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Lindsay Nixon (HappyHerbivore) | 59 comments Mod
Do you agree that doctors are also duped by myth and misinformation?

Tiana | 3 comments I'm not sure if duped is the correct word. However, after recently watching these documentaries and reading these books, I feel duped. So, a doctor is only human, so I suppose that is possible. However, when your profession is supposed to help make others healthier, you have a different amount of responsibility to do that correctly. I think that many more doctors either turn their head, or are involved in this money and corruption in the medical field. However, there are good people trying to help, who may need to educate themselves further.

David | 10 comments Statement is too general and medically naive.

Diane | 10 comments I think it is really, really wild that doctors just don't know these things. But, strangely, they are taught that their patients will come to them for expert answers on this. (I know, I was one)

Makes you wonder if medical schools will turn down students who ask too many questions.

Tsk, tsk. I HOPE it's just an accident. Part A not keeping up with part B before part C comes by and runs away with the whole show (or something like that) GRATEFUL for these two!

David | 10 comments Why did I read this book? Veganism doesn't cure all.

Diane | 10 comments I'm honestly shocked to discover how little doctors learn about nutrition in medical school. Most medical schools don't teach it at all or they offer very few hours and it's not even mandatory for the students to take the classes!

I can only HOPE that this is just because the world is not yet prepared to provide healthy fresh food for everyone. But I think we are really, really closer to that everyday.

Increasingly, charities don't just provide food for 3rd world countries, they also teach agriculture and they donate TREES so that people can improve the land and water around their lives.

message 7: by Karen (last edited Jun 03, 2012 02:18AM) (new)

Karen | 8 comments In response to David 2up above...

Boy did you miss the point....while a Plant based diet may not be a "cure all", certainly too much fat in diet is a big culprit in health issues for anybody, if anyone, (Dr. or "lay" person), is reading just a selection of the many "peer reviewed" books and articles out there, it becomes somewhat of a "wonder" how easy it is to keep this info out of the "know nothing gen. public", and makes me wonder what else $$$ is covering up when people don't take the time to "search for the truth"

David | 10 comments I don't get too much fat. There is a lot of magical thinking going on around diet including veganism. Btw thanks for calling me ignorant

Diane | 10 comments Sounds like something didn't work for you. Wanna' talk about it? There are definitely wrong ways to be a vegan and some people do not get the results they want. Often cuz' they depend too much on processed foods, oil or sweets. Not everything is healthy just cuz' it has no animal products. Take another look at the (very helpful) chart with ratings (A+,B,C,D,F).

Karen | 8 comments Thanx Diane, I was making a point about "coverups" and myth, misinformation all being "connected" by the BIG $$$ in the Dairy, Meat, and Pharma industries, all in relation to Lindsay's original ?. There was no intent to "insult", just a response to another comment.

David | 10 comments It just doesn't work for everyone

Diane | 10 comments Sorry to hear that David. Are you also getting B12 and sunshine? I'm very curious to know what kind of problems you're having but it's up to you whether or not you want to share it. (thanks, Karen) ps - Dr. John McDougall is great at answering health-related questions. He works very closely with the authors of this book. Good luck!

Roxanne V (RoxanneV) | 15 comments David wrote: "Why did I read this book? Veganism doesn't cure all."
It may not cure "ALL" but it does thwart a whole lot of death-dealing diseases...
I'd rather be vegan/plant-based than having to go to the hospital and having my chest opened up just because I didn't want to give up meat and dairy. It is so not worth it!

David | 10 comments I am vegan but its doing nothing for my health. Im not eating a bunch of processed vegan foods either. Switched to the starch based diet and gained 10 lbs in a month. Enough of that bs

Diane | 10 comments Talk to McDougall. He invented it and he's not unreachable.

David | 10 comments I did. He told me to follow my doctors directions which are the opposite of his and big pharmaceutical based.

Diane | 10 comments Are you following McDougall's 'Starch Solution' cookbook or 'Keep It Simple, Keep it Whole'?

Diane | 10 comments (Still can't see what your main problem is. You gained 10 pounds, is that it? What did you weigh before that?)

Susan | 19 comments Lindsay wrote: "Do you agree that doctors are also duped by myth and misinformation?"

I don't know if they are duped by myth and misinformation. These are smart people. I just think it is sad that nutrition is so poorly covered in med school. I think it is scary that medicine has turned into pharmaceuticals and surgery and little in between.

Diane | 10 comments Agree. I think it's great that is offering for-credit classes in nutrition for medical professionals. They need it! I bet not all will have the courage to check it out. Edpecially since they might see it as a threat to their income. If I were a doctor, I HOPE I would choose the health of my patients over another luxury vacation.

David | 10 comments 15 lbs

Diane | 10 comments I sent you a message, David. Please let me know if you got it. Thanks

David | 10 comments hi Diane i got it just replied back

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