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The Lost Code (The Atlanteans, #1)
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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Emerson | 1 comments I accidentally combined two of my books that were *not* editions of one another. I have separated them and reset the stats, yet though the stats are now back to normal, if you scroll down the page for my book The Lost Code:

You will see that it also includes all the reviews and ratings for my unrelated book The Vampire's Photograph. These reviews are listed as "review of another edition" but this book is not another edition of The Lost Code, nor are they part of the same series.

Also, none of The Vampire's Photograph's reviews are appearing on its own page except for two recent ones:

These book shouldn't be related at all. I must have screwed something up but I for the life of me cannot figure out how to get the Vampire's Photograph reviews to stop appearing on the Lost Code page, and reappear on the Vampire's Photograph page.

Can anyone help?

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 25910 comments Mod
That's a probably just a caching issue. It will resolve on its own in a few days.

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