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Would this series be a success if Christian was ugly & poor?
Carole Carole May 20, 2012 04:51PM
If Christian was poor & ugly, I doubt all the women that find him so mesmerizing would bother with this series. This 3 book series is just propelled by hype.

Not at all, because if you remove the superficial all you have left is a seriously screwed up man who is essentially has sex and beats women who resemble his dead prostitute mother

Isn't reading about the fantasy of things... Admit it... do you dream about poor and unattractive men?? doubtful... I'm just sayin...

Nuran (last edited Oct 25, 2012 05:50AM ) Oct 25, 2012 05:49AM   2 votes
And get rid of any redeeming qualities he have? He’s not a very well rounded character, let's face it, he has very little going for him apart from being rich and handsome. I don’t think it would be a popular erotic novel.

And I like to point out a well known story that is famous and quite popular, where the guy is ugly and yet it is enjoyed by many. It’s called Beauty and the Beast. Ugly can work for some characters. Okay so it’s not erotic, but you’re still rooting for the beast before he becomes handsome. Oh and there’s Shrek, he’s ugly and poor, okay not erotic but he’s still popular because he’s funny and cute, so he wins.

Ugly won’t work for Gray as he has too many bad points going for him. I don’t even think he could pull off funny or cute. So no, this series wouldn’t be popular.

Everyone would see this series as the abusive (to the reader and protagonist) piece of stupidity it is.

I think he wouldn't have so much fake "self-esteem" if he was poor and to be honest from the description I don't find him attractive. But I agree most people are reading it for the sex I am reading it to find out why this man is so messed up. I found that out in the second book now the third is just boring me so far


Carole wrote: "If Christian was poor & ugly, I doubt all the women that find him so mesmerizing would bother with this series. This 3 book series is just propelled by hype.

Absolutely not ... Once he showed his abusive and controlling ways nobody would give Christian Grey a second glance.

Well yeah, I dont think it would be a hit too. Poor and ugly Christian + uninteresting and boring Ana would be a disaster of a book.

Let's be thankful that at least one of them has a colorful personality dark or bright.

And besides without Grey's money how will they're relationship improve? His money was the foundation of their dates. (just sayin')

To the original question, in a word: NO! What else can I say.


Hell no! What would be the point since in reality a broke and ugly man can not do shyt for any woman but bring grief and problems. At least a rich one you can be compensated for his shortcomings!!! I am just saying!!!

Ayeisha Yes it is, if you are as messed up as Christian Gray. That guy got nothing for himself apart from his good looks and his wealth.
Dec 27, 2012 08:26AM


Absolutely not. Readers would have forgiven him, if the guy was just ugly but still rich. It is more about charisma than looks, and rich+charismatic is sexy so...
But if Christian was ugly AND poor, people would just hate him and I will be the first.

Of course not!

Fantasy isn't an excuse. Would you read a book in which rape and murder is romanticized and praised because "Hey, it's fantasy!"

I would not. I'd rather read a romance about a poor, ugly couple who have something beautiful inside than this garbage.

It is a success.

Just saying.

deleted member May 29, 2012 09:57AM   0 votes
Mmmmm not sure

After reading a few chapter i was more interested on finding out why this guy was so messed up (So ugly or poor i did not think of him as rich or poor just F-up )

If Christian was only rich it might work but without the money to wine and dine there would be no story. So fantasy is just that a total dream.

She would fall for him,I am sure of it, but i dont think he would stalked her the way he does if he didnt have the money. the presents also.. and her reaction for the presents is a big part of the books in general. He felt she was defy him because she didnt accept the presents, and gave him the perfect excuse to keep "playing" that sexy game.

Of course not. But no one would have read about it either so... thinking about it is nothing but a waste of time.

It wouldn't make any sense if he was a poor dominant. Part of what makes him a dominant is the sense of power he has. Poor people have no power. And to go with it, no confidence. Another important characteristic to be a dominant.

Plus, there's a huge difference between Christian's dominance, and an abuser. Some people need to recognize this difference.

