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Brett Rinda The most interesting part of this book is the fact that the person it is being written about is dead. All of the information collected about Chris McCandless is from accounts given by the people he met along his journey. Chris was a very successful young man who was not sure what he wanted to do with his life. In order to procrastinate from having to search for a job, he decided that he would live in the wilderness for some period of time. Jim Gallien, a truck driver, gives Chris a ride towards Mt. McKinley, where Chris wishes to begin his journey. He does his best to persuade Chris to not go, but to no avail. 6 hikers then recall how they found Chris' dead, decomposing body in a truck in the wilderness. When the body was examined, it was found to weigh only 67 pounds, whhich leads ot the belief that Chris starved to death. McCandless had earlier worked in a grain factory where he came up with a new identity for himself. He went by the name of Alex and said he was from South Dakota. He was actually from Virginia where he lived with his mother, father, and younger sister. He had not communicated with them in weeks since they believed he was living in an apartment in Texas while traveling. Park Rangers found McCandless' car in the mountains, abandoned, yet it still ran perfectly. They now use the car for undercover operations. McCandless is helped by countless people throughout his journey, and he impacts all of their lives in different ways. He affected Ronald Franz the most of anybody, which is ovbious because once he heard of Chris' death, he bought whiskey and chugged the whole bottle, and was rarely seen from there on out. I enjoy this story so far, but I am getting confused because the author changes the time period so often. He was discovered dead in the second chapter, but was working on a farm in the next. It is getting hard to follow what happened when.

Mary May 4, 2012 It has been a long time since I cried while reading but Krakauer’s account of Chris’s mother visiting the bus and leaving supplies for any one else who might need them certainly brought up the tears. We need lots of people like Chris McCandless to remind us that there are many ways of looking at life and we need lots of people like Jon Krakauer to tell us about them. (Under the Banner of Heaven) It seemed a shame that Chris would die so young and alone, a long, hard death, but from the accounts of the people that knew Chris, you shouldn’t feel sorry for him. He was living his life as he chose, to a much greater extent then most people ever do and he realized it, right up to the last. Another reminder that it is not the length but the quality of life that counts.

Joseph I disagree with your choice of words, "In order to procrastinate from having to search for a job, he decided that he would live in the wilderness for some period of time." He worked at a grain mill and McDonald's to fund his procrastination? Chris McCandless was searching for something from this world and his life that only he can understand. I think, and this is only my opinion, that he wanted to prove to himself in some primal way, that he "earned" his life. I would actually put him into the same category as Pat Tillman. There is something that most people don't understand which motivates these people. These qualities make for great reading and debate.

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