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message 1: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) Hey everyone. I just wanted to talk...u know not music/movie/book related. Anyone here have pets? Jobs? Let's just chat! I need it..having a down in the dumps kind of day today. :-(

message 2: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments I have four adult cats: Stinkerlou, Joxer, Ephiny & Koge
Plus two cattens: Squee and Hiei
I work in a factory but it's an easy job.
I recently tried out that Dragon speech recognition software and it sucked so bad it was funny!

message 3: by Marc-Antoine (new)

Marc-Antoine Hey Lacey, My number 1 job is father and husband, after that I work in the MRO distribution sector.

Hey Nora, I tried the dragon dictation on my IPod, and it was funny as heck sometimes.

Tell us a bit about yourself Lacey.

message 4: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments I giggled out how it turned 'my fat cat' into 'my set that' uhh, what?

message 5: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) I am a preschool teacher, navy wife, and hopefully one day an author...though as of right now my writing is going no where because of some personal crap my husband and I are going through with trying to get pregnant. I have 2 cats and we are fostering 3 7week old kittens. Our first time fostering and we love it. They are so cute! Except for then they use their claws when they want to climb up on us lol I've got the marks to prove it...hahahaha

message 6: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) I've heard of dragon no thanks...I have a hard enough time with writing and stupid self correct changing my stuff lol

message 7: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments Oh yeah, it is just nuts, some of the stuff it would replace with made no sense at all. It looked like I was writing some kind of secret code. lol

My foster kitties will be a year at the end of July. They are getting so big. When we got them Hiei's eyes weren't even open yet. He and Squee are liter mates.

message 8: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) I wish that I could have foster kitties that small. I have always wanted to bottle feed but because of work I can't :-( but hey 7 weeks going on 8 weeks is good to me. And then I know and my hubby knows that we helped socialize the three cuties and helped get them adopted. It is really rewarding.

message 9: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments Oh I work too but I was working the night shift at that time and my daughter was able to feed them when I was at work. My kids are almost 19 & 20. Good Grief, I'm gonna be 40 in November.

message 10: by Marc-Antoine (new)

Marc-Antoine Wow, you started young, I'm 37 and my kids are 5 and 7...

message 11: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments Yeah, I did but I can't say that I regret it.
At my age I don't know if I would have the energy to deal with the issues Baby had when he was younger. He would have been 18 in July. I miss him more than words can say.

message 12: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) My husband and I are 29 (him) & 28 (me) and we r sadly going through the infertility testing right now to see if I can get pregnant. He leaves in September for a year to go to IDC school and yea it's still in Cali and I'll get to see him on the weekends but it basically kills any chance we have. Especially since this month and next month I have to be on birth control pills for the stupid tests. :-(

message 13: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments Holy shit! I went on a date last night and actually had fun. Honesty I didn't realize it was a date into half way into it. lol.

message 14: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) Lol Nora what did you do on your date?

message 15: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments Went to Twist Cone, then for a drive in the country, then went for coffee and chatted.
If neither of us work this next weekend we're going to go to a movie.

message 16: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) Oooo sounds like a nice date, Nora. Nd my fingers are crossed that you two don't have to work and go out again. Do you like him?

message 17: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments I do, he & I have been friends since about 2005 actually.

message 18: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) Yay for you two then! I really hope that you guys get to have your movie night.

message 19: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 500 comments thank you but honestly, I'm not really the relationship type so I hope he isn't expecting to much. Ya know?

message 20: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (Crazdwriter) Oh then you might want to let him know right off the bat.
Just so neither of you get hurt in the end.

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