Iron Druid Chronicles. Some that had a great story are:

1. Thieftaker by D.B. Jackson
2. Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick
3. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake (YA)
4. Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
5. Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey
6. Already Dead by Charlie Huston
7. Staked by J.F. Lewis (switching POV)
8. Silver by Rhiannon Held (switching POV)
9. Bitter Night by Diana Pharaoh Francis (switching POV)
10. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh (switching POV)
11. A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix (switching POV)
12. On The Edge by Ilona Andrews (switching POV)
13. Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs (switching POV)
14. Master of the Night by Angela Knight (switching POV, heavy PNR)
Thieftaker (Thieftaker Chronicles, #1) by D.B. Jackson Among Thieves (Tales of the Kin, #1) by Douglas Hulick Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1) by Kendare Blake Monster Hunter International (MHI, #1) by Larry Correia Sandman Slim (Sandman Slim, #1) by Richard Kadrey Already Dead (Joe Pitt, #1) by Charlie Huston Staked (Void City, #1) by J.F. Lewis Silver by Rhiannon Held Bitter Night (Horngate Witches, #1) by Diana Pharaoh Francis Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling #1) by Nalini Singh A Rush of Wings (The Maker's Song, #1) by Adrian Phoenix On the Edge (The Edge, #1) by Ilona Andrews Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1) by Patricia Briggs Master of the Night  by Angela Knight

message 30: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 98 comments Purplepaperreader wrote: "The Lies of Locke Lamora The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1) by Scott Lynch

staked Staked (Void City, #1) by J.F. Lewis (haven't actually read this one, just recommended to me)

George R.R. Martin - hard to get more epic, many d..."

I've heard really good things about the Game of Thrones series. My male cousing who doesn't read much has read them and really liked them.

message 31: by Missyb (last edited Sep 06, 2012 03:11PM) (new)

Missyb | 98 comments Dragon Kin series by Aiken. Takes place in medieval times (normally not a fan of those books, but absolutely loved this series) and is about a family of dragons shifters & meeting there mates. Don't know what's on the cover, I got them as a box set.

Black Dagger Brotherhood by Ward might fit the bill. It's a group of guys (two of them are brothers) who fight together, live together in a mansion, and fight evil together. Each book is about a different guy and his mate. Tons of action. One of the guys was physically, mentally, sexually abused when he was in his teens. It's told as flashbacks/memories during his story.

Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series by Ione. All about demons (normally don't read, but really liked these 2 series). The Demonica series is about 4 brothers & 1 sister, family disfunction, apocolypses, some mythology, tons of action. Depending on the version depends on what's on the cover, and who the book is about. The L of D series is about the 4 horsemen of the apolcolypse, with some of the characters from the Demonica in it. It takes place after the Demonica series finishes.

message 32: by Lani1 (new)

Lani1  bennett (Lani1) | 2 comments I love that series. Those guys are total bad asses. In the mean time i will be on the look out for guy books for you

Purplepaperreader | 4 comments Missyb wrote: "Purplepaperreader wrote: "The Lies of Locke Lamora The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1) by Scott Lynch

staked Staked (Void City, #1) by J.F. Lewis (haven't actually read this one, just recommended to me)

George R.R. Martin - har..."

Martin's books are a great intro to epic fantasy and just a plain great series. The HBO series is also awesome.

message 34: by D.A.—just reading ... (last edited Sep 14, 2012 12:21PM) (new)

D.A.—just reading ... Kathleen wrote: "Most of the (few) books with male leads are very light on the romance.
Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros books (even though Rob is actually a woman ;) ).
Harry Connolly's Ray Lilly books
Mike Carey's Feli..."

Oops--just saw I posted similar recs earlier but here's what I though of today with so e duplications.

The Bujold series recommended earlier, actually starts with Miles Vorkosigan
The Warrior's Apprentice (Vorkosigan Saga #3) by Lois McMaster Bujold (says is #3 but 1&2 are actually a prequel about his parents and pretty much their romance from mom's point of view). I really liked all of them. Some are free in ebook format from the publisher Baen at (usually easiest to sort/filter by author or series name) for nook, kindle, mobi, stanza, iPad, ePub, etc. Hardcopies available from normal bookselling sites; but ebooks for most have to be purchased (DRM free) directly from purchaser. I envy you enjoying for first time.

my other recent faves are the Hugo nominated Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant starting with Feed which switches Pov between female/male leads in first book then almost all male in other two.

The just published start of series by newly Hugo award winning author Jim C. Hines
Libriomancer (Magic Ex Libris, #1) by Jim C. Hines

The Farseer series by Robin Hobb multiple series set in same world
Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy, #1) by Robin Hobb starting with then are the beginning ones and a good reading order as keep same male characters and all male POV; then there's more in same setting by other with assorted POVs, see

And there's a team challenge in another group where "male lead" is a BINGO card stamp so all the players read a male lead book and post in their stamp requests. Current round sample BINGO card with male lead in lower corner if that sounds confusing is shown here ; stamps get randomly called once a week starting tomorrow afternoon at if you want to watch for announcement which will link to list of male lead PNR/UF books. Individual team threads will then show books being chosen and a mini review.

Had winners last games without male lead being called; but one stamp did lead to an alpha male list (some possibilities but not all male leads and what the mostly girls putting on lists consider "alpha" could be anything and any genre) -

If you get in mood for something wackier, Hines' tongue-in-cheek straightup fantasy (not PNR or UF) Goblin Quest trilogy is a fun one.

message 35: by Arzella (new)

Arzella (momreadstoomuch) | 35 comments Missyb wrote: "Maybe LA Banks Crimson Moon seriesmight fit the bill for you. I don't think any guys are on the cover, cannot remember for sure. It has a strong male co-lead character to go along with the strong..."

I second both the LA Banks and the Nicolas Cade books. I am finishing up the last one of the Cade series now.

message 36: by Tohrutohno (new)

Tohrutohno | 122 comments I don't think I can add any rec's that those above me haven't already listed, but I love this thread! I couldn't agree more, the male POV is way under-represented. Since I already live and breathe from a female's POV, it's nice to see how the other half may view things, even if it's in a fictional setting.

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