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◀~°Sariah Sutcliff°~▶ (L135) | 62 comments Mod
What about your life

█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) My life.. Where to begin :o
I have a small brother named Spencer, and an older brother named Bradley. Don't worry- I still have my parents. But my moms somewhat of a drunky. Always having beer, and smoking a cig. I have a small dog named Snoopy. He's a beagle mixed with a labrador. He's all white, with a orange dot on his forhead and right eye.
Now, to the other part.
School. School is a living hell. I guess that's how Middle School is though. I'm a geek, and a nerd. I read a lot, and be as kind as I can. But that never works. People call me ugly, tell me I'm stupid. And that I'll never achieve anything. I used to be depressed, I used to cut. I tried to kill myself a month ago.. I overdosed on pills, but my mom found me. I was sent to a mental place, by the hospital for 3 days. It sucked. I got better, and my family opened they're minds to me. I got taken out of the kids classes. And spend my time in inventory, and the library instead. I'm actually nicer than you think.. But I don't give myself enough credit.. So yeah. That's my life.

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I have a younger sister named Adia, a younger brother named Trace, and an older brother Dax. My parents are always there for me and are great, but sometimes annoying. I've lived in Utah my whole life, and I love it here. If I lived somewhere without mountains, I would die. They are so protective and beautiful! I have been in a valley surrounded by mountains forever, and I love it. I have three pets- a dog, Bailey, who's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (beautiful dogs!), and two cats Willow and Frodo. I used to go to school, but had a hard time with it so I'm home schooled now. I love to read and have always been an outsider for it- until I found Goodreads! I used to go to school with these huge books, and the kids would tease me about it and say things like, "Hadley that book's as big as your head!" But not in the least bit nicely. I had a few friends, but then my best friend switched schools and the others pretty much left me. So yeah, I was alone. The teachers loved me, but that just went against me. I love the outdoors and climbing trees is my second favorite thing. Reading is my first.

message 4: by ◀~°Sariah Sutcliff°~▶ (last edited Nov 04, 2013 03:29PM) (new)

◀~°Sariah Sutcliff°~▶ (L135) | 62 comments Mod
I was born in Utah but my dad had a carrer change.My parents are always traveling and moving from state to state.first it was Missouri,Texas and now I'm living in Idaho.
I also have 3 siblings 2 sisters and one brother.I am the 2nd youngest in my family.
The problem with my life is Lonleness. I actually have no friends except the people online.I love to read and really like the color red.And that is my summary of my life.

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Yay Utah!!! And books!!!!!!!!

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(*Kenna Bear*) wrote: "Well,
I have 3 siblings, Mathew, Nathaniel, and Gracee.
My parents are wonderful and nice, best people EVER!
I live in Utah and always have. I like to visit Arizona! Mostly in spring or winter, s..."

I'm scared of mountain lions, too!!! A few years ago there was one spotted near my house (I live practically in the mountains) and I was SO scared!

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) Oh my life very interesting. I can't believe where to begin. Well my life is like this. My parents fight almost constantly and i'm stuck in the middle of it. I get pulvarized from my dad grabbing my wrist and my mom yelling at me. SO yeah my life sucks! My dad punchs the wall when he's so pissed. My mom makes me cry and go to my room and i have to turn muisc up so loud that it hurts my ears. But my parents are awful and its hurting me. My friends are awesome trying to help me through all this shit and crap. My bf from Gr is amazing but I wish I could see him in real life. He's like really awesome. But back relating to the parent siuation my parents are good to me but when their mad they yell and my dad grabs me.

█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) (: You guys. xD If only I knew ya'll irl. We would practically all be best friends. I think we would all fit. Geez. Why can't everyone I'm around be like you guys..

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) wait who do you mean angel and what do you mean?

message 11: by █║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (last edited May 17, 2012 02:13PM) (new)

█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) ._. Lizzy. That's what I'm gonna call you.
You made me cry with your story..
I'm sorry..
I hope things improve. My parents are a bit of fighters themselves. I am also stuck in the middle almost everytime.. My dad used to abuse me when he got mad..

█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) Elizabeth wrote: "wait who do you mean angel and what do you mean?"

I mean. Everyone I've met on here is so nice! Everyone irl is usually you know..A bitch.

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I just realized how truly blessed I am to have parents that don't fight, and awesome siblings and such. I'm sorry guys! I hope it gets better for you!

