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The questions that really have an impact on us, the ones we really need answered are those that strike closer to home. We want to know how to improve ourselves, how to better our situation, how to acquire success, how to achieve security.

There are many self-help courses out there which aim to teach people how to do just that, how to find those answers. For the more traditionally and religiously minded, however, the answer lies in prayer.

Since time immemorial, all cultures and peoples have set much stock in the power of prayer, regardless of whether or not it works for them. To many, the simple act of praying is enough, and they are willing to trust in whatever higher power they believe in to provide for their needs. If those needs fail to come, then the flaw lays not in the act of prayer (they claim), but rather in the one who offered that prayer. Perhaps it was not deemed worthy of fruition.

There were also those who believed that requests, properly framed, complete with the right formula and offerings had the power to ensure the success of said request. Many of them were called magicians.

Today, more and more have begun to explore and subscribe to these claims, with popular franchises like “The Secret” movement, and others. Social commentators suggest that the reason for this resurgence in self-empowerment methods and is because of all these changes happening around us, all these political and economic uncertainties that have become a normal part of our everyday lives.

They believe that the interest in these movements is out of a desperate bid to find some measure of security in a world that is changing too fast, one where there is little room for it anymore.

There are many names for this self-empowerment method: prayer, manifesting, law of attraction, magic, etc.

For me, though, it is referred to as Cosmic Ordering.

Simply put, Cosmic Ordering is placing a request, or an Order, if you will, and trusting that somehow it will come to be.

It does not matter if you are asking for health, for happiness, for wealth, or for all three. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea how this will come to you. Neither does it matter if you have no reason to expect it to.

What matters is that you phrase your request in a calm, clear, precise, and expectant manner, and trust that it will be given to you.

Who or what will bring this about is not within the scope of this topic to discuss in detail, but the words Cosmos or universe are the preferred terms.

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