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Songs that go with this SERIES....

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Ceia I think Never Say Never by the Fray and Candy by Paolo Nutini would be good songs.

Diana breath by breaking benjamin and wake me up micron

Sandra Addicted by Saving Abel that would be a good song.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ I never really picture songs for books when i read them, this is interesting.

Blahblahblah For some reason during the part where they have to drive the motorcycle to get way, the song Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar comes to mind.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ Cassandra Clare has some on her website, Go into writing than Excerpts and Extras, and then 'songs for these series'

Faith What I've Done Linkin Park
Dark Side Kelly Clarkson
Haunted Taylor Swift

Tasha I usually listen to a random album while I read a certain book.

I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I think I may have listened to the album Phobia by Breaking Benjamin while reading CIty of Bones. It went quite well with it :)

Erica with all the romance i think Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Levoto

Mallory Crossfire - Brandon Flowers

Tyrah (Wace) Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
Works soo well

GinAndCats I will not bow-Breaking Benjamin


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Margarita You Bring Fire by Ivoryline
They don't have the song on youtube but you can listen to the song here: DONT FORGET TO HIT THE PLAY!

This song was made for this series. Everything about the the song goes along with how Jace feels about Clary. How he's always felt like there was a part of his soul that was missing and that he figured out that Clary is the beholder of that part of his soul. That she's brought light back into his soul.Guys you gotta listen to this song!I'm gonna give your songs the chance as long as you listen to this one song!You will not regret it!

Here's the lyrics to the song
I feel a deep meaning in my soul,
I don't know what's happening, I can't let this go.
And I, oh I am losing control,
I've tried to run away but,

You bring fire,
To my bitter and drafty
Soul, it's time,
I chose your light as my own. (home)?

You alone can bring me to my knees,
Where I can exchange my worries,
For the peace beyond all understanding,
You know what I mean.

And I, oh I am losing control,
I've tried to run away but,
[ Lyrics from: You bring fire,
To my bitter and drafty
Soul, it's time,
I chose your light as my own.

You bring fire,
To my cold soul.

Keep your love so close,
And say you'll bound it with a heart
Everywhere I go,
The sound of it is trapped inside,

Trapped inside, oh woah.

You bring fire,
To my bitter and drafty
Soul, it's time,
I chose your light as my own.

You bring fire,
To my bitter and drafty
Soul, it's time,
I chose your light as my own.

*I recommend you guys listen to the whole album. It has other songs that would go along with the series as well. The album is called Vessels by Ivoryline

Mallory I found "You Bring Fire" by Ivoryline on youtube.

Lauren Readsalot Bartholemew by The Silent Comedy...... Both the lyrics and music fit these books..... Please listen to it on YouTube, it's really good!

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Lilu Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (when Magnus tells Alec to call him)
Let her go - Passenger
You bring me joy- Amelia Lily

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Sophie For (view spoiler) relationship, I was thinking Thousand years by Christina Perri (view spoiler)

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Josie Demons by Imagine Dragons haha

Margarita Mallory wrote: "I found "You Bring Fire" by Ivoryline on youtube."

did you like it?:D I think it goes more for the City of Lost Souls a little bit more but in all, it fits the series the best!

Mallory I love it! And it works great for COLS. :)

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Jess Little Ms Batman wrote: "Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (when Magnus tells Alec to call him)
Let her go - Passenger
You bring me joy- Amelia Lily"

just yes, for Magnus and Alec, just yes because i can see Magnus looking at Alec and just singing this song to annoy him. Oh my god, thank you for the laugh.

Kirstyn Clarity-Zedd

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Ariane Ruby Theme song? LOL

For Simon's song for Clary when he's still in love with her and will do anything for her, its "Maybe" by Jara
Maybe--Jara -- in this song, Simon is also wondering if they can still can go back to the way they used to be and he will never tell Clary his feelings for her.

For Clary (her decision of being a Shadowhunter where there is no turning back): E for Extinction -- its also a good Jace's fighting scene theme song.

Sebastian's song would be: Save Me ---yep...a very powerful song.

Jace song when he first saw Clary in Pandemonium One and only you

Just click the links to listen. : )
I know I should be suggesting songs for the series but I like to have it per character. Sorry. : )

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We cry by The script
Just A Little Girl - Trading Yesterday
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson
Numb by Linkin park (more the dubspet)
Sweet dreams by Eurhytms (i think thats the name of the band)
What if the storm ends by snow Patrol
Limb to Limb
Flawed Desing by Stablio
Dark in My Imagination (maybe)
Headlock by Imogen heap (maybe)
Lights by Emily Golding
Nothing Left to say by imagine dragons
Fallen by Imagine Dragons (maybe)
Somewhere only we know by Kean
One More Night by Maroon 5
We Are by Anna Johnson ( (i personaly love this music for thsi series :))
Sorry by Madonna (actually this is amazing for the Jace vs Valentine battle, so great that i make this video ->
Through The Glass by Stone Sour
Seven Devils by Florence and machines and a lot from her
Mirror by lil wayne and Bruno Mars (maybe)

and i think this is all :)

