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message 1: by Jessica, Top Mod :) POLSKA~ xD (new)

Jessica (Jessiczka) | 323 comments Mod
This is where all the students of Brooks go to high school. They is a big school, with many different subjects on offer, a lot of facilities, great student support and food((:P)).

message 2: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) Ellodie gripped her books in her hand, looking up with her dark, unhappy eyes at the building that would act as her personal he'll for one more year, and one more year alone. It was finally, finally her senior year, she had nothing more to fret over. It was her time to show through.

"Hey, watcha doing standing out here in the cold, tiny hipster?" someone behind her asked with a smirk.

Elliodie spun around and glared daggers at Chris. She gave him a light slap on the chest. "Don't call me that. Come on." she glanced over him and raised her brows at his guitar. "You brought it to school?"

He let out a laugh. "It's the first week of the year. Auditions for Jazz start today, and they need a guitarist. Figured I'd try out."

She chuckled and took him by the wrist, shaking her head and moving toward the entrance. "You're crazy." she chuckled. "Come on. Let's go."

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(( OMG! I KNEW IT. WE DID RP! :'D AHAHA. I wasn't sure since your dp isn't of that girl (was it Adele?) anymore. ))

"Magdalena i Aleksander, przestancie!" Doug, Magda's and Olek's father said frustrated. The two had been changing one station to another. Madga wanted indie music but Olek wanted rock, so they had been changing it non-stop. Doug only called the two of them by their names when they was in trouble and when he was angry. They stopped and turned off the radio to make a truce.

They got to their new school and Olek was excited though Magda was dreading it. They said their goodbyes to their dad and got out of the car. Walking up to the stairs to the entrance Magda looked around, there were a lot of students... Way too much. Olek was grinning looking around this seemed like an awesome school he thought.
They walked into the hall and heads seemed to turn their way, they knew the two were new, Magda noticed the girls giggle. She looked down and continued walking, some guys looked her way but she didn't notice.
"Where do you think the office is?" Olek asked his sister.
Magda shrugged, "I don't know. We'll have to take it blind folded to find it."

(( Przestancie- Stop it ))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (xD yes, Adele. I think I may change it back)

Chris stood with Ellodie in the hall, his eyes wandering from person to person. He smiled at a few girls who giggled, and glared at a few that looked at Elle suspiciously. He had no intention of being kind to half of them that year, especially those who were staring down his closest friend.

"People these days." he muttered, moussing the blonde's hair.

She nudged his arm away and found her eyes wandering to a pair of new students. She bumped her friend and gave his arm a sharp tug. "Who are they?" she demanded.

"I 'unno." Chris shrugged, taking her hand and pulling her with him. "Let's find out."

Ellodie yelped a bit as she was dragged toward the pair of strangers, who stood near the entrance of the building. Chris, on the other hand, was determined to seem welcoming. "Hello!" he called. "Are you lost?"

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Jessica (Jessiczka) | 323 comments Mod
Olek and Magda turned to see who had called them, a boy and girl were walking towards them.

Shiiit. Magda looked at her brother she wasn't expecting to have someone already talk to them.

Olek grinned at the two, and laughed lightly, "Yes, we actually are!" He replied thankfully. "We're looking for the office. My sister here," He pointed at Magda, "suggested that we winged it and just look for it." He smiled at his sister.

Magda stared at her brother, he didn't have to tell them their life story. But she gave the tiniest smiles and shrugged, "It's better than nothing." She replied quietly.

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Beau walked into the school, late as always. His green and blue flannelette top buttoned up to his neck, and walked slowly up to his locker, he sighed, opening it slowly.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Ellodie gave a queasy smile and ran her fingers through her blonde hair. She knew exactly how it felt to be new. Only a few years ago, she had been doing the very same thing, which had nearly made her want to drop out. Being new was one of the worst things she had gone through until she had met Chris.

"Well, you won't get anywhere just wondering around." Ellodie said, forcing a smile.

"She's right. I'm Chris, and this is my Best friend Ellodie. We're more than willing to show you around, if you want." he said, grinning brightly. "Right Elle?"

"Right." she murmured, looking up at the pair.

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Beau looked up at the congregation of students a little further down the hallway. New kid. He slowly walked over. "Chris, Ellodie" He smile smoothly.

