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Kevin Cortez (plaidgorilla) | 21 comments I know absolutely NOTHING about this man aside from him recently passing away. I don't know his bio, I haven't taken the time to research him, and I do not know anything he's done. This could make me a bad person...

Anyone care to fill me in and recommend something to start with?

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Sérgio | 453 comments Kevin wrote: "This could make me a bad person..."

probably :P

Now seriously, I'd recommend you'd watch this documentary to know more about him if you have the time to spare:

He's a very complex figure in the comics world who has done practicaly everything. He drew:

- westerns (Blueberry, done using his real name Jean Giraud)

- fantasy/sci-fi (most of his most well known work)

- super-heroes (a silver surfer mini-series).

- He also worked on the design of movies like Alien, Tron and The Abyss.

I would recommend you to read The Incal, The Airtight Garage or some of his 70's short stories collections like Arzach.

I don't think is too easy to get a hold of those in English, though. Humanoids is republishing some of his stuff right now, but some of it are really expensive deluxe editions.

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