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Ginger Myrick (gingermyrick) | 39 comments Hi, All!

I just discovered this group, and I am thrilled. I am a lifetime reader turned accidental author turned avid Kindle advocate!
El Rey  A Novel of Renaissance Iberia by Ginger Myrick El Rey: A Novel of Renaissance Iberia
My debut effort. As mentioned in the topic, it is a work of romantic historical fiction in the tradition of classic period romance. (Think Anya Seton meets Bronte sisters!) It takes place during the 16th century Portugal and Castile. It comes in a COMPLETE edition for those readers who love to know ALL of the history and precipitating factors leading up to a given era, and an ABRIDGED version for readers who want a more concise story.

Some readers opined that the character histories were irrelevant and detracted from the main story, so I extracted them and put them out as their own novelettes. (The first two of which are listed at $0.99 each!)
Paulina's Story  A Tale from Renaissance Iberia by Ginger Myrick Paulina's Story: A Tale from Renaissance Iberia
The history of Paulina, the García family's loyal housekeeper of Moorish descent, who came to the family via her own pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.
Joanna's Story  A Tale from Renaissance Iberia by Ginger Myrick Joanna's Story: A Tale from Renaissance Iberia
The history of Joanna, mother of Inez (the main character in the full-length novel.) Descended from a noble English lineage that once served the Queen of Castile, she lost everything to war and plague yet still found the strength to move on.
The Converso  A Tale from Renaissance Iberia by Ginger Myrick The Converso: A Tale from Renaissance Iberia
The history of Iñigo, father of Inez (the main character in the full-length novel) whose family narrowly escaped the horrors of the Castilian Inquisition and found the courage to start from nothing in an unknown land. (I actually won a literary contest with this one!)
Maria's Story  A Tale from Renaissance Iberia by Ginger Myrick María's Story: A Tale from Renaissance Iberia
The history of El Rey's half-Gypsy mother, María, who survived the treachery of the Castilian and Portuguese courts, overcoming barriers of race and gender to succeed in a man’s world.

Well, thank you all for your patience and the platform. I look forward to getting to know you all and becoming a productive member of our little society! If any of you happen to check out my stuff, I would love to hear what you think! Thanks again!


Ginger Myrick (gingermyrick) | 39 comments Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention that you can read excerpts from each of the books right here on Goodreads!

Ginger Myrick (gingermyrick) | 39 comments 5-star review of EL REY-Complete at!!!
Just got a validating first professional review from Arleigh Johnson who also reviews for the Historical Novel Society. Here's the link for those who are interested:

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Ginger Myrick (gingermyrick) | 39 comments The Welsh Healer  A Novel of 15th Century England by Ginger Myrick


The Welsh Healer: A Novel of 15th Century England tells the compelling story of a young woman growing up in the midst of the Hundred Years’ War. Spanning the reigns of Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V, it touches upon historical events including the Welsh rebellion, the English army's invasion of France, and their triumph at Agincourt.

Arlais is the gentle and free-spirited daughter of a humble Welsh household. Though just managing to scrape out a living in the rugged hills of northern Wales, her loving environment and strong family ties make for a happy home. But there is more to her than meets the eye. She is endowed with a mystical gift passed down through an ancient line of healers. She has been told her entire life that she is the fulfillment of a prophecy and destined to preserve the bloodline of kings. But despite the wondrous expectations for her future, she is content to wait for her intended mate, a mysterious man seen in a dream on her tenth birthday.

But the Welsh rebellion strikes and turns her world upside down. Arlais is forced to journey across the whole of Britain to live with a distant relative. While the events foretold by the prophecy unfold around her, she settles into the unfamiliar country continuing her path toward fulfilling her destiny and experiencing companionship, heartache, and even love along the way.


Ginger Myrick (gingermyrick) | 39 comments The Welsh Healer  A Novel of 15th Century England by Ginger Myrick
The Welsh Healer has consistently been in three top 100 lists at Amazon since its release on October 30th. It is considered a "Hot New Release" for Welsh history and has already garnered four 5-star reviews:

Ginger Myrick (gingermyrick) | 39 comments Work of Art  Love & Murder in 19th Century New York by Ginger Myrick My NEW RELEASE!! Work of Art is romantic historical suspense.

Every girl dreams of a handsome Prince Charming to whisk her away to a fairytale ending. For Del Ryan it seemed unlikely, but that’s exactly what happened.

In 1874, New York booms with prosperity and conspicuous consumption with a clear social divide between classes. Del Ryan, an intelligent and talented Irish immigrant, works as a lady’s maid for a society matron. Although plain and unassuming, she is an accomplished artist with the gift of clairvoyance. She meets Killian Arthur, a golden Greek god from a privileged New York family. Fascinated by her, Killian transforms Del into a fine lady, the toast of her new class of friends.

But things are not always what they seem. Rough Irish Jimmy Sheehan has always thought of Del as his own and warns her that there is something not quite right about her suitor. Is he simply jealous, or does he want the best for the woman he loves?

Then the fairytale takes a violent turn when girls from Del’s neighborhood start turning up dead. Del witnesses the murders through her disturbing visions and realizes that with each new victim, the killer is getting closer. Will his identity be revealed before he comes for her?

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