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Tana (tana_t) | 1853 comments Mod
I along with a lot of other bloggers are trying to put together a stop e-piracy blog tour. (MORE TO COME)

I was wondering if any of the authors in our group would like to participate writing a piece about how it affects authors and industry and/or if you have personal experience or thoughts you want to share regarding this subject.

Right now we are just looking for the authors who would like to participate, soon we will be posting a sign up page for bloggers.

Leave me your name and email address if your interested.

Michael Cargill (MichaelCargill) | 140 comments Erm, this topic is over a month old now - is it too late to try and add anything to what you had planned?

I actually uploaded my own books to some torrent pirate sites, and encouraged the pirates to download them by advertising the fact in their forums.

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