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Deanna (confessionsofaGemini) | 46 comments What did everyone think of Jesse as the male romance figure? Did you like him for Suze, or did you not understand her attraction to him in the first book? (Please no spoilers for those who haven't finished reading the series)

Diana (LMD129) | 165 comments Mod
I started the series from book 5, so I pretty much knew what was happening when I read Shadowland and that's probably why I was so accepting of Jesse.
I think the attraction is understandable Jesse is the first person, besides her dad, Suze can talk freely to about her gift(or powers? what would they be called?).
Because of that he tries to protect her, which is something no one else had done. Mainly because no one else knew she needed to be, but still.

Nina ✿ Looseleaf Reviews ✿ (ninascribbles) | 2 comments I agree, Diana. He's a lot of firsts for her--first person she can really open up to, first person protecting her when she goes out butt-kicking, first guy she's really gotten close to, etc. I liked seeing glimpses of her as your typical hopelessly romantic teenager around him, haha.

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