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For Hecate kids!

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Trevor sits at his bunk shuffling cards. He always does this when he is nervous. All day Trevor had been feeling uneasy and he didn't know why. Trevor needed to talk to Chiron about this feeling. He gets up and walks out the door.

((continued in the big house))

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Trevor walked into his cabin. After a few minutes of trying to move an aluminum can with his mind, he got bored and walked back out toward the forest.

((Continued in forest))

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Airla entered and turned to Martin and Kale. "So Kale, this is your new home while you're in camp."

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale looked around.
But her thoughts drifted off to her being a demigod again. 'Okay' she thought 'the Greek gods existed and are still alive. They have demigod children like they did in the myths now. And there are still monsters out there that want me dead. I am not freaking out right now. No, I am not freaking out...'
But she was, a bit.

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Airla said, "This is the Hecate cabin. You can probably take that bed," she told Kale, pointing at an empty one. "Your half-siblings aren't here now, but you do have a couple."

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale nodded and didn't wait for anything else. She dropped her bag and limped over to an empty bunk.

Martin watched her, unaware that he was staring.

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Airla asked Kale, "You'll be fine by yourself? I'm going to take Martin to his cabin."

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Airla asked Kale, "You'll be one by yourself? I'm going to take Martin to his cabin."

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale nodded and sat down in her new bunk bed.

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♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale plopped herself on the bed and was asleep before she could thank them.

Martin decided to go to his cabin alone. He needed time to think. He thanked Airla for her help and promised to see her later.
(( continued in Hepheastus cabin ))

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♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Martin walked in freely no one being there but Kale sitting in her bed writing something in an old battered notebook.
"Hi!" Martin said, making Kale jump. She smiled when she saw it was him. "Would you like to-" then he heard it.
Martin poked his head out of the cabin and caught sight of the monster. "Holy Zeus!" Martin shouted. He poked his head into the cabin. "Kale I'm going in! Sound the alarm, there's a monster over at Half-Blood Hill!" He seemed to forget Kale's condition of dialouge.
He didn't wait for an answer, he dashed out of the cabin, making all those years in the track team count as he bolted towards Half-Blood Hill drawing his sword in the process.
(( continued in Half-Blood Hill ))

Kale thought, 'I can't get peace for too long, might as well do something while I'm at it, right?' as she got to her feet and reached for her bow. Even if she still felt and was weak, she had to do something about whatever was outside.
(( continued in Half-Blood Hill ))

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Navi poked her head inside and then she skipped in, fake wings flopping around on her back

Izzy Lightfleur ~ ON HIATUS (IzzyLightfleur) Mist walked in. "Hey, Chiron wants a meeting at the campfire," she said. "It's about the monster at the order this morning so you might wanna come." She turned and left.

(Continued in Morpheus Cabin.)

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Trevor walked in and crashed on his bunk, not bothering to check if anyone was in there with him.

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"HI" Navi shouted, her eyes wide

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♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Martin walked in, Kale barely able to stay awake with Martin's warmth clouding her mind.
Once Kale saw her bed, she crashed on it face down, and in a few seconds was sleeping.

Martin turned her over and pulled up the covers for her.
He smiled at her sweet sleeping face once more before
he sprinted out of the cabin and made his way to his.

(( continued in Hephaestus cabin ))

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Olivia *I NEED A PINEAPPLE WITH ROOT BEER* wrote: ""HI" Navi shouted, her eyes wide"

Trevor jumped up, his sword/wand in hand. He looked around like a crazed animal until he saw Navi. "Hey" He nodded to her and breathed a sigh of relief.

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She made a weird face and started to jump up and down

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale rolled over on her bed.

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"Woah, you new?" Trevor asked the girl. "I'm Trevor, head counselor for Hecate." He flashed a friendly smile.

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale woke up with a start. She looked around and found Trevor. She gave him a sleepy smile and waved at Navi.