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Lilu Oh, I also think these songs go well with it:
Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran
Iris- ( I like the Sleeping with Sirens version more)
I think this song goes really well with Alec and Magnus' relationship :)
Big girls don't cry - Fergie
(for Jocelyn because she kept crying because of her lost son and because the guy in the song is called Valentine )
Let her go - Passenger
Trying not to love you- Nickelback
(I think this suits Jace and Clary perfectly :3 )

Savannah well i don't know about this series but for infernal devices, Glory box-portishead

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Ally Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran
Dark Side- Kelly Clarkson
Boston- Augustana
Shattered- OAR
Breath of Life- Florence + the Machine
Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran
Demons- Imagine Dragons
Seven Devils- Florence + the Machine
Only if For a Night- Florence + the Machine
Distance- Christina Perri (featuring Jason Mraz)

message 29: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma bleeding out by imagine dragons

message 30: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma never let me go by florence and the machine
Rolling in The Deep by Adele

Stéphanie hero/heroine but a band that I forgot the name of

Sophie The Lonely by Christina Perri
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Goodlife by One Republic

For the see-saw relationship between Clary and Jace at first, I reckon maybe
You Need Me But I Don't Need You by Ed Sheeran

Amber This is for keeps- The Spill Canvas
Demons- Imagine Dragons
Your Guardian Angel- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
All I Need- Within Temptation

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Lilu Jess wrote: "Little Ms Batman wrote: "Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (when Magnus tells Alec to call him)
Let her go - Passenger
You bring me joy- Amelia Lily"

just yes, for Magnus and Alec, just yes becaus..."

Your welcome Jess :) and I just want to bring attention to the fact that in call me maybe she sings:
"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy," And Magnus and Alec met at Magnus' party for the first time ... and well, it could easily be classified as crazy :) . Also, Carly Rae Jepsen sings:
" And all the other boys try to chase me"
I'm guessing that a lot of guys would chase Magnus :D Because, I mean, he's Magnus Bane, and he is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

Rachel numb by linkin park for JACE <3

Helena emm i like True Love" by Pink and Lily Allen. This would work for the first tree books with Jace and Clary

Lachlan Arms by Christina perri this song fits well for a sad part. I could just imagine it fitting well if Clary's sad then Jace comes along and puts his arms around clary.
I love it style of eye remix) this song would be good for an actin scene.
Clair de Lune by flight facilities is a very slow song so it would fit well for a slow scene like when clary and jace are up at the plant house thing.
Same love by macklemore and Ryan Lewis for a scene of Alec and Magnus would fit well.
Mountain sound by monsters of men would fit well for a travelling scene
She wolf by David guetta would fit well for an opening scene
Sitting on top of the world by delta goodreads would be good if jace and clary were sitting on a high rise building or up high on a building
Boom boom by justice crew would be good for a pandemonium club scene
Want u back by Cher loyed would be good for a scene where someone wants them someone back.
Impossible would be good for a demon battle scene
Diamonds would be funny for a scene with magnus.
We come running for a running scene

Kristin Imagine Dragon songs, mainly Demons

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Falling inside the black by skillet I think would go good with the series

Caliesha Runnin' by Adam Lambert makes me think of Malec.

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MissMorgenstern The Infernal Devices:
The Words and Distance by Christina Perri.
To Build a Home and Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra.
Medicine by Daughter.
Another Love by Tom Odell.
In the Presence of Angels by Roy Fields.
King and Fools by Lauren Aquilina.

The Mortal Instruments:
Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood.
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2.
Always by Bon Jovi.
Me by The 1975.
Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars.
I Begin by Panda Su.
All I Need by Radiohead.
Be Still by The Fray.
Lock and Key by Pleasantville.
Bloodstain by Ingrid Liljestrom.
Breath Again by Sara Bareiellas.
Called Out in the Dark and Run by Snow Patrol.
This Is War, Kings and Queens, and City of Angels by 30 Seconds To Mars.
I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith.
Fresh Blood by Eels.
Need You Now by Lady Antebellum.
Never Say Never by The Fray.
Running Up That Hill by Placebo.
Strange Days by Bryan Ellis.
Wings by Birdy.
A World Alone by Lorde.
Youth by Daughter.

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Anji Cooper 'True Love' by Pink for Clary and Jace
Echo for Isabelle in City of Glass after 'that' incident
Angel With a Shotgun by the Cab for Jace and Clary
Shattered by Trading Yesturday Jace and Clary books 1-3
Secrets by One Republic
Feel Again by One Republic
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
Over You by Ingrid Michaelson for Alec and Magnus at the beginning of COHF
Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney for Jace and Clary

April thanks everyone for the awesome song suggestions. this is my favorite way to find new music :) and once i connect a song with a book mentally, i always think of that book when i hear the song from there on out. if its a really good song and book, i even get chills.

Melissa Quintero City of Angels by Thirty Seconds to Mars
Lighters by Bads meets Evil

Hannah Good gosh so many fit for so many different parts. Many One Republic songs, How to Save a Life and Over My Head by the Fray. Nearly anything by Imagine Dragons, and so so many more but these stuck out most as i thought about the series

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Anna Little The song On My Mind by Ellie Goulding fits certain scenes so well. When Clary and Jace go to Hotel Dumort it fits with Goulding's line, "Next thing I know I'm in a hotel with you." Also, she mentions that she likes his tattoos. Also, this fits with the end of the book I think, but I won't be a spoiler! Have fun reading this AWESOME book!

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