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) Oh do I know? I mean girls are bitches sometimes.
Aww angel we need to stick together. we really do. After what our parents do to us. You can call me lizzy anytime you want. Well i wasn't trying to make ppl cry but my life sucks and i want things to improve. But as long as I have victor my bf from good reads things will be good. I don't like this life but do Have a choice? Noo because I'm a teenager that doesn't know right from wrong. Fricking evil parents.

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Sorry ): But could you please not swear? I don't really enjoy it...

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) sorry i wasn't trying to swear. My bad hadly. I didn't mean it i really didn't. No it not your fault its just my life doesn't work right and its evil.

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I understand. I probably would too if I wasn't brought up the way I was... My family doesn't swear at all.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) How were you brought up? Just curious hadley?

Thanx your wonderful hadly

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

Really religious family. Mormons, if that means anything to you. A lot of people don't know what that is... And thank you!!!

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) uh oh oh i know them. try being a orthodx jew awful

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Hmm... I've never really know anything about other religions. I don't really want to...

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) lol fine with me

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) lol your funny hmm now where do i rp i can't decide? * puts a finger to my chin thinking*

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Thank you! Most people don't say I'm funny; more like I'm too quiet and I read too much, but not much more... Sometimes nice is one of them...

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) well you are hadly lol your awesome but where do u think is the best here to rp?

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Er... Umm...... I have no idea! Anywhere! Sorry I'm not very helpful...

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) lol it okay idk where to go anyways

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Okay! La di da di da di da di da, la di da, la di da

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) well it true

█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) ...I'm gonna post a picture of me on here. For the first time in a sec..

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) lol cool

█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) xD Just.. Don't make fun of me. Okay? c:

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

I promise that I will not make fun of you!

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) i wont

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

You're welcome! (:

message 40: by █║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (last edited May 17, 2012 04:43PM) (new)

█║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟ (sirsly) Okie dokie..


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I can't see them right now... my computer's slow, I'll be able to see them in a little while... *sigh* sorry.

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It should work later...

message 45: by Allie (new)

Allie | 7 comments OMG ur sooooo pretty!!!! I'm noooootttt...... I will make my profile public.... then you can see my other pics...

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

I am way less pretty than everyone on goodreads combined. I promise

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†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 28 comments ♥Angel♥ wrote: "Okie dokie..


Angel you are a beutiful as a rose.*gives you a rose*

[image error]

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 28 comments My life...
If you want to hear a sad story then okay if not I will not wast my breath...well time anyway.

message 50: by ♋ Carol☯ (last edited May 19, 2012 04:50AM) (new)

♋  Carol☯  (Poopsie) I am a twin, my brother and I don't know who our real father was, his loss really. My step father married my mum, Soon the family grew over the following years, my brother & two sisters.
Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. My mother was a single parent up until she married my step father when I was three years old. Being the second eldest of a twin, life was hard, we never stayed in the one place, but we never went without. I grew up in a family of five, my twin god rest his soul departed this world at 17, he will and always is missed. Growing up wasn't so easy,abusive step father who enjoyed playing with his step daughter to the point she would have stabbed him in his sleep if she could have gotten away with it.the bastard actually got off on it, there was nothing he couldn't do, i even tried to get him in them shit so to speak, but even that backfired, mother backed him 100% believed him over me. Fucking crazy woman, well she made her bed & now she can lie in it. Moved out of home at the age of 15, couldn't stay there any more. There was always a chance my bastard of a stepfather would try again to fuck me & there was no way in hell I was going to let that happen. Living on the street became my new way of life, watching the shadows all the time, I was glad my twin had shown me how to protect myself, any way possible, bottle, baseball bat / knife.whatever I had on me, oh and my Whits. I think back on the days when my step father actually prepared me for the profession I was currently in, I had him to thank for it all, yeah right.!! I haven't seen any of my sibblings since I left home, I know they have their own lives, going to school, hanging with their friends,they don't need me in their lives. I don't need any thing from them, I just want them to be happy, where I couldn't be. I've been pregnant & lost the baby, just as well too, there was no way I could bring up a kid. My life is and was too fucked up. I'm older & wiser now, I don't give into peer group pressure, I live my life & to the fullest. I've since moved from that dark space & am exposed to the most lovable man in my life, without him I wouldn't have survived, it's his strength & courage that gave me hope & love that I didn't have before. So this is my life now. I don't hold back, I give 100% of me to my friends & the ones closest to heart my life & soul

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