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Upcoming Novel - The Medallion

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Venus Perez (BlessedBklynite) | 44 comments Mod
Okay folks, I will be placing an update to my book, The Medallion on my site, Mentalitylistens.wordpress.com. I have finally decided to work with a publisher on this one instead of publishing it myself. The reason why is because since it is a trilogy series, it will be triple the marketing and that is a lot of work for one person. I had to pray on this for some time because I love self publishing, but due to my back, I won't be able to take on the marketing g asset of this project.

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Venus Perez (BlessedBklynite) | 44 comments Mod
The cover is almost done! The book goes to an Editor next month. things are moving along smoothly except for one...my back. I need to have surgery on my spine but so far, it is up to me when The surgery takes place. I am trying to push it until next year but controlling the pain can be very difficult especially when you are finishing a novel. Only God and time will tell how long I can withstand the pain. I am very determined to get this book out before surgery because it's going to be a while before I can write again after my surgery.

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Venus Perez (BlessedBklynite) | 44 comments Mod
So, my cover artist sent me a pic of what he is up to so far and I must say, it looks tight! I can't wait to post it here! I am still debating on whether to go with a publisher or self publish. It is so hard to decide.

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Venus Perez (BlessedBklynite) | 44 comments Mod
Okay, folks, my first Novel is coming along nicely. It should be out by Sept. - Oct. time frame. I should be handing it off to the editors by July. I am tweaking it here and there, and it gets frustrating when you know you need to take stuff out and put stuff in to make it what it needs to be, as if you aren't writing the book, as if the book is writing itself. But I am going with the flow and doing a little bit everyday. It is coming along nicely. I talked to my book cover designer and he says he is working on the very detailed part of the job. This gets me so excited because I know the cover is going to look awesome! I prefer art instead of photography on book covers, I don't know why, I guess it is the kid in me, but it will be done with computer graphics. So excited! Which do you prefer on book covers?

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Venus Perez (BlessedBklynite) | 44 comments Mod
This is where I will post news about my upcoming novel, The Medallion! Get an Excerpt from the Novel here: http://mentalitylistens.wordpress.com... and let me know what you think! The next two pages will be posted tomorrow!

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