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Joner Under the Never Sky is truly an original, futuristic novel full of surprises. It really gave me a sense of freshness when I was reading the book. In the beginning of the book, every single page is like an unopened present, anything seems possible and reasonable to happen. Rossi really created an original story plot which I have never read anything similar to. What is most likely to happen when 2 people go on a journey, and each person comes from a totally different world than the other? The contrast between Aria and Perry is attractive and motivates me to read on.
However, despite the great story plot, I think the actual story is not developed completely with enough information. First of all, I found myself confused about the Aether storm. It is, again, an original and creative creation created by Rossi, but unfortunately it is not explained well enough in the book. Why does it exist? Or, what created the Aether? How dangerous is it actually? In the book, every single character seems to be frightened by the Aether storm, but how would it kill you? That is something unexplained.
To me, Aria really isn’t the type of character who everyone would like. Maybe it is because she is originated from the Pod, where everything is fake and virtual, and life seems to mean nothing. With that kind of high technology, the Dwellers think that they are in control of everything and they seem to be a little bit cocky. An example can be Aria, who first thinks Perry is a savage and always acts like a barbarian. It just bothers me when she thinks Perry is a monster. “You’re worse than the stories, Savage. You’re a monster.” Up to this point of the book, it is clear to see that Aria does not have an appreciative mind even when Perry has saved her 3 times already. This hateful attitude of Aria is what I disliked the most in the entire book.
Overall, the story was great, with absolutely original plot and story line. It is just the development of characters that I think needs to be improved or changed. Otherwise, it is truly an interesting novel. However, it is definitely a book that is not attractive enough for me to continue reading.

Aa'Ishah I read this book because of all the hype and excitement and good reviews there were for it but to be honest, I found it disappointing. There wasn't anything to make it stand out from the other dystopias I've read, some of which are amazing. I agree with you about the Aether, I expected to know more about why it was there and if it was actually a good thing or something dangerous. I thought there wasn't enough world-building either. I think I had an issue with the relationship between Perry and Aria, or at least with the characters, but I read it ages ago so I'd have to read it again to remind myself. I will be reading the second one though.

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