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"yeah, i'm a newb" she grinned wildly, her voice was like a childs "i'm Navi i'm 18"

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"Hello to both of you, then. And what's her name?" He asked Navi, not wanting to disturb the girl's rest again.

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"i dunno" she giggled

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale watched them. Trevor probobly didn't see her in the cabin the day before, or was to tired...
Kale wondered how she was going to talk to her siblings in her condition...

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Olivia *I NEED A PINEAPPLE WITH ROOT BEER* wrote: ""i dunno" she giggled"

"I guess we'll find out tomorrow morning. So where are you from, Navi?" Trevor had begun shuffling cards again.

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♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale didn't want to go back to sleep. She wanted to listen to her siblings talk-the only family she had left.
She sat up and threw off the covers. Then she pulled out her old notebook and started writing down the events of the day with great detail.
She listened to her new sibling's conversation for comfort.

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Trevor looked over to Kale. Why isn't she saying anything, he thought. It seemed a little rude to him. But then again, he had just eavesdropped on a bunch of conversations in the forest so who was he to judge?

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♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale wrote down: I'm Kale Nubisa. I came over yesterday. It's nice to meet the family I never thought I had... And I'd like to thank you, for being so nice.
She ripped out the piece of paper from her notebook and handed it to Trevor.

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Trevor took the paper from the new girl and read over it carefully, even rereading it a few times. He looked up at the girl. "Can you talk?"

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♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale hesitated, then nodded. She took another paper and wrote down an explanation: When she was young she suffered a head trauma and tus, turnig her mute. She preffered to stay that way, and only spoke when necesary. But sometimes she did speak without really realizing it, unconciously.
She tryed to be as precise as possible, but she didn't really remember much, because of her scattered memories...
Though she did explain how she sometimes found she couldn't speak.

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Angel wrote: "Olivia *I NEED A PINEAPPLE WITH ROOT BEER* wrote: ""i dunno" she giggled"

"I guess we'll find out tomorrow morning. So where are you from, Navi?" Trevor had begun shuffling cards again."

"I'm from Skyloft!!" she grinned

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale glanced at Navi. Kale found her funny for some reason. She grinned at the sight of her wings.

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"Skyloft?" Trevor raised his eyebrows. "What's with the wings?" He asked with a smile.

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale pursed her lips to keep from laughing.

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Angel wrote: ""Skyloft?" Trevor raised his eyebrows. "What's with the wings?" He asked with a smile."

"they are real!they make me fly!"

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale raised an eyebrow at that, and kept herself from laughing-something she hadn't done in months.

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"Oh really?" Trevor said between laughs. He looked over to Kale. "You believe her?" He was trying to get her to talk.

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale pondered that idea.
She remembered what she could do just by thinking about it. Like how she made ductape flash to existance around Neo's mouth when he was being annoying.
If she was a daughter of Hecate and she could do that, why not Navi?
Kale shrugged.

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"So you guys know how to use your powers already?" Trevor said with a mischievous grin. This was the fun part.

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"nopedy doo"

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale hesitated. She wasn't sure about that. The day before at the hill, her "powers" were going haywire and she didn't have a way to control them then. She had no idea why they just happened to show up when they mentioned Hecate in her picture. And she had no idea why they stopped going crazy when they decided her mother was Hecate.
But she did manage to use them twice that day correctly...
Kale nodded.

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He stopped his shuffling and smiled at Navi. "Well, let's just say there's something you can do to those wings so you can really fly." He turned to Kale. "Can you control them?"

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Navi sat on Trevor's bed and fiddled with the tips of her hair

♠~Light Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 4457 comments Kale shrugged again. She wondered how she could prove she could control them.

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Trevor watched Kale for a moment, trying to figure her out. He didn't really understand how someone could just not talk. He turned to Navi. "Do you have any magical items?"

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She pulled out bubblegum and started to chew furiously "yeah" she said and then she became invisible

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"Sweet!" He exclaimed. Then his smile disappeared. "Um, you are still here right?"

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"yeah" she said jumping onto his back

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