((Hope you don't mind me butting in?))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (not at all)

Chris glanced up, raising a brow at Beau as he wandered over. He shrugged his shoulders and gave a sharp nod toward the other boy. "Beau, you're looking well." he acknowledged, looking down at Ellodie, who had crossed her arms over her midriff.

"Hello, Beau." she answered curtly, looking back up toward the new kids.

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Beau sighed. "Not Infront of the new kid?" He breathed. "Right back at you, Chris, now, who do we have here?" He looked down and smiled warmly at the new kid.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Chris flashed him a warm smile, almost oblivious. He looked over to the pair and gave a nervous laugh. "Actually, they haven't given us their names." he admitted, looking to the pair of siblings. "What do they call you two?" he asked.

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Dexter Swart (dexswart) | 1516 comments Mod
"I'm Beau" He smiled and did a discrete sweep of the two for any sexyness.

message 13: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) Ellodie's eyes wandered upward toward Beau. She almost rolled her eyes at him, turning away before doing so. The way his eyes ran over the pair, she was almost sure he was checking their potential, and attractiveness. She could have scoffed at his piggish manner, but Chris' hand on her shoulder made her go rigid.

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Beau smiled, satisfied. "Sorry, and your names were?". He then looked over at Ellodie, and gave a smooth smile. The smooth smile that got her last term.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Her stomach churned, making her step back unsteadily. Her trust in Beau almost evaporated after seeing how much of a flirt he came off as. It didn't mean he didn't still flustered her to the point of blushing, but for now, she was struggling to repress those feelings.

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Beau closed his eyes for a second, then opened them again and looked at the new kids. "So? Your names?" He inquired in a friendly manner, but his eyes hid his real intention.

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Before either Olek and Magda could answer a guy came in and began talking to the others. They watched their interaction and it didn't look great. The atmosphere seemed a little off when he came.

"I'm Olek." Olek answered with a smile, "And this is my twin sister Magda."
Magda looked at them, face unreadable but gave a small nod.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail .:Erza the armored wizard:. {Titania} | 446 comments Chloe sighed as she ran her fingertips through her slick black hair, walking down the corridor as she headed to her locker. She opened it up, looking through it as she tried to locate a sheet of paper she misplaced.

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Jenna walked into the school with her usual smile plastered on her face and that ever present bounce in her step as she headed down one of the hallways right towards her locker to put her backpack away before gathering up her book and notebooks for her class. Her silky golden hair was in wavy curls, hanging loosely around her shoulders as her periwinkle blue eyes sparkled with genuine merriment. She was always happy, which many found annoying, but she hardly cared as she refused to let them dampen her mood.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail .:Erza the armored wizard:. {Titania} | 446 comments Chloe sighed softly, a sigh of relife, as she found the sheet of paper she had misplaced. Nothing to panic about, all was good. She cleared her throat beore folding up the sheet of paper, sliding it into her bag so it would be safe. She bit her lip gently as she grabbed her English books, slamming her locker door shut before heading towards her classroom. She placed her books on her desk and lowered herself onto her chair.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Chris attempted to smooth over the bumps in the interaction. "Wow. Cool names." he grinned. "You guys are going to love it here, really. The office, it's just over here. We should probably get you there before first block." he said, shooting Beau an apologetic smile. "We're going to get them settled, I'll talk to you later..?"

Ellodie shook her head almost unnoticably and took a place next to Magda, enjoying her silence in response to everything. She looked up and gave a shy smile. "It's not usually this crazy." she whispered to her, giving a knowing look.

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Beau shrugged, used to friction between people and himself. "Olek, Magda, I'll see you guys round" He nodded. "Chris, we'll chat at lunch" He finally turned to Ellodie, looking straight into her eyes before giving a smug smile, turning and leaving.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Ellodie glared after Beau, seething after he turned away. She glanced up at Magda, obviously disgusted by the fleeing boy. "He's such a pig. The biggest player in school. Watch out for him." she glanced up and pointed at Olek. "No letting her get into any trouble with him."

"I made that mistake with Elle." Chris muttered, sighing and rubbing the back of his neck. "He's a good guy, Ellodie just isn't his biggest fan." he smiled wearily, gripping onto his guitar case. "Anyway. This is the office. We should be getting to class."

"Find us at lunch." Ellodie encouraged.

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Magda smiled lightly at her crazy comment. Then turned to Beau when he said bye and saw Ellodie's scowl. She didn't comment but kept walking along with her.

