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Who's Your Favorite Character?

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Johns I love them all like family! But if I must choose it would be: Poppy, Lina, Doon, or Mrs. Murdo. Or Scwago! (He's in book #4, The Diamond of Darkhold)

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I like Poppy best. She's just so cute and funny!

Lauren I like Poppy best too!!!!! She is cute,sweet,and playful!

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Yep!!! She's adorable (:

Lauren I know I just love her!!!!!!!!!

Kayla I really liked Doon! Especially by the end of the series!

Lauren I liked Doon too, but I like Poppy best.

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Doon's cool and nice and all, but Poppy's just cuter and more lovable (:

Marisol Hahahaaha you guys are funny the word doon hahaha good one....hahahaha...hahahaha

Johns *Spolier* Can you believe that Doon married Lina?! I was so happy. I kinda expected it, though. And was anyone else confused when they read The Prophet of Yonwood, up until the end where it explains everything? Because I sure as heck was.

3Estelle Doon is cool. Smart. Troublemaker. I would marry him too. :P

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Kh I like lina

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Emma I like Linda the best.

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