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Which is better -The Book or The Film??
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For Me, It's The Book

of course the book. i think the movie is for lazy people and for them who don^t have imagination.

E. Robinson The book, no doubt... but it isn't a bad movie.
Jul 22, 2013 03:37PM
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Vinayak book
Aug 27, 2015 07:17AM

I agree that the book is much much better than the movie - and that goes for DaVinci Code as well. Despite the calibre of actors in both of the movies they just didn't measure up to the books.

For me, the book by all counts ! The movie seemed to be too loosely connected and lost out on all details which so much draw you into the story in the book !

Definitely the book. Although I liked the scene in the movie when the helicopter blew up and all, in the movie, a lot.

As for The Da Vinci Code, I truly liked both the book and film. I felt they both succeeded in their own rights.

Having a brief look at the answers I see that most of us prefer the book and it's logical..For me, every book will always be better than its film, cause we create our own, unique word in our minds. :)
Talking about the"Angels and Demons" I think that the book gives aspects about an alternative history more analytically than the film does.

The book.

I agree, hands down the book is always better. I learned that bitter lesson when I saw the movie "The Firm" sometime after I read it. They switched the events to happen to different characters. I felt they did that because they wanted certain stuff to happen to the wife ( maybe she was a bigger actress then the one who played the secretary?) at any rate they changed the plot and ruined it for me. They did the same with Dan Brown's book The DaVinci Code. Book! Book! Book!

I prefer the book, but the movie was ok for a sunday afternoon. After the insane success of Da Vinci, it was always going to be a poor relation.
I did think that Deception Point may have been optioned, and would be a decent action movie.

The book is much better.

The books, if well written, are better than movies in most cases, and "Angels and Demons" is never and exception... watching the movie after the book was also amazing,,, they did a great job directing, casting and video graphing

Book definitely

Absolutely the book. A book almost always is better then the movie and in this case it definitely was. You can put much moet detail and feeling in a book then would ever be possible in a movie. And a book always leaves more to the imagination.

The book is much better than the movie, which is usually the case.

If I never read the books then I guess the movies would have been better. But to compare the two. Hands down the books was the best.

The Book always the Book!!

The book.

The book by far

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there is not a doubt that the answer is, it's your imagination,your perspective, that leads you through the pages... it's all about how you find a close friend in the book and the moment you finish the book you will understand what the book was for you...and if it's about movies it's just the directors perspective and the actors talent that register in your mind...that doesn't connect you to the story it just attracts your fascination...

Definitely the book...The book explains all the facts you need to know.....The book is much much more better than the movie...The movie wont tell you all the important deatils you really need to know..

for me the book is much better than the movie

The book is far better than the movie.

My favorite part in the book was when they went into the archives of the Vatican and had to wear the gloves and be extra careful with the books, and then the alarms went off & all the air was sucked out.

I'm glad they didn't leave that scene out--the screenwriter, director, & editors. It seems like an inconsequential part, but as a person who loves books it's pretty awesome!

The book is always better,hands down.

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The book was amazing! Dan Brown does an amazing job with character development and environmental elements. He makes you feel like you're part of the story; I felt like I was right there beside the characters, having all the same experiences, seeing all the same sights. His research methods and his attention to detail - along with his imagination - are what make him a phenomenal writer. I have to say though, the movie was quite a disappointment - more-so than The Da Vinci Code - and I had sat down to watch it with an open mind. There was so much left out of the movie. I can usually appreciate the movie for what it is, and look past what it isn't - accepting not everything can be transferred from a book to a movie - but this one just left too much out.

The book, hands down.

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the book was better

I liked the book. The only thing that bugged me is the whodunit part. Dan Brown spends time in the bad guy character's head, so when the mystery is solved and the killer is revealed, we feel shortchanged because the villain doesn't seem to know he was the killer. That is cheating. I overlooked it in this book, but he did it again in the next book. It's an irritating gimmick. I haven't read him since.

The book far surpassed the movie.

Definitely, the book surpasses the movie. The description and detail that the book provides is totally lost in the movie.

Absolutely the book, the movie fell so far short of the mark it was almost actually it was painful. My husband is the Dan Brown fan in our family and I only ever read the books on as part of a bet we had and then I borrowed the collector's copies that our kids gave him so that I would have the pictures to look at, sorry but for me Dan Brown is not an amazing author he just got good publicity. There are so many authors out there who have written similar story lines and done it so much better, but still I'd rather read the book again than sit through the movie.

The book hands down!

I enjoyed them both equally!

the book,sure.
it opened my imagination in much more thrilling way unlike the movie !!
and as always movies can't beat books !

The book gives so much more description!

The book is miles above the movie. While I think the movie was good, if I watch it as a comparison to the book, I wouldn't be able to stand it. I have to view it as its own entity.

Book is better than movie.. But still the screenplay was nicely balanced to compromise with the details to save time and still make plot interesting...

The book certainly gave me a more thrilling and mind-blowing ride than the movie, although the movie was pretty good too.

book is always better than a movie .. it is all about the way you imagine the events and the way you connect with the writer , while in the movie you just experience the director`s perspective ... it just kills your imagination :)

Very difficult question, i must say. since i am a book worm and a movie buff. I love to read it first before watching it in the big screen.cos i feel like the story and character will register not only in my mind/imagination but also in my vision.
Well, lets just say that both mediums has their own effects.
It's right that books has much more deeper meaning, when you read it than the movie -- the subtle smell of the pages is priceless, every page turns like a golden silk in your finger tips.
With movies, we actually deal with the graphics, the effects and how the character in the book comes to life. though it may not have the same effect compare to books, movies are awesome too.
So can i say.. i will choose.. BOTH :)

definately d book is much more better than film .............

The book - and not only that, I'd say that this is Dan Brown's best offering.

The movie was good, but the book was much better.

Hands down the book is better. They changed way too much when they put it on the big screen. It was different from the very first scene! I understand that many movies make changes, but they made major plot changes that I just couldn't believe.

the book. The book. THE BOOK!

The book is always better than film because the film does not capture the details since it has to be about 1.5 hrs long and the book is usually a lot longer than that. I always prefer book vs. movie but I'll watch the movie too just to see how close it followed the book. Angels & Demons movie was pretty close.

99.9% of the time when asked, book or movie, I guarantee the book was better. Movies, while nice, lose some of the subtle detailing that makes the story spectacular.

I prefer the book as well.

Lile in Real`s BOOK,BOOK,BOOK
One possible exception might be, Lord of The Rings trilogy....possibly...maybe....

The book is so much better than the movie. I didn't even think that Tom Hanks was that good in it, but don't think that was his fault.

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