Olek couldnt help but laugh, "of course. I'd never let anything happen to my sister" he grinned at all of them.
Magda smiled back at him.

Olek thanked Chris and Ellodie for showing then the office and would find them for sure. He grinned at them and walked into the office, Magda gave thenm a shy smile and thanked them quietly before following her brother.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Ellodie sighed and looked to her closest friend once they had vanished. "I have English first, you?"

"History." he grimaced, looking at his schedule. "I suppose I'll see you in Anatomy, right?"

Elle gave a grin. "Absolutely. See you." she smiled before heading off to her English class.

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(( omg you're on!! :D got my maths exam in like 5 mins D:
When do u ahave to go? ))

Olek spoke for the two of them to the office ladies. The women smiled at the two commenting that they really did look like each other. The principle came and spoke with them then gave them their timetable.

They both had the same subjects except for English and History. Magda had history while Olek had English. They looked at each and smiled and walked off in different direction in search for their class after getting directions.

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Beau slowly walked to his Spanish class, he wasn't looking forward to the day, but Magda seemed very friendly. Or was that just him?

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Zaraki strutted in, glaring at everyone and anyone, being the tallest in the entire school quite easily. Being 7 foot and all...
The bells that were tied into the locks of black hair that were framing his face chimed quietly, so quietly that you would have had to be listening really hard to be able to hear them.

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Kurosaki almost stops moving completely when he spot a large samoan striding towards a classroom. The way he moved, the ripple of his muscles, everything pointed directly towards 'fighter. "OI KID!"

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Beau turned around, confused. "Yeah? What?" He enquired quizzically.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

"Can yah fight?"

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Beau gave him a blank stare. "Not now. And try and speak properly. I'm from Texas and I speak better English than you do"

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The larger person smirks, "I think I'm gonna enjoy smashin' yah inta the ground." He taps the kendo stick draped across his shoulders on his left shoulder, being right handed, and grins nastily.

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"You fight with a stick. You big man" Beau growled, then turned away, walking down towards his class.

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Zaraki laughs, "Meet me out at the pavilion thingy either during lunch or after school. I meet you there."

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Beau walked, ignoring him. He wasn't looking forward to fighting him. He could just go through the woods, avoiding the pavilion, but in the end, he knew he wasn't that type of person.

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Kurosaki sneers once more, "I'll see you then." He walks down a differnet hall to his own Human Biology class.

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end of the day

Beau walks through the halls, slowly, walking past all the other students, many of whom yell out, and greet him. As he opens the door, He breathed in the fresh autumn air, rolling off the mountains. He looks towards the pavilion, then towards the woods, and briefly considers running.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail .:Erza the armored wizard:. {Titania} | 446 comments Chloe let out a soft yawn as she slung her bag over her shoulder, heading out og the large glass doors. She ran her fingertips through her slik balck hair that cascaded down her shoulders as she walked.

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Beau looked around. Other kids started Piling out of the school to.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail .:Erza the armored wizard:. {Titania} | 446 comments Chloe hummed softly to herself as she kept her head down, continuing to walk.

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Beau looked over at a girl he didn't quite know. She was pretty cute. Maybe a little flirt before he had His lip busted up?

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail .:Erza the armored wizard:. {Titania} | 446 comments Chloe sighed softly as she continued to walk, only did she lift her head when a car drove past, just incase. Otherwise, she kept her head down.

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Beau gave a quiet cough as Chloe walked by.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail .:Erza the armored wizard:. {Titania} | 446 comments Chloe's head snapped up as she heard the cough. She bit her lip, "Hi?"

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"Hey there" He smiled. He had rolled up his sleeves earlier, exposing his muscular, tattooed arms.

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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail .:Erza the armored wizard:. {Titania} | 446 comments ((Nice one XD))

Chloe eyed his tattoo for a moment befre looking up at him. She returned the smile, "You okay?" She raised a brow, meaning about the cough.

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Beau noticed her look. "It's my country's culture. The tattoo" He whispered, ignoring her question.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail .:Erza the armored wizard:. {Titania} | 446 comments Chloe nodded slowly, realising he wasnt talking about the cough, but the tattoo, "Oh, right. So does this man with the tattoo have a name?"

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"Beau" He said, with a slight Texan accent.

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