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The Parallel World by D.M. Henry D.M. Henry

Genre: Legal Thriller

The Parallel World

Book Description

Paralegal Alexandra Cayhill is questioning her career choice. She works at a Baltimore law firm where she puts in grueling sixty-hour work weeks, isn’t appreciated, and needs a raise. But her life is about to take a turn she never expected.

When Alexandra’s firm is retained to defend suspected war criminal General Joseph Kimbala at the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, it’s just the type of challenge Alexandra wants. She joins the defense dream team and moves to The Hague for what is supposed to be a routine, if high profile, case. Unfortunately, she’s about to learn that nothing is routine in the world of law.

The case is going well until witnesses for the defense team begin receiving threats – and then one of them is killed. Despite finding the guy of her dreams, Alexandra feels surrounded by danger at every turn; worse, it turns out her new boyfriend is a close friend of General Kimbala. This straightforward international war crimes case has suddenly spiraled out of control.

With her career, her relationship, and possibly even her life in jeopardy, Alexandra must find the truth before it’s too late.

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