How the story is written, will determine the Answer to that question...

would any series be a success if the main character ugly and poor? probably not

I'm sorry if he was poor and ugly I wouldn't of continued to read the books. Me personally I enjoy reading about hot guys and fantasizing about all the naughty things they do in the book. I like living in the dream world. Its my way to escape all the stress :)

Carole wrote: "If Christian was poor & ugly, I doubt all the women that find him so mesmerizing would bother with this series. This 3 book series is just propelled by hype.

It wouldn't be the same story if Christian were ugly. Ana would not be attracted to him.The first thing one sees that attracts people to each other are their looks. They don't have to be handsome or millionaires because if that was the case many of either the male population or female population would not be married. Marriage would only be for the very beautiful or handsome. The analogy of Christian being ugly doesn't work.What matters more is the person's sincereity and good qualities. That is what makes a person beautiful. There are many troubled people in the world. Everyone needs a second chance.This story was a fantasy for Erica Leonard, so accept it like you would Cinderella.

The filthy rich, Hot fked up guy sure trumps the poor ugly dude any day! I gotta say, it was alot harder for me to read the sex scenes after his ordeal with his crack whore mom and the ciggarette burning boyfriend. Kinda threw a whole lot of water on whatever fire might be still left- I skimmed thru the sex scenes to get to the drama in the 2nd book. Still havent read the 3rd one

I don't think so, because the Christian Grey character itself is very appealing, interesting, sexy, breathtaking and that the success of the trilogy it's due to it.

Where is the fantasy in that? I can meet poor and ugly on any street! Why would I want to read about him?

More Like Pretty is in the eye of the beholder. While true beauty lives within the soul. You can't see it, but you know it when you feel it.

But yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Yes it would. Because it is a tragic love story

Caroline There's nothing tragic about 50 Shades and I don't think there would be any sort of love story if Christian wasn't beautiful and filthy rich.
Feb 16, 2015 06:01AM

There wouldn't have been a book without a rich Grey. Whole premise (IMO) is that all the money in the world is not enough to cover your scars. You need love .
And a lot of sex, apparently.

Would you even consider letting a poor ugly dude stick **** up your ***? I don't even know how that's a question.

At least him being rich (and earning it himself) would lend to some sort of security blanket. It probably wouldn't have worked well if he was not self-made rich and handsome. Actually...that may have made it work better.

I think the aim of the first question is: if Christian Grey weren't that gorgeous and rich, would his behavior be okay? Because, seriously, I want to evade from reality, but I don't want to read nonsense and ilogical stories. Maybe I'm the only one noticing the difference... but fiction is not a synonym of nonsense. Although, maybe that's just me.

it would like reading beauty and the beast but the beast was poor though. and being poor and ugly, well Chritin was poor when he was small and became to a successes in business when he grew older, and the ugly part...well i don't know about this part.

Carole wrote: "If Christian was poor & ugly, I doubt all the women that find him so mesmerizing would bother with this series. This 3 book series is just propelled by hype.

Heck no it wouldn't be! Who wants to read about some ugly poor guy? And that goes for ANY romantic book not just this one.

Paganalexandria (last edited Oct 10, 2012 01:24AM ) Oct 10, 2012 01:20AM   0 votes
This question is like "would Scarlett O'Hara be as loved as the quintessential southern belle if she were fat and black"...

Of course part of the appeal of Christen is beauty and money. These are key factor's in his tools to control. It's part of the fantasy. Kinda like Scarlett's 18 inch waist.

I kinda like the controlling aspects of his personality. I also have a crush on Simon Cowell and he isn't "pretty" but I suspect he makes you behave lol.

Christian Grey only has two redeeming qualities: looks and money. Take those away and you get an ugly, traumatized poor guy who tries to take out his frustration from past abuse by sexually dominating women who look like his dead mother. The problem is, he wouldn't be able to lure in any women with his looks and money like he does in FSOG, so he would probably have to trick them into coming to whatever run-down apartment he can afford and then have his way with them, probably against their will.

Most people would probably not classify that story as naughty and sexually refreshing.

