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Safe house magic (*SPOILERS*)
Jleague Jleague May 20, 2012 11:50AM
The magic Julia learns through her adventures in the safe houses is pretty basic. Each house has 25-50 spells in their binders at most. So how is it that Julia (even post Reynard encounter) and Quinten have to rely on those in the safe houses to transport them around after returning to the real world? Q and Julia can both fly among other skills yet they need the help of the safe houses to transport around? Magic that only a few professors at Brakebills possess (and somehow eventually Josh)? Did I miss something?

I took the lack of mentioning circumstances as them not really being aware of them. They are casting blindly, unaware of what would improve a spell, or give it a better outcome. They keep casting, and sometimes it works, perhaps the circumstances aligned, and sometimes it didn't.

As for flying, I took this to as it being intense and draining to do. Quentin flies after being wounded, but says it would pretty much drain him out, ignoring the fact that he went on to destroy tons of people afterwards. They are also trying to accomplish all of this secretly. They are sneaking around looking for more magicians, and trying not to be seen, sure they could probably fly across Europe, but it would probably not look good if they are spotted.

There are 250 *levels* or spells. So one of those could be the gateway spell. I imagien all 250 are distributed throughout the world and collated in Murs.

What confuses me more is that they never mention Circumstances.

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