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Summer Reading June 25-July 1 > CHALLENGE: Read Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi, Blood Red Road by Moira Young or Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. Create your own dystopian world in 200-400 words.

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Make sure you reference a comparison - similarity or difference - to the dystopian world in the book you chose to read. Details for submission will be forthcoming. The prize is Drowned Cities by Paolo Bacigalupi.

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ALERT! Once you have created your dystopian world, submit it by email to Make sure I receive your submission by midnight on Friday June 29th! The winner will be announced Monday July 2nd!

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Regina's winning entry:
The year is 2112. Pollution has increased exponentially within the past hundred years, killing off vegetation and, eventually, the human population. The only safe haven in the bleak world exists in a green community built ages ago to sustain life in a crisis like this. This Guardian, as it is called by its citizens, consists of a single building: a massive, high-tech skyscraper with hundreds and hundreds of floors. The Guardian provides for its 100,000 residents by growing its own genetically engineered food, educating its citizens, and making sure that none of the toxic gas in the outside world is brought in. Overlooking all action in the Guardian is the Government, who strictly enforce all rule. All people are generally treated equally, and everyone has their own specific job in the building. But an “ideal” world like this cannot stay that way for long. Soon pollution and gas start to seep in to Guardian, threatening to finish off the humans entirely. In turn, the Government decides to set up a system where the rich pay monstrous amounts of money to reside in the upper housings, which are high in the clouds above the pollution. The poor must scrape together money to stay away from their bottom floors, where the pollution is thick. Under insufferable conditions, the human count is dwindling – many of these “bottom-dwellers” fall prey to the poisonous gas while others starve. The complaints are of no use, as the Government refuses to risk venturing to the bottom floors to fix problems. Many desperately try to sneak onto habitable floors, but face deadly punishments. Finally, the day comes when the food-manufacturing floor comes in contact with the pollution and must be shut down. With nothing to feed the people, the Government decides to send a group of bottom-dwellers into the world in search of another habitable place. The group, armed with gas masks and a food stash, trek through the wilderness until they come upon an area that is mysteriously gas-free. This is Silverlake, a dried up wasteland and home to Saba from “Blood Red Road.”

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