If you were attracted to someone because of who they were, rather than what they looked liked and that they had a stash of cash, and then you found out that they liked to beat women (even in a fun sexy way - cos there's some deep stuff going on there) and were hugely controlling to the point of staking you, forbidding you to go out with your friends, getting angry at you because your outfit was 'too revealing' and becoming your boss so he could always be in charge, would you stay with him? I wouldn't... The very fact that Ana is actually scared of Christian cries volumes - "get away...!!" but that she is able to put up with his manipulative ways even to the point of having to dramatically change the way she lives seems a bit far fetched.

Then again.... he opens up to her - eventually - and she knows that she loves him. There's not much you can do about love. And it's this element of the story that kept me hooked (not quite so sure why Christian was hooked with Ana...she didn't exactly do much, did she?!). Sorry to be cycnical again but....a man who has spent years and years engraining himself into a lifestyle that his emotions can cope with, meets and marries a girl - which requires a complete reversal of this lifestyle - within a matter of weeks. That really annoyed me! I just can't see that Christian would have been prepared to marry Ana just like that! Perfectly 'normal' couples are in relationships for years before they get married - it's important to know you've met the right person and that you set up a great foundation for your marriage. Ana and Chrisitan's marraige struck me a little like celebraty marriages - everyone's crazy about the other person, they have a bunch of kids, and then, oh, two months later they've got divorced!! Hmmm...

But...of course, the fantasy part - as a fantasy it's a cracking story. I loved it! Of course Christian's got be handsome and rich - it really would be a boring story if he weren't. Remember - it's his dashing good looks and charming personality that get him and Ana so far as well as the dosh on their first dates!!

So, finally, (sorry...a rant was needed!) no, I don't think the story would have worked as well if Christian had been unatractive and poor.

I think if he were ugly it would definetly give more room to explore the abused him on an emotional level, It would have actually had potential to be a truly tragic, dark and devastating romance. But then again, that's expertise and craft that would have to come from a real author. Him being ugly and poor would have changed the whole trajectory of the story-a whole new series, which, now that I think about it, I would love to read.

Uh, no. Then he would just be one sick fuck. I knew I wouldn't be reading it if he weren't rich, handsome and smart. Otherwise he be some sick pervert somewhere.


no it would not.

Kaeri (last edited Oct 26, 2012 10:18AM ) Oct 26, 2012 10:17AM   0 votes
No, because the key ingredient in the trilogy's success is the FANTASY. The fantasy of a woman to meet an insanely wealthy and attractive man way beyond her league and have him fall head over heels in love with her and give her everything... That's what made this so appealing to women, I think.

I know I read fantasy to get away from reality, but really....sometimes its just TOO the seriously screwed up guy is filthy rich and gorgeous. Isn't that always the way in the erotic romance fantasy books? The heroine always gets the filthy rich gorgeous guy....
If he wasn't rich, there would be no Blackberry in the book, no iPad, and certainly no snippets of changed sigs in the emails (because then there would be no emails), no Charlie Tango, no buying a house at the drop of a hat and casually talking about destroying it....

I'd heard about Ian Somerhalder. He's an OK actor, but to me he just doesn't have that Fifty spark...


No, no it would not.

You see, the women who love this series love it because the empty Mary Sue of a narrator can easily be stepped in to, and they can go and have wild, bloody fuck with a PURTY RICH BOYYYY.

If he were even ONE of those things (poor or ugly, I mean), everyone who read this would react with the exact same reaction:

Utter. Horror.

Christian Gray is the the guy in the shitty trailer down the street who gets arrested for rape and domestic violence. The guy who wears a stained wifebeater, ripped jeans, a cigarrette hanging out his mouth, and douchebag stubble covering his PURTY FASHE.

I feel like this guy should be the killer on an episode of Criminal Minds.

He's the guy that, when women hear his story, hold their daughters closer, and shiver in horror and disgust.

IF, and ONLY IF, he's poor and/or ugly.

These poor women are blinded by MUNNY N PURTYNESS.

And it's disgusting.

No offense. In truth, I feel sorry for the rabid fangirls.

Carole wrote: "If Christian was poor & ugly, I doubt all the women that find him so mesmerizing would bother with this series. This 3 book series is just propelled by hype.

You are correct.

And for that, please enjoy my webcomic:

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