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Vanessa Mr Archer is an excellent writer. The book had excellent moments, but i could'nt understand why I favoured William Kane who represents wealth/ power/politics of the Western world as opposed to Mr Abel Rosnovski who represents hope/determination and ultimate success. Then I realised that i had very little sympathy for Abel's struggle as young boy. I personally found it very hard to tie (relate) his actual age at certain stages to the decisions he made. If Mr Archer could expand more on the psychological warfare waged when being imprisoned- I battled to believe Abel's ability to overcome such dehumanising circumstances because he never showed any vulnerability especialy since he experienced it at such a tender age. Leave alone taking the lead in the dungeons for two years. The loss of the people he loved - all all his trials seem incredible.

On the otherhand, I believed William Kane's life, laughed when he proposed and giggled as I read the wedding ceremony. I cried when he's mother died - found myself inconsolably sobbing when he's close friend of many years died and was devestated when he died of a broken man later on. The character was real.

Mr Archer failed to reveal Abel's character. Perhaps he found it difficult to relate the mindframe of a person who was robbed of identity and humanity as apposed to his personal knowledge of wealth and power.

Nevertheless, the book has a very good flow. Where Mr. Archer fails in certain aspects he makes up for abundantly overall.

I do recommend the book, but would never regard it as "the best read"of our time.

Perhaps its because in sunny South Africa we are not easily pleased -""JUST KEEPING IT REAL !

message 2: by Joao (last edited Jun 10, 2012 07:17PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joao Hi Vanessa,
I agree in full with your comments, but I liked a lot this book anyway with it's intertwined stories. However, since you mentioned on your review title "Not the greatest book I've read", I'm curious and would be pleased (if you don't bother to mention them) to know what is (are) the best book(s) you already read? BTW, forgive me for my bad english! Thanks.

Shirley Read Kane and Abel many years ago - recall I liked the book when finished

Samukelisiwe Thwala i find it odd, but we all have different views and opinions and different tastes in books. but i found this book kane and abel interesting and it gripped me on the very first page, it was very difficult to put down. i found myself crying.... in such a way i still talk about it, it was my first read by Jeffrey Archer and of many more....and still to come. by the way i'm also form South Africa dear Vanessa

Donna Crupi I will always look back on this book with great affection. I read it as a teen. It was summertime and my mom had just finished it. Having read virtually nothing of worth prior, I picked this up, found my way into the hammock in my back yard and stayed there for a couple of days. What an eye opener of what a book can do. What worlds it can create. What empathy the reader can possess for figments of a writer's imagination.
And yes, I too saw the depth and believability of Kane. Abel was not someone I was able to root for. Rather a person I pitied. Regardless of his struggles and victories, I was not able to look up to him. Kane on the other hand, as different from me as night and day, was the person I felt a connection to.

I wonder if I could feel as strongly to these characters today. Has anyone reread it?

Samukelisiwe Thwala Hi Donna! I felt that the book was more based on the life of Abel, most of the chapters that is. I couldn't have put it better myself that i could relate to Kane much more than Abel. But I also couldn't stop my emotions when it came to both their struggles and triumphs. I liked the fact that Abel had no beground on business but he did not let that stop him from making something out of his former self. He had this bitterness that he did not want to let go of, which made him neglect those dear to him.... Back to your question, Ihave read it but way back and I think you'll still feel the same about them. Maybe you might cry like i did...you'll just have to read it again to find out yourself

Donna Crupi Thanks! Some days I go through my day without like minding friends and then I come home to goodreads and find my Cheers Bar where we are all named Norm.

Have a great day!

message 8: by Ron (new)

Ron Have read several of his books. I simply don't find them memorable. Irwin Shaw is memorable. Jeffery Archer in my
opinion, is not.

Razibul Hassan Ron wrote: "Have read several of his books. I simply don't find them memorable. Irwin Shaw is memorable. Jeffery Archer in my
opinion, is not."

Even after reading several books by Jeffrey Archer you think Jeffrey Archer's books are not memorable!!!

Strange. Strange because, you have failed to dream about the characters he has created. His characters are profound and bound to make you think and .... of course memorable.

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Feliks I don't think anyone expects a reader of a Jeffrey Archer novel to ever nominate it into the Western Canon; or to 'label it the very best book you have ever read in your whole entire life'.

These are merely 'airport novels'--very well done for their type; but still 'airport' nonetheless. You enjoy them for what they are--no more, no less. They're fun reads.

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