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мєgαη These are the rules:

1. Don't be rude

2. No swearing or cursing

3. You will have five strikes. If you break the rules or do something inappropriate you will loose one strike. If you loose all you're out of the group

4. Don't be too violent and don't kill any character without the players permission

5. You can't roleplay a character of another person

6. You have to read the rules, the positions and the "Remember!" discussion

7. You must introduce yourself in the 'Introduction' folder

8. If you roleplay a Chosen One or a high ranked character you must be active. If not I will make your character die and if you roleplayed a Chosen One you will be banished to have a Chosen One again. However, if you roleplayed just a high ranked character and you're active again, you can be a high ranked person again.

9. You can have characters in all species, not just in one

мєgαη I changed the rules! You must read them!

мєgαη Thank you very much :D *bows*

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