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Darkpool (protesting GR censorship) (Darkpool) | 453 comments In the spirit of talking about NZ books, I thought a thread dedicated to telling the group about the NZ book you are reading 'right now' might be a fun thing. You may also have a particular favourite NZ book you wish to evangelise about: feel free to do that here as well.

Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 273 comments Brilliant idea. I'm not reading a NZ book right now, but will be soon I hope, so will join in then and meanwhile will enjoy reading others' comments.

Angie (Seren-Lucy) | 1129 comments Mod
Thanks for setting this up, Darkpool!

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Sweetp-1 | 363 comments Mod
Just finished The Secret Keeper by Julie Thomas which was a really great read. Really impressed with the calibre of the writing and I will definitely be reading more of Julie's works. I download a lot of free kindle books and it really is a bit of a lucky dip sometimes, there have been some utter shockers. The Secret Keeper is easily the best free book I've had the pleasure to read :)

And right now I'm reading Seer of Sevenwaters by my favourite fantasy author Juliet Marillier (who was born in Dunedin but now lives in Australia). This is book 5 in the Sevenwaters series.

Darkpool (protesting GR censorship) (Darkpool) | 453 comments OOoh, I loved the 2 Juliet Marillier books I've read; Wildwood Dancing & Cybele's Secret. One day I swear I'll get around to the Sevenwaters series, and some of her other series too.

The closest I have to a NZ read at the moment is Christchurch Heritage: a celebration of lost buildings & streetscapes. I'm not reading every word by any stretch of the imagination, although the sections on the Cathedral and the Press building were both very interesting. I like it because there are hardly any 'after' photos, so the focus really does seem to be on the history of the buildings.

Sweetp-1 | 363 comments Mod
The Sevenwater books (the first 3 really) are by far her best works IMO. I've read everything except the Bridei Chronicles which are YA. Heart's Blood is a nice stand alone one, and Wolfskin and Foxmask are a twosome (which you could read on their own) which were also very good. I love how she weaves traditional fairystories/mythology and makes something new out of them.

I was also thinking I should list Standing In The Sunshine: A History Of New Zealand Women Since They Won The Vote to my post of NZ books I am reading. This is a magnificent book by Sandra Coney which covers so many different topics - religion, daily life, fashion, education, culture. It is a wealth of information without being overbearing - lots of photos and "snippets" that keep it from being a boring history tome. I've had this for awhile and dip into now and then and read a section or 2. Probably not the type of book you would read all in one go but I am enjoying delving in every now and then. Some of it is quite fascinating.

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Graffiti Heaven by Marita A. Hansen. It's funny. I love that one of the characters loves Shakespeare. I LOVE Shakespeare and have the film mentioned in the book - Romeo + Juliet, which is my avatar. Pity Leo doesn't look like that anymore :D I haven't read much New Zealand books, other than Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy when I was younger :) and Under the Mountain. I'll check out the other books in this group. But will probably only read the YA ones.

Lisa (LitQC) | 3 comments Not reading it at the moment but went to the book launch of the new Anne Perry bio by Joanne Drayton. Plan to read it soon. Oh wait...I am reading a Kiwi author book! It's Viva Malvina: The lives of Dame Malvina Major. Written by Joy Tonks it's a very sympathetic portrayal of our renowned diva. An enjoyable, easy read.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Behind the Hood. I read the author's other book Graffiti Heaven and loved it, so I thought I'd try this one, especially since Ash Rata is supposed to be in it, just ten years older. It's a lot rougher than Graffiti Heaven, but still really good. So far I like Graffiti Heaven the best, but I'm only up to chapter 3 of Behind the Hood, so I'll wait and see before I decide which is my fave.

Catherine Robertson | 46 comments Lisa wrote: "Not reading it at the moment but went to the book launch of the new Anne Perry bio by Joanne Drayton. Plan to read it soon. Oh wait...I am reading a Kiwi author book! It's Viva Malvina: The lives o..."
I really enjoyed Joanne Drayton's biography of Ngaio Marsh - had me rush out and buy up all her books (reissued in handy sets of 3). Will be interested to see what you think of the Anne Perry.

Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 273 comments Sweetp-1 wrote: "Just finished The Secret Keeper by Julie Thomas
I met Julie Thomas in person a week or two ago. She is a wonderful person and her book has been picked up by a publisher no less than HarperCollins New York.It has been withdrawn from e-book sales for now while they prepare it for the world market. This is a huge NZ success story. The book comes out early next year.

Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 273 comments You can read more about Julie Thomas here on Beattie's book blog. I am so inspired by this Kiwi author's success. Right now I mention her name about three times a day.

Shauna Bickley (ShaunaBickley) | 8 comments I've just finished reading The Black Madonna by Tina Shaw, and just about to start City of Reeds. I've met Tina a few times and she is a lovely lady. I enjoyed the various points of view through The Black Madonna and the taste of the time in which the early part of the novel was set, though I'm glad I didn't live then.

It Makes Sense In Context | 7 comments im reading Serendipity (Changels, #1) by Peter      King.

i didn't realise there were soooo many new zealand books. maybe its because im a teen and theres not as much YA. The only kiwi boofs i remember are

Serendipity (Changels, #1) by Peter      King The Serpents of Arakesh (Karazan Quartet, #1) by V.M. Jones The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner Brain Jack by Brian Falkner The Project by Brian Falkner Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy by Lynley Dodd The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric CarleThe Keeper Of Secrets

Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 273 comments Is there a Goodreads list of Kiwi books? I know there's an Australian one. Does anyone know what the Kiwi one's called? meanwhile I'll see if I can search it out.

Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 273 comments Thanks Sweetp. I did a look around and found both of them before. Should have then come back here and deleted my request to save you the trouble - sorry.

Eileen (EileenMueller) | 83 comments I've just read Wildwood Dancing & Cybele's Secret last weekend - both by Juliet Marrilier. Great romance/fantasy. Both set in Taransylvania and Istanbul. You need to read them in order.

I LOVED Shadowfell Juliet's latest YA - the sweetest love story I've read.I'm keen for the sequel which will be a while off.

Also just read A Foreign Country edited by Anna Caro and Juliet Buchanan - by various kiwi authors. A futuristic take on NZ - some are quite dark.

Short story collection by Tim Jones - Transported - is a lighter look at lots of various styles of short stories. Very clever.

Eileen (EileenMueller) | 83 comments Another fun YA one is The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse, set in the South Island by Fredrik Brouneus.
Funny, funky and offbeat - the journey of a teenager who has to save the world with his buddhist monk companion agaisnt a bunch of thugs and an impossible legacy which he's only just discovering.

P.d.r. Lindsay (pdrlindsay) | 676 comments Research read but fascinating. A very battered complimation by the Oamaru Mail of the recollections of the first settlers before they died. 1st published in 1934.
'Beginnings a History of North Otago.'

The style takes a while to adjust to. Very prim, proper and ponderous.

Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 273 comments I just read Te Kauhanga by Antony Millen. Facinating. I reviewed it.Te Kauhanga: A Tale of Space

Erica Mangin | 125 comments The last kiwi book I read...well by a kiwi author, was C.K. Stead's novel My Name was Judas. This was the first book of his that I've read and I was impressed! So convincing and so well-written.

Jane | 29 comments I recently finished Purgatory, by Rosetta Allen. It's about the murder of a family in Onehunga (?) in the 19th century - novel based on true story. I thought the story was great, but the execution (um... sorry) could have been better. I would recommend it though.

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