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Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) A library.

message 2: by Chickie (new)

Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) Ramona sat alone reading. She rarely goaded up to see who was around, but kept her sense sharp. No wolves bothered her and keepers occasionally glanced at her. She sighed and closed her now very boring book.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi sat in the corner pressed between two bookshelves. To her left whispered a spirit from the 1800th century that nagged her about her hair, and to her right was a man from the civil war still caught in the action. Kennedi kept her head back and eyes closed as she focused on her breathing and just being invisible.

message 4: by Chickie (new)

Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) Ramona went over to put her book up and accidentally bumped into a girl. She frowned,"Oh. I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there"

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [Ramona could be in charge of her if you want.]

Kennedi shook her head and kept her eyes on the ground "don't worry about it" she whispered barely audible. Kennedi was shy.

Well don't just sit there girl! Get up and apologize to the lady for being in her way! the spirit woman said, Kennedi ignored her.

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) [sure]

Ramona put the book away and then frowned,"What's your name?" She looked awfully familiar. Was she the wolf she had to take care of? Or well, be in charge of?

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi bit her lip, it was obvious she was in trouble now. "Kennedi Selcer" she whispered white biting her lip. "I'm sorry for being in your way."

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) Ramona shrugged,"No problem. I'm Ramona, your keeper...I guess" She smiled

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi's eyes widened "S-sor-ry! So so-sorry!" she studdered out afraid she would get in trouble for being in her keeper's way "I'm so sorry" she whispered close to tears.

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) Ramona sighed,"Calm down chica. Your not in any trouble, trust me. Just don't get in their way" She glanced at the other keepers. She rolled her eyes, they were all snobs. Ramona looked at Kennedi,"Okay?"

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi nodded though her heart was racing quickly in her chest "yeah" she whispered before biting her lip and looking at the ground. "Thank you."

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) "Welcome" She grabbed another book and wentto her desk. Ramona glanced around before reading. She never trusted anyone!

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi nodded and watched her leave before pulling her legs up to her chest. Kennedi pulled her pant leg up slightly and pulled out her pocket knife. Kennedi started making shallow cuts on her leg.

message 14: by Chickie (new)

Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) Ramona read the book quickly and then looked up. She saw Kennedi and frowned, cutting? She got up an walked over,"Whatcha doing chickie?"

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi jumped and quickly yanked her pant let down "Nothing" she squeaked out, her eyes wide with fear as she shook; hiding the knife behind her back.

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) "Lyin is a sin. Now, what are you doing?" She asked already knowing the answer.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi swallowed nervously "nothing" she whispered again while shaking her head, her heart pounding in anxiety "Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing."

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) "Calm down and tell me the truth. Why were you cuttin your leg?" She asked

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) "Because I like it" she whispered, her face pale with fear as she watched her keeper.

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) "Why?"Ramona sighed and crossed her arms.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kenneidi shook her head "Th-hey like the smell of it" she whispered "The taste of it as it hits the air."

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) "Who likes the smell of it?" Ramono frowned. No species around here would like the smell of blood

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi shook her head "the spirits" she whispered, her voice getting quieter "they are everywhere" her eyes rolled back and Kennedi fainted

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) Ramona frowned and walked over. She touched her forehead, wondering is she had a fever. She sighed and picked up Kennedi easily

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Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Kennedi's temperature was normal, she hung limply in the girl's arms before her eyes flew open and she jerked away. Kennedi ran out the door and was no where to be found in seconds.

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) Ramona groaned and packed up her things. She put the book away before going to look for Kennedi.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [lol, don't XD]

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Chickie  (PierceTheVeilLuver) [Kk]

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