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Best girl in The Hunger Games?
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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1) by Suzanne Collins
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I love Rue. She's so confident, and she saved Katniss' life before even knowing her. I hated her death most of all. AND JOHANNA MASON IS THE COOLEST!

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Wiress fo' sure.

No one else likes Wiress? C'mon! Steampunk nerd FTW.

Johanna Mason was bad ass but for some reason I like Effie the best. I'm not quite sure why.

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I'm a sucker for the careers, so clove and glimmer are my favorite. In the book, I like the way katniss describes glimmer, but I like clove cuz Isabel furman (my great spelling) looks like mee :):):) well, I guess I look like her...

I'm watching the movie right now, and Effie's pretty awesome.
(talking about the careers) "I heard they can't even have dessert. And you can!" heeee heeee heeee

i like rue..

Johanna... i think the elevator thing was funny, and gressing up for the battle training... with no clothes... She is really cool to me, and never really did anything evil, just looking out for people in her own way.

Katniss was pretty great, considering, she was telling the story. I loved the film portrayal of Effie, she was good in the book too. Isabelle Fuhrman did very well playing Clove in the movie, as well.

How do you think that the girls in the hunger games changed when they entered the arena? i am writing a paper about how the different females interacted between the districts...p.s. i vote katniss as the best!!

Rue and Prim

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Although she wasn't ever in an actual Hunger Games, my favorite girl in the series is probably Prim. Just like Katniss said: she inherited her mother's healing hands, her father's level head, Katniss' fight and "something else...something entirely her own" (Mockingjay, pg 184).

Clove? Did you guys read the Hunger Games? In the book (not the movie) she threatens to mutilate Katniss' face before killing her. Wasting her time on this rant, she lets Thresh creep up on her and whack her. Yay, Thresh!

Clove is a brute.

Well my favorite was either Johanna Mason or Madge. Madge really should have been in the books more, but she was still cool. Clove is kinda cool as well.

like cutting the tracking divise out, helping Nutz and Volts out of the blood storm, she rocks for doing that!!!

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Foxface. :D

Katniss is passionate and strong, and I love her, but Rue is just courageous and sweet and wonderful. She is smart and passionate, like Katniss and she is the BEST.


Rue through and through!

katniss & rue

Katniss and Johanna, definitely. Rue and Foxface were cool too. Maybe Clove.

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Johanna, Clove, Foxface, Rue, Prim,and of course Katniss.

F 25x33
Christine of course
Aug 27, 2012 07:37PM



I liked Madge, she was a sweet girl.

It was disappointing that they cut her out of the film, it will really confuse the rest of the storyline.

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Christine that is so true!!!!
Aug 27, 2012 07:37PM

Prim, Katniss and Madge.

Annie sounds sweet, too. I wish she was in the second/third book a little more, because her and Finnick are cute.

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I love Rue, and despite Clove's twisted weirdness, you've got to admit that she's a fighter and definitely a cool person... if she wasn't twisted. Rue just seemed so pure and simple and I fell in love with her. Katniss rocks the house. And don't forget about Johanna or Foxface. There are a lot of really awesome female characters in this book, but Rue takes first place. I have no idea who takes second.

Johanna. She extrudes confidence and personality and attitude despite everything she's been through.

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~Rue~ & -Foxface-

Johanna Mason

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Nothing against Katniss, but Clove and Foxface both just seem so much cooler. Not to mention, knife throwing is much more badass than archery. Glimmer's also pretty hot.

Johanna/Enobaria/Katniss/Clove, aha

Foxface. Most definitely. Glimmer and Clove were too cocky. Katniss is too bland. Rue died too easily...sorry...

Best to me are Katniss and Rue. Thats my opinion!!:)

rue and Katniss, together and seprate

well, who wouldn't agree with Katniss? she's the best. but aside from her, i like Clove "where's lover boy?". haha and also i must not forget Johanna Mason. superb! :)

Madge. The girl who gave her the pin that gave her the name <3


Johanna was awesome but I am a fan of Katniss

KATNISS IS DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate Katniss. Rue is just like me, so her. But the COOLEST girl would be